Gibraltar National Day 2014

Gibraltar National Day this week is when we celebrate the fact that Gibraltarians have their own identity and choose to remain part of the sovereign British realm.

This year it’s 310 years since the Anglo-Dutch forces captured Gibraltar.

Gibraltarians are happy with the status quo. Spain has persistently broken the Treaty of Utrecht relinquishing Gibraltar since they signed it 300 years ago, yet they continue to create problems for Gibraltarians and Spaniards alike with their crazy frontier queues, restrictions on airspace, complaints about the environmental reef, fishing, incursions into British Gibraltarian waters, the list is endless.

Is it really Gibraltar’s fault that Spaniards smuggle cheap fags out of Gib to sell on the black in Spain because they can’t get jobs due to the poor Spanish economy?

Where is the humanity in subjecting people – and worse – animals, to three hour long queues at the frontier?

But, on National Day, in Gib, it’s one day when we are all the same. All dressed in red and white, and celebrating Gibraltar’s right, to be, well, Gibraltar. On this day, there are no barriers between humanity, we are all one and the same.

Main Street, Gibraltar, National Day

Main Street, Gibraltar, National Day



22 comments on “Gibraltar National Day 2014”

  1. Fun choice for the challenge. Love the color!


    • Thanks Tina. As National Day was a few days ago, it coincided nicely. It’s very much a day of celebration in Gib and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Now if only every day was like that wherever we were.


  2. This is a great way to learn. Thanks for the info, and Happy Gibraltar National Day! (probably belated by now, but enjoy today!)


    • Yeah, it was actually Wednesday, it’s always held on the tenth. I usually go out and take lots of photos and post about it on roughseas. Anyway, I’m still on crutches and there are too many people about to make that practical, plus managing a camera and crutches didn’t sound promising, so I sent Partner out who quickly got fed up of taking red and white photos!


  3. Looks like a beautiful place to live in these photos 🙂


  4. I’m impressed by the pics capturnig and conveying the atmosphere of Gibraltar Day, and by the dedication of Gibraltarians dressing in red and white. I would have to go shopping. Neither colour is in my wardrobe.


    • Partner snuck out in standard nondescript colours for his early morning dog walks but then had to keep changing into ‘good’ clothes during the day. Because we know people and we’ve lived here so long, it feels ignorant and disrespectful not to wear red and white. He’s cheated in the past and worn beige shorts which is acceptable with a red t-shirt. I’ve only got white trousers (that I cut down one year) because my Spanish neighbour gave me them, but last year we went shopping at the right time, ie as soon as the shops got summer clothes in, and bought him (and therefore us) a pair of red shorts, and a white pair. They come out once a year!


  5. happy belated Gibraltar Day! what a great post for the current weekly photo challenge, and a very informative post.
    we share the same colours, for Canada Day (July 1) often finds people in red and white as well, which i had always suspected was based on the colours of our flag. your post actually prompted me to google and it turns out that red and white are the official colours here – and it is thanks to King George V who back in 1921 declared them to be so. who knew!


    • It felt like one that shows both sides of humanity. I like it when a photo challenge speaks to me, and I have a handy pic. The other option would have been a pic of my older neighbours either here or in Spain, because both are the essence of humanity, kind, thoughtful, generous, pleasant and all one could wish for in friends and neighbours.

      Nice to know Canada Day gets in before July 4. I must try and remember your day in future as I visit quite a few Canadian blogs. I like their values and they are some of my faves. I remember the flag of course which I would have thought was the reason, the a Gib flag is… red and white. But KGV? That’s an odd one. KGV incidentally is the name of our local mental health hospital, bit of a dodgy link between all that! Go to bed!


      • lol, that is a very dodgy link. i won’t go there 🙂
        and here i was just thinking that you are up early. it was just 10pm a few minutes ago, where does the time fly. thanks for pointing it out! good night indeed 😀 or in your case, enjoy your day!


        • Not that early here. In fact we were late up, just after seven whereas it’s normally an hour earlier. And as you can see from the time, it’s nearly 8.30 am. Sweet dreams.


  6. Bloody reader… how am I supposed to know when you’ve done a post if my reader won’t tell me?
    Nice one. 🙂 Wow… three blogs down, two to go! 😀


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