Weekly photo challenge: The Golden Hour (2) – Spain and Gib

By: roughseasinthemed

Jul 17 2013

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Looks more like the Silver Hour to me.

After the last (sunset) post, I thought I would look at the opposite end of the day, which as was pointed out on the Daily Post, throws up different lighting, and far more blue. Well, true in this case, and even DT agreed with that one. See this post for more info about lighting and the different tones between the two golden hours.

Taken at the finca in September a few years back, shortly after 8am.

But here is more of a golden shot, taken on the N340 travelling up the coast from Gib. Far more soft and dreamy, almost like a watercolour. I did try this one out with DT, and it came up with a subtle light pinky brown which really highlighted the warm colours. However it did nothing for the Silver Hour pix. So blue won out.


The photo in the header was the last one in a series I had taken while watching the sun come up. Here are the others in order. They actually start off quite rosily, and the sky starts to lighten up, but then as the sun rises, the sky darkens and the sun becomes silver. Amazing. No doubt someone out there can explain it in technical terms as I assume it’s to do with lighting and exposure.


And here is a golden dog. Taken at the same time as the sunrise shots.


The Silver Hour isn’t just reserved for mornings though. These monkeys were busy looking out across the bay of Algeciras into the setting sun with similar colours to the rising one in Spain. Taken at the end of Sept around 7.20pm up the Rock. No idea what I was doing up there. Having a walk and trying to get home before it got dark I suppose. I think I was cutting it a bit fine.


But here’s a nice golden shot to end with. Again, of the Bahia de Algeciras.



18 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: The Golden Hour (2) – Spain and Gib”

  1. I agree the second pic does have a lovely dreamy watercolour look to it.
    The last pic is stunning, I love the sky………but my favourite goes without saying……
    Gorgeous Pippadog 🙂

    I’m only guessing, but I’d say the sky appears darker in the last of the sunrise group because the camera has metered for the brightness of the sun, which is also more dominant than the earlier shots.
    The earlier shots have also been composed with more foreground, which gives a more even metering.

    Nice one with DT, the contrast works well with the images.
    I might dig out another of mine and see if I can manage something other than grey 😉


    • I did like the second one, but I wanted to go for the contrast to the previous post, and the golden colours were too similar to the sunsets. I did find it interesting that the two sunrises were so very different a hundred or so miles apart, and both coastal too.

      Pippa wants to go out in the dark, never mind waiting for the sun to come up. I don’t know what he thinks will have changed overnight, but every morning is ‘I must get to my gate, right NOW.’ I didn’t fiddle with any of the pix (apart from crops) so he does look quite golden in that soft early morning light.

      I figured you’d know the answer 😉 or at least best guess it. I was reading about the camera compensating on the latest WP post about lighting and I thought it was interesting. I didn’t know they did that, so I see I shall have to add HalCanon to the Hal family. I did crop all those pix, they were all pretty similar to start with, but you can see the white finca getting darker and darker in the later shots.

      I was pleasantly surprised with DT. With the silver sun and the dark foreground I was expecting the dreaded G, so this worked well for all of them, even the more ‘golden’ pix. I included the last pic, because it was so different to the one I used on the previous post. Facing the same way and yet in this one, the water is golden too. I think that’s me done with sunrise/sunset pix for the year 😀

      Do find another one or two, that would be good. With the exception of Pippa, I did look at other photos taken at the ‘golden hour’ time, but they were either more dog pix (taking Pippa out in Gib), or a few flower pix. Yawn. So hence these. That’s me done on this one, but I’ve quite enjoyed putting them together. No stories for once, apart from me half way up the Rock rushing to get down before it’s dark, but I did find the light interesting.


  2. Interesting to see the contrast of pics, I like the silvery, watercoloury effects. I can imagine the coolish fresh dawn air. I’ve been straining my eyes to see what it is on the roof. Good to see Pippadog, and looking far better than I do in the early morning. The last golden shot reminds me of the Darwin sky.


    • Thanks EllaDee. I think we all take sunsets, but I was struggling to find some dawn pics. Although sometimes you do see warm glowing colours at sun-up I was interested to see the blue/silver tones on those. But as I remember your early morning dawn pics in the park had a similar cool lighting. I thought it would be good to show that not all golden hour pix are golden! Although Pippa does have a golden glow to him.

      Do you mean the bull on the hill? The Osborne Bull – http://wp.me/p2c8OG-7g – an advertising image in Spain, now preserved as national monuments apparently.

      Pippadog is rather perky in the morning. ‘I want to go out for a walk, get up master.’ ‘I want my breakfast, hurry up misery.’ ‘Now I want to go to my gate.’ Or something like that.

      I’ll have to ask He Who Has Been To Darwin about that one.


