Weekly photo challenge – The sign says – No camping (Gib)

By: roughseasinthemed

Jun 02 2013

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Category: Camping, geocaching, Gibraltar, Photography, Travel, Wales


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Now who, in their right minds, would be camping on this beach at Little Bay?


One, you would be lucky to keep your tent, and definitely not your guys, out of the water,
two, you’d spend long enough moving the rocks.

Imagine if the wind whipped up? You’d be flooded out!

And it’s not as though you could get your campervan down there either.

It begs the question, has someone tried to camp on that beach? or is it just a standard notice put up at all Gib beaches?

Of course, had I not done the previous monkey sign post, I would have used that one for this challenge.

But I was out on a geocaching jaunt yesterday, and the incongruity of the sign and the possibility of even thinking of camping on the beach caught my attention.

DuoTone note. Convinced that like the monkey sign, DT would throw up a grey theme, I went for the beach shot, thinking I might get a rather nice bluey-green. Er grey. It was obviously going to be a choice between two shades of grey so I tried the red sign instead, and wow! Not what I expected at all.

And over at being mrscarmichael’s blog, her photochallenge post includes some Gaelic, which reminded of a Welsh road sign that we saw as we were approaching Holyhead to camp overnight and then get the morning ferry to Ireland.

Arafwch nawr said the sign, written in white paint on the road. I spelled it out phonetically.

‘No not right now,’ said Partner. ‘Let’s wait till we get to the camp site.’

The sign says.


12 comments on “Weekly photo challenge – The sign says – No camping (Gib)”

  1. No camping, no dogs…..that counts me out 😉

    Laughing at your interpretation of the Welsh sign…….what’s the correct translation?

    Yes DT, where did that rose pink come from?


    • Counts us out too, even if we could walk there with the tents. You could get nowhere near with the campervan 😀

      It always made me laugh. I think I was still laughing when we arrived at the camp site. Which was very good incidentally, small, clean, simple, great start to the hol.

      Slow down now 🙂


  2. Maybe the Gib local authority just has the one type of sign they use for all beaches…
    I think I know what the Welsh sign said… really?


    • Just replied to Vicky – it means slow down now.

      You’re probably right on the sign issue. We’re short of beaches in Gib and there aren’t many you can camp on, but I should probably take some pix of the ones that are camping material 😀 And some of our mates have stayed overnight down at Rosia in roof tents. Must look and see if there is a sign down there. Do roof tents count as camping I wonder?


      • Roof tenst on vehicles? That would need no camping signs in the carpark… similar to those everywhere in Australia.


        • I really miss the free and easy days where restrictive signs weren’t everywhere. We joked the other day about beach signs, no camping, no dogs, no barbies, no driving, no parking, – no people?


  3. […] Weekly photo challenge – The sign says – No camping (Gib) (everypