A sex object

An object. I was waiting for the opportunity to post this, and yet again WordPress landed it in my lap.

Here we have the standard sex object.

Blond. Breasts sticking out. And if that wasn’t enough, she is groping her pubic region. Or groin, if you prefer.

Either way, this model for printing T shirts objectifies women.

This is an absolutely classic example of society’s myth that women need to be slim, large-breasted, small waisted, slim-hipped, blond, and I think they are blue eyes, and tanned.

For anyone who doesn’t understand, this is not what women should aspire to. Do we not have more to our lives than to be sex symbols?

Don’t judge people on how they look.

DT note. Beige. What else did I expect? Actually I thought grey would have made an appearance. A pink border made no difference. Beige continues to be the new grey and the new mustard.

Not sure the Daily Post had this in mind with the subject of Object for the weekly photochallenge …

20 comments on “A sex object”

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  2. […] A sex object | Every picture tells one […]


  3. well-said. although is there a word missing? this is a classic example? or something like that?
    even so, a very unique approach to this challenge. very original. very relevant. thanks for sharing.
    and DT? i think i got the grey you were looking for šŸ™‚


    • No actually, I was using classic as a noun, from my computer dictionary: USAGE Traditionally, classic means ‘typical, excellent as an example, timeless,’ however, as you thought I had missed out a word, others might too, so I have added another five. Now I need to go back and change absolute to absolutely as it is now describing classic as an adjective rather than classic as a noun. Next WP will probably use classic for a photochallenge ….

      I’d been reading a lot of posts ranting against feminism, saying how women needed to make themselves attractive to make sure they ‘got’ a man, should wear high heels because they are pretty and make their buttocks stick out more (actually I thought it was because they emphasised the calf muscles) etc etc etc so the topic was very much on my mind! I remembered I’d taken this pic a while back because it annoyed me when I saw it, so it saved time trying to think of a different twist on the theme.

      I didn’t want grey, I just expected it, I was surprised with the beige. Suppose it is tan really, like her arms, face and neck. And the standing out chest of course too.


      • of course, classic works as a noun. what was i thinking?
        i just happened to be looking at a draft of an upcoming post over at p&k and i had used it that way as well. sorry about making you rewrite, but this works, too. a classic object lesson indeed.


        • Often what you have in your head and write, sounds right to you, but when it goes down in print, others don’t interpret it the same way, so happy to change if it looked odd to you. I’ve finally got around to changing absolute to absolutely too.

          Haha. Very good use of the word.


  4. by the way, this blog is the only one that currently comes up on my reader šŸ™‚


  5. […] A sex object | Every picture tells one […]


  6. […] A sex object | Every picture tells one […]


  7. when the notification came through on my email, the background colour was a pale blue. I couldn’t figure out what you meant by beige until I actually arrived at your blog. Blue was better. Oh well.

    This is a very appropriate example for “object” — and it’s interesting that she looks like a life-size Barbie.


    • How on earth did it get pale blue? That’s an interesting one. I’ve never done email notification, so I didn’t know colours came up on it, I must try it out now!! Blue would have been nice. As you say, oh well. I doubt a blue border would work either. DT is clearly honing in on that lovely sunbed tan that Barbie has acquired. (She does indeed look like Barbie)

      Thanks Diana, I suppose it depends on your point of view about whether it is appropriate or not. If I’d been clever with the words like p&k I could have said it is one I object to. If I’d been more subtle – I could have called it ‘object of desire’. But that would only have served to buy into the myth.


  8. As soon as I saw the mannequin, I thought Barbie, which I notice you mentioned in your reply above. So the so called ‘perfect woman’ is even instilled into little girls toys.
    What I find frightening is so many young girls aim for this image as they grow up, and seeing window displays like this just add to it.


    • To be fair it was Diana and ED who noticed the Barbie image. Can’t remember if I had Barbie, had Sindy of course, and Tracey, ‘her hair grows’ pushed a button in her tummy or her back and her hair cascaded down! Whacky.

      As a mannequin it really annoyed me. I did find it offensive. I don’t think STAND OUT across someone’s breasts is remotely witty. Just gloriously sexist. A trophy mannequin.


  9. Sexism, and Aryanism, which the obsession with the Barbie Doll type looks engenders still.
    The store accomplishes the stand out part, but not all publicity is good publicity. We aren’t all mindless clones.


    • Put it this way, I wouldn’t be shopping there in a hurry. Reminds me of my not so thoughtul days when we were having a discussion at work (health and safety) about a construction industry campaign to get people to wear hard hats. Was it a good idea to get a topless model with a hard hat on page 3 in The Sun or Mirror or whatever?

      Yes, says naive me, thinking if it got people to wear hard hats it would be good. Not realising the hard hat would be the last thing they would be looking at. That’s before you even get into the stereotyping that all construction workers are thickos who read tabloid newspapers and spend their time ogling women’s breasts.


  10. While it’s fair to say, Miss Silicon is presented in a stereotypical fashion (sic) I wonder if it would come across as quite so blatant if she did not have a top two sizes too small and the words Stand Out emblazoned across it?

    If this mannequin were in the window of a boutique advertising lingerie for the bigger busted woman, would it be quite so offensive, I wonder? Just a thought.


    • Now where did you find this from? Anyway, I’ve read and replied to your prologue.

      Are you trying to agree with me? Heavens above. Go back to your proofing, you have a few things to consider šŸ˜‰


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