Family – sonel’s weekly photo challenge b&w

Here we have baby roughseas. Possibly at around 18 months old but who knows? Apart from pix of me in the pram, this is one of the earliest ones, and natch, we have good dog Tarquin, a mere five months younger than me.

My dad, looking rather chilled and not so surly, and my mum looking extremely assertive as though she is going to chin someone. I am possibly going to follow suit looking at the expression on my face. Or perhaps those nice little footballers legs are going to kick someone? Or maybe I’m on the point of elbowing my mother? Darling Tarquin seems to have his eye on someone/somedog too. Don’t mess with this family.

Although I don’t have much hair on this pic, baby roughseas was not going bald unlike her dad in his mid thirties. Luckily she has followed her mother’s hair genetics and is neither grey nor bald.

My mother looks rather gypsyish. No idea why. Dark hair and dark eyes. Bit of a contrast to the previous b&w pic I posted.

Taken in Bridlington as are most of my childhood pix, apart from the ones in the garden. This one probably dates from around 1960/61. It’s on the pier wall, or whatever it was called, somewhere in Brid.

My dad has a packet of cigarettes in his pocket, you can see that by the square shape. He has a nice cardi and she has a suede jacket. So does that make it autumn? winter? or UK summer? πŸ˜€

Who knows? But despite the glowering faces from the women it was one of my parents’ favourite photos. Baby, dog, and happy location. Family.

This was of course taken by a professional photographer. You can tell that by the angle of the sea! Um?

Sonel’s challenge


14 comments on “Family – sonel’s weekly photo challenge b&w”

  1. What a beautiful family photo! I love it and thanks so much for taking part and sharing. Much appreciated. πŸ˜€ *hugs*


    • I’m not so sure it is beautiful but it is a family. I’d meant to scan and post this for ages and your challenge came up (which I normally view via Vicky’s or llargias) so it just fitted.


      • It think it’s a beautiful photo and love that the furry kid was included too. What a beautie. πŸ˜€ Well, I am glad you took part and posted it. Nice memories. πŸ˜€


  2. Such a beautiful photo, and a lovely description to accompany it.
    Don’t mess with baby roughseas πŸ˜‰ It looks like a left elbow to your mum and a right fist about to be made.
    Tarquin is absolutely gorgeous πŸ™‚

    It’s quite spooky to think My childhood holidays were just 14 miles further down the coast at Hornsea.


    • Ty. As I said, a fave family photo, maybe of happiest times?

      I thought that was my mum’s hand holding mine, but looking again you are right. Baby roughseas is about to do a right punch πŸ˜€ More likely to do a kick in the past hence the footballers legs.

      Tarquin is huge there for a dog that is just over a year old! He looks like Pippa on cat hunt.

      Well, we did holiday further south too. After the caravan was sold (based in Kilham) to my total horror, we then bought a touring one and spent many a year in Ulrome. Much nearer to Hornsea. I spent many hours listening to T Rex on the juke box waiting for sexy lads to chat me up. They never did.


  3. I love this challenge. Old family pics are wonderful. A glimpse into the past. This would also be a favourite of mine. I love that you were looking straight at the camera. How many kids pics have you seen where the child is frowning down or gazing at the sky. You knew exactly what was required πŸ™‚


    • Thanks ED. As I said, one I had been going to post anyway so it just came together. Old pix are good though. Interesting the only one not looking at the camera is Good Dog Tar. Funny that little baby is now in her fifties!


  4. This is what makes vintage photographs so fun; the texture, lack of modern posing and need for perfection. Everyone has their own agenda in spite of whoever is taking the pic. Back then it was probably just the one shot too, not like today when you can fire off several shots at a time, then do a second one because somebody blinked.

    Black and white photography is the coolest. I like to do dual posts of pictures sometimes, because I think everything just looks keener in b/w. Nice nostalgic, happy family post.


    • Hiya OD. I do post some b&w pix on here from time to time, none taken by me I might add, sadly. (The expert of b&w photography is my pal Vicky who has some outstanding shots taken with real olde fashionede filme). I like the looking back to an era that has so definitely vanished into thin air. Wish I had more old b&w photos but my mother had a purge before I could get my hands on everything. I’ll continue to post them on here from time to time until they are all used up! Then it will be back to my old SLR ones and the odd WP challenge from time to time.


  5. What a wonderful photograph from your past. And, something to cherish and be proud of.


    • Thanks Mary. I guess at the time, my parents felt they had it all. A baby, a dog, a nice house, regular money, and plenty of seaside holidays in summer. What more could you want?


  6. hi, am finally getting around to visiting other blogs again. love the mood here – and that left elbow, LOL. And good-looking Tarquin.
    most of my old family photos are in black & white, too. taken with one of those old-fashioned box cameras. my parents had immigrated to Canada shortly after my brother was born, and photos were one way of letting relatives back in the old country know how life was at this end. so there are many photos, some with an angled horizon too, some where people have blinked, but all of them loaded with memories…. must go look at them again one day.
    thanks for sharing.


    • I think it must have come in useful in later years when I started the commuting train run into London and it was no holds barred for a) getting on the train and b) actually getting a seat. Although my elbows are nothing compared with As. His should be registered as a lethal weapon. Something to do with his karate days I suspect.

      Someone was giving him lip a few years ago, and he didn’t even turn around. Just stuck his elbow in their chest.

      My family were not camera-ish so I don’t have a lot of pix. I suspect most of them were taken professionally. I’ve got most of ours in an album that I bought for my mum and she selected her faves (and chucked the rest :() so I may scan in a few more from time to time.


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