Stairway to heaven

Gibraltar has lots of steps connecting the different levels of town.

This is Forty Steps, which connects Town Range with Prince Edward’s Road. No, I haven’t counted them.

And the story to go with the photo is here: Guardian Angel


18 comments on “Stairway to heaven”

  1. Good grief! Were those the steps you had to climb?


  2. that is gorgeous shot! What’s all the planking for though? Is this for the people who are tired from going up so can take a quick slide down? Or is it actually not wet wood that I’m seeing?

    Well done on the helping the woman! Many would have just kept walking. I hope she finds a way to get out of that nasty relationship.


    • Thank you. I think it’s cement. For pushbikes, but mostly scooters/motos. Loads of those here.
      I’m surpised how many would have walked. So, I did originally, but when the man had gone I snuck back. It worries me that people will no longer try and help others 😦


  3. At first I thought it was the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid at Giza.

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  4. I remember, the farthet on, but spoke there so have stopped here on my way back. It was a good thing, what ever is wrong with people who don’t automatically want to help others/ It’s beyond me *smiles*

    – esme the Cloudy one knowing she’d fare badly coming down those stairs let alone climbing them

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