  3. […] Weekly photo challenge: The Golden Hour (2) – Spain and Gib | Every picture tells one […]


  4. Ah-ha, so you do visit the challenges! I’d forgotten about your other blogs till I spotted the comment on Meredith’s. 🙂


    • But not all the time. Challenges are on an ad hoc basis, and the photo ones fit better on here normally. I like my blogs to be neatly organised, unlike me. Some people follow 2,3 or all of them!


  5. Stunning sunsets. The reflective light that many of your shots have is breath taking. Nice play on the challenge~


    • Thank you. All typos duly sorted. Gib is a good location for sunsets with all the water and our side of the rock facing west. I should get my idle little self out of bed early to wander around the eastern side for a sunrise pic.


      • You are a fabulous blogging blibling to have sorted out my typo. Thank you so much.
        Ironically a similar thing happened to a commenter on LBB, she also created a typo in her comment. With your thoughtful act to sort mine out here I am inspired to do the same thing for the follower on my blog.. Thank you for that.

        I am impressed ms that you take the photos with some intent. I wish that I was motivated to do but even when I know something is coming up and I try to prompt remind ahead of time I still inevitably leave the camera behind.

        Photography is such a great way to document and archive memories.


        • You’re welcome. I always do it on request (did another one on roughseas today, must be the time of the moon), and I’ll often do it without request anyway when people have previously asked. Nobody likes to look totally incoherent.

          Like many people I have loads of unused photos, so these challenges are a way of getting some of them up there, with a commentary as I don’t like just a photo (unless it’s dogs). What is there to comment on about a photo with no text?

          I do take photos with the intention of posting them – at some point. So I’ll take food photos, Pippa photos, Land Rover photos, building photos, work (ie decorating) photos, and just anything and everything. If I don’t have the camera, I usually have the iPhone which is good enough to give an impression, that’s all I aim to do. These were all iPhone pix. The ones on the previous post were Canon ones. I like piccies on a blog, but not too many. Can’t bear the ones with 20 or 30. If I want to put more than half a doz on roughseas they normally go in a slideshow. Gives people the opportunity to look or leave. The Land Rover blog is the exception as that is usually about technical advice so photos are helpful. Normally I aim for five or so, sometimes less, sometimes a couple more, so this post was an exception really.


          • Just want to thank you again for being so thoughtful. You could have not do so and waited for me to ask. I just think it was kind.

            I know what you mean about boxes of photos, Mine are mostly photos taken of my daughter’s growing up and my two grandchildren as babies. Now that they are 14 & 21 I cannot get them to sit still. shrugging shoulders…. I stalk their FB photos and keep up my scrapbooks that way. Where there is a will….

            I somehow never end up in the photos I discovered the last couple years and it must be because I was on the other side of the lens. Which has its benefits and its drawbacks

            I completely agree with you about the number of photos on a post and the narrative to be included are huge for me. I won’t stick around long if it is just photos
            You have a nice mix – and your shares are always fun.


            • Always the case. Here’s a comment I missed. I do try and check but some just slip through the net.

              Loads of photos don’t do it for me. One photo on it’s own doesn’t. 99.9% of bloggers are not world class photographers taking brilliant photos. Some are average, some are good, some are slightly better, and some have more post-processing than you can poke a stick at. To me, they don’t stand on their own.

              As I said, this was a bit more photo orientated than normal on here for me, but I thought the contrast in the lighting was worth writing about, and the contrast between the softer sunrise further south in Spain compared with the quite stark one at the finca.

              Thanks. I spend more time faffing with photos than I do writing text. Takes me no time at all to whack out 1000/2000 words, but then choosing the right photos for the text, downsizing them so it doesn’t clog up loading time for the blog. Ages!!


  6. wow, DT played nice here. enjoyed your silver moment in the morning. i agree with Vicky’s take on the darkening sky.
    what is that silhouette to the right of the sun? it almost looks like a cow or bull or something. or? in any case, i never knew the difference between morning and evening light as in blue vs golden. fascinating. must watch for that.
    time to call it a day here. the new one is already in full gear at your end. hope you have a good one!


    • Played a surprise I think but it works well.

      Osborne bull, EllaDee asked that question too:

      I wonder if the light has anything to do with the heat though? I find just after/during dawn in Spain the temp really drops, even when it has been warm all night, whereas obv in the evening, it is roasting as the heat of the day has built up.

      Nice to see you around again, got a few things to do so must get on and do them instead of distracting myself with the pleasures of blogging.


      • perhaps the temperature does play on the quality of the light. will definitely be watching for that. currently our mornings are quite a bit cooler than our evenings. i have a cactus about to burst into bloom so will check it out first thing in the morning and see how it looks against the backdrop of the morning sky.
        but now i must call it a day. by the way, forgot to mention that i really enjoyed the photo of Pippa too! what a sweetie. am not telling Timmy i said that. 🙂
        are you able to confirm the link for that Osborne bull? i can’t seem to find it. thanks much. have a great day!


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