Weekly photo challenge: The Golden Hour – in Gibraltar

By: roughseasinthemed

Jul 14 2013

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Focal Length:9.817mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

When I first arrived in Gib, I was out and about all the time. I’d often set off in the late afternoon for a walk and before I knew it, the sun was setting and I needed to hurry to get home before it was dark.

This was taken somewhere up the Rock, as are many photos. It’s across the Bay of Algeciras, and as we face west, it’s an easy one for sunset.

For some reason, when my darling HalBookPro’s logicboard crashed, this was one of the few photos I was able to rescue, so therefore it has a special place in my computer life at least.

Taken 12 Jan 2009.

I don’t wander around in the evening any more. Too busy cooking or sleeping or spending time with my dog.

But, at the other end of that year, 20 Nov 2009, we were wandering around the marina. I don’t do that any more either very often. Been there seen that really. These are a couple of my favourite photos though, if only because looking one way the light is so clear, and the other, it has almost gone.

I took the dark one first, and the other one was next. I love the masts and water on that last shot.



Oh and for DT nerds, the dark one came up exactly the same colour as this and the boaty one came up? well all guesses welcome ….

I’m sure that The Daily Post and WP will be full of boring sunset shots with this challenge! But still, sometimes sunset photos are nice to share.

Here is a special one.


21 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: The Golden Hour – in Gibraltar”

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful, as you know I love sunsets, especially over the sea. How lucky you are to live on the coast.
    It’s true what you say though about been there seen that, as something that becomes the norm, loses its magic.
    You managed the famous mustard then? …….and I’m guessing the other gave you grey, that somehow DT seems to think I need 😉


    • Thanks Vic. I always feel a pat on the back when I get a plaudit from you 🙂

      I like the two marina ones for the contrast at the same time, but I love the way the rays on the top one shot up through the sky and out through the sea. Total fluke capture of course, although I don’t need to say that.

      Your sunset photos facing east were amazing. Fascinating phenomen.

      I’m not sure why we stopped doing the marina walk. We just did. Maybe bored with opulence? 😀

      This isn’t quite mustard, but not far off. I could have done with a more vibrant colour but looking at the dark tones in the photo apart from the golden sun I should be grateful for small mercies.

      You could possibly be correct for the other photo 😀 It could have at least given a deep bluey grey. But no, just boring nothing grey!


  2. Beautiful shots. We need to get to the coast soon. Thanks for the share. 😃


  3. I just love sunset/sunrise pictures and these are great,,, it is quite hard to get a good picture like these.. love them a lot… great share.. I have continued watching the Gib series will say more on your othe post about bus journey.. 😉


    • Thanks Gerry. I was a bit more snap happy a few years ago, and these were some of my fave shots. Total fluke as I am no photographer, hence this is not a photoblog. A point which I try to make clear to everyone, although I’m sure people don’t read the strapline.

      I’m guessing a sunset isn’t that difficult to get, it’s really the composition of the photo that can make it or not. So I liked the boats at the marina, and loved the rays on the top shot.

      I don’t get the same sort of views in Spain, but I will look out my dawn photos, see if they might work.


      • I agree about the composition,, a sun in the sky is not the hard part,,, but still it is nice to add a few photos once in awhile… I loved them. 😉


        • I agree. Not that I do composition actually, I just took some lucky shots.

          Thanks again though 🙂 don’t know if you looked, but the little ones do blow up. DuoTone theme is great for the header photo but leaves the others too small so I usually leave them around 800 in case people want to click.

          I don’t remember you commenting on here before? (old age on my part?) so where did you find this post from?


          • Yes I was aware of the clicking to see a larger picture,, and sometimes our best photos are the ones we do not think about,, just point and press so to speak,,But I like what I see, and dont go into techy stuff as some might,, even though I have done a lot of photo challenges in the past,,, as for commenting it has ended up in my inbox and hence showing I am following,, so here I am,,, I think I have been here before but not sure,,,WP has a mind of its own at times… 🙂


            • 1000 would prob be better but I am being tight with the capacity. I used to leave them really big, but that’s also easier to steal photos. Although who would steal mine?

              I am a big fan of quick photos. At a friend’s wedding, the bride was gutted that her dad didn’t capture a shot of me and her husband quickly enough when we were chatting and laughing together. Sometimes speed and the moment is more important than tripods and lenses and blah.

              I would like to be more techy about photog but never seem to find the time. I knew more about it when I had my old Pentax SLR. These days, take pic, put on computer, fiddle if necessary. The above were all non-fiddled.

              There are too many photo challenges around so I tend to stick to the WP one, and don’t do it every week. Too boring for me and for readers.

              I couldn’t do an email follow! Which is why I miss half the posts because I rely on Reader, but still I eventually catch up.


  4. It is the golden hour so sunsets are a perfectly appropriate subject. That time of the day when the sun lowers, and after the last rays of sunlight the day gets a little cooler and we sigh, knowing that it’s done. It’s my favourite time, so golden in more ways that just visual. If you can view a sunset over the water, even better. I quite like the butter yellow-mustard duotone as it displays on my screen. And yes, I could have guessed the other option would have been the famous grey.


    • Oh I know but sunsets are such a boring subject! Like birds and flowers. You have to be pretty useless not to have at least one decent sunset pic in your collection. The golden hour is either dawn or sunset according to WP and my dawn pix are most def not golden, so I might hunt them out just to be difficult. Although I can feel a grey background coming on …

      Given that we are surrounded by water I don’t have much choice, but yes, like you, I do like to see the sunset over the water. The reflected glow really is lovely.

      You are getting quite the duotone expert. A new theme for elladee images perhaps?


      • I’d be too afraid duotone would render all my backgrounds grey… and that’s not elladee_images’ style at all… when I get around to posting… winter and workload have taken their toll.


        • Oh I don’t know. There’s quite a bit of colour in some of the street art photos and the city shots. Although, you are right, there is some grey too. It’s just a rebellious adolescent phase DT is going through.

          Your winter, our summer. Has the same effect both ways round.


          • I did consider changing elladee-images to duotone and then thought nah, I like the bright paisley pattern.
            I tend to go somewhat offline in summer too, though not by choice but due to the vagaries of Australia’s rural internet coverage.


            • I can’t resist the excitement of waiting to see what colour DT will choose! It’s like opening Christmas presents 😀

              And then, there is the ploy of trying to make a work round to get a better colour by using a collage or a border or both. Such fun!

              (Childish roughseas)

              I think I’m just generally indolent in summer. Most people lose weight in summer because they are more active (?). Me, I always put it on in the past. Anyway I’m sticking to my Gib summer hours and trying to do even less than normal. Nearly a week in Spain on the bus saga took it out of me anyway 😀


  5. […] the last (sunset) post, I thought I would look at the opposite end of the day, which as was pointed out on the Daily […]


  6. Love that first marina shot. Setting sun and boats, my kind of photo. 🙂


    • Thanks Jo. Water, boats, lighting, it’s hard to go wrong really! I thought it was interesting the two shots were taken within seconds of each other, yet facing a different way the lighting was so very different.


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