Illuminated gecko

We have night lights at the finca. For some reason my Partner does not like staggering around in the dark.

It’s no problem for me, as my eyesight is so poor that I don’t really need lights, I memorise where everything is, and can stagger around happily without lights if I wake up for a drink of water or whatever.

One evening, Partner captured this gecko basking in the warmth of the nightlight bulb.

As he got in, we assumed he got out, because we never saw chargrilled gecko in there.

From geckos in Spanish fincas to blocks of flats in Gib. I quite like our hallway in our block of flats, but I’m a sucker for tiles to dado height.

We have a limited budget to spend on the block so despite the nice tiles, our lighting is a plain bulb without a shade, after all, a shade would merely reduce the lighting anyway, and our residents basically want the communal areas to be clean and tidy (without paying extra money). Which they are, now I’m in charge.

Here is the hallway then, after Partner had repainted the walls and doors – and changed the dodgy light fitting too.

A light bulb moment

A light bulb moment

And back to Spain to end with another animal. A horse waiting outside the bar at 11.30pm, while his owner is inside drinking with his mates.

I posted this pic before on roughseas when I’d had a longer than expected journey on the bus back to Spain. Actually it wasn’t the journey that was long, it was waiting for buses that weren’t booked up. So, I didn’t arrive back in my pueblo until nearly midnight.

But still, after the frustration of the full buses, it was so enchanting to walk up the main street in the warm summer night to see this lovely horse standing so patiently.

Waiting patiently

Waiting patiently

Gecko pic taken with Nokia mobile, block hallway with Canon Powershot, and horse pic taken with iPhone 3G

Weekly photo challenge – Let there be light.

8 comments on “Illuminated gecko”

  1. Glad the gecko didn’t end up fried or even electrocuted.
    I’m quite happy moving around my house without putting the lights on too, it’s amazing how our minds hold an image of what is where in the dark.
    T on the other hand can trip over things in daylight.
    The tiles in the hallway look classy, is it an old block? I can’t imagine a modern day build with the same character.


    • I don’t think I would have even noticed the gecko had Adrian not spotted it. They manage to get in and out of the most amazing places.

      The block is late 50s. It’s pretty solid and much better built than the new stuff that is going up. We did one job in a new expensive block and there were already cracks in the wall 😦 I doubt the tiles on either the walls or the floor are original, they are too new, certainly the floor ones, but still it is a reasonable entrance to come home to.


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  3. i quite prefer to move around in the dark, too, although now that Timmy is around i turn on the light so that i don’t accidently kick him or step on him. as soon as anyone is up, he thinks it is morning and breakfast time, and he is immediately up and about. πŸ™‚
    DT really provided the perfect dark background reminiscent of an evening sky. am happy to hear the gecko survived. that is certainly an unusual click. anyhow, enjoyed all your lights. speaking of which, i must be turning mine off soon and calling it a day. good night, or in your case, good morning! πŸ™‚


    • No problem in the dark with Snowy as he just stays on the bed πŸ˜€ Pippa can move positions in the flat though and lie on the floor right where you want to walk. So we leave the bathroom light on in the flat, as our doors have glass at the top and it provides a filtered light.

      I’d never really had a chance to use the pic, so the light challenge seemed an appropriate one for the novelty value. Sleep tight. And yes, it is good morning here on a lazy Sunday for me and the canines (the other boy has gone to work).


  4. Great snap of the gecko, which looks quite snug πŸ™‚
    Lovely hallway, light and well lit. Makes such a difference to have a nice entryway in a building. Our building is only 4 years old and the structure already showing wear but at least the lobby is clean.
    The horse outside the bar is a fantastic pic.


    • Thanks ED, I’ll convey your message to the photographer. Not the sort of pic I would have taken – well I wouldn’t even have noticed it – but Partner can be quite good at off-the-wall shots, so to speak.

      One of the good things about running our block as chair of the management committee was being able to get Partner to give the hallway and staircase a good facelift. Ours is around 65 years old but because of the low service charges, it hasn’t been maintained particularly well. With me not charging for my time running the place, it meant we were able to use the funds for a much needed redecoration. Being one of life’s control freaks it suits me that I get to have *my* hallway and staircase well decorated, cleaned once a week, and any urgent repairs (eg dead light bulbs) immediately fixed. I treat it like my own house, but everybody wins out.

      I loved seeing that horse when I walked up the street at nearly midnight. It encapsulated my image of my village. There are more horses – outside the same bar – on the slideshow on roughseas if you haven’t seen it yet.


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