Night night in Gib

September always brings change.

Years ago, September meant the start of the new school year. Later it meant the excitement of getting ready for university in October.

Now it means rain. Usually around National Day on 10 September but this year September has been warm and sunny. Until yesterday.

‘Get the washing in,’ I ordered in the morning, as I looked at the grey overcast sky from my permanent spot on the sofa.

Half an hour later it was bucketing down.

‘They’ll cancel the parade,’ I said, for no reason in particular. (Changing of the guard outside the governor’s house).

‘No, they won’t, they’re the army for goodness sake,’ he replied.

They cancelled the parade.

‘I think you should take the dogs out now,’ I gently suggested around 8pm when it was dark.

He did. When he got back, it chucked it down. Gib at night in the rain is quite magical.

A few people out in the rain, mostly going home

A few people out in the rain, mostly going home

A few drinkers brave the rain

A few drinkers brave the rain

And now... an empty street

And now… an empty street

So while it may never rain in Southern California, it certainly pours here in Gib, in the words of Gibraltarian singer songwriter, Albert Hammond.

I bought Hammond’s single, The Free Electric Band.

Not long after we moved to Gib, we were chatting to a joiner who was into music.

We referred to Hammond as a one-hit wonder – Free Electric Band was his only UK chart success. Fred laughed quietly. Not in a nasty way. He pointed out that Hammond was an extremely prolific songwriter, and has written hits for Tina Turner, The Hollies (All I need is the air that I breathe and to looooove you), and The Fortunes (Freedom Come, Freedom Go, freedom moving along…) So, whenever I think of Hammond, OBE, I always remember our one-hit wonder conversation.

WordPress weekly photo challenge is ‘Nighttime‘ – even though I’ve written more about rain! But the photos were taken at night πŸ™‚

26 comments on “Night night in Gib”

  1. Magical indeed! I never picture Gib this way at all. More dusty streets (and, more recently, monkeys). Thanks for sharing these pictures. And may you be off that couch and running down these lovely streets again before too long.
    Oh — and I love the blue


    • Hi Diana. Where is your blog?! πŸ˜€

      I hope I captured it well. The atmosphere was so soft and the rain lent that extra whatever. Just a quiet beautiful place at night.

      I swear, I’ll be going nowhere before Christmas. This is the long haul, and painful too.

      Now the blue is interesting. It’s a new DT blue to me. I was interested to see what it would do with this header photo so was pleased. Could have gone either way and been another boring grey, but no. Ta DT. All the other pix ended up with boring nothing in particular. So good one bluetone πŸ™‚


      • lol! (And thank you for your continued vote of confidence) I need a name for a blog — and perhaps a theme. Although random posts might be easier, readers may prefer some continuity or familiarity. Good blogs I’ve encountered seem to have this. I could start a few blogs, I suspect, but I am also pretty sure that would not be a wise thing to do as a first step. In the meantime, I am collecting some photos that may appear in that as-yet-not-created blog. The vagaries of DT appeal to me, so adventure in colour may be part of the experience.

        Will try to add “blog” to my list of things to do SOON. And in the meantime I will continue to enjoy yours.


        • I started off with one blog, had an idea for the theme, then I set up the dog blog, and… and… One at once is fine.

          For example, my roughseas blog is about my life in Gib and Spain. But since the ankle accident, my life has changed, so my blog posts have too. A few people have actually commented on that.

          DT works for short photo ish posts. For a different blog, other themes work better. Other photo people use different ones that produce big pictures. I’ve changed my roughseas theme for a deeper header and more in your face pics. Depends what you like.

          I like DT for what are, almost, vignettes.


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  3. wow, have never seen a blue quite like this. DT is playing very nice. i especially like the reflections in the first and third of the smaller images. nice mood to this post.
    and i learned something new – i never new there was a Gib connection to that song!


    • Yes, this blue was a first for me, I’d hoped for a decent one, but you know DT… While the other photos are more linked, I couldn’t resist going with the blue. I think the others gave a colour similar to yours.

      Thanks. For once, I think the photos actually capture both what I saw visually and the feel of the wet night.

      I never knew Hammond was Gibraltarian until I moved here, but the song fitted my rainy night. Next, WP will do a ‘Rain’ challenge and I will be out of ideas and photos πŸ˜€


  4. The thought of putting myself in these pics, walking home along empty, near empty lit and rain shiny streets is such a pleasant thing to do. Even if a little damp it makes arriving to a dry home pleasant as well. Such evocative pics!


    • Thanks EllaDee. It was a pleasant walk. Quiet, and such a soft, gentle atmosphere. The streets are well lit too, which helps for interesting pix with the rain and reflections.


  5. I don’t know why I missed this blog? This is smashing. ”Bucketing it down”.
    Haven’t heard that in a while!
    These are nice photos. I reckon I could live in Gib very nicely.


    • Neither do I. Been a bit abandoned since The Ankle given I don’t have time or mobility to scan old pix or take new ones. But this ‘challenge’ lent itself nicely. I do like to play with the fun colours.

      I was going to write pissing it down, thought of chucking, but decided on bucketing, because it does, here and in Spain.

      Thank you. You would need lots of dosh to transport your lifestyle. Our Gauteng friends were horrified to discover Pippa’s poky one-bed kennel flat was worth more than their detached home with ground … And we are bottom end of the market. I always go for the bottom. So much easier to sell.


  6. Those are really beautiful photos, Kate. I love pictures of nightlife… especially peaceful looking ones. Love the song… Lovely post.


    • Thanks Kev. It’s usually very quiet here at night, but soooo pretty, like a cute little English village or maybe market town. Sort of like Driff 40+ years ago?

      Even quiter when it rains, and I was trying to capture the soft tranquil atmosphere that the gentle rain created.



  7. Nothing like rain, night, and lights to create stunning pictures. You are lucky to have interesting buildings/streets as subject matter. The city here is not as photogenic….but does have interesting lines, shapes and texture – but your have so much more character ….Grass is always greener, no?


  8. For some reason WP had stopped me following you, both here and Roughseas, but not Clouds. Oddly you’re still there on the WP app on my iPad. Very confusing, good job I knew where you were πŸ˜‰
    I love the photos, there’s something magical about photographing a street at night in the rain.
    Just look at that blue that DuoTone has chosen too.


  9. Your first photo in a rainy Gib. is of the faΓ§ade of the Cathedral where I was married 52 years ago to my now 83 years old “ex” This coupling produced a beautiful daughter who quite coincidentally celebrates her 51st birthday, today, 7th of December. She has flown in from their home near Cartagena to celebrate in style with her flamenco troupe at the London Gatwick Hilton (there’s posh now look you!


    • It’s one of the government buildings in the Piazza/John Mack square althought the RC cathedral is just up from there. I’ve no pix of the RC one so when I’m walking again I’ll try and take some. I’ve got a nighttime one of the Anglican one but that might not serve the purpose …

      Hope she had a great birthday πŸ™‚


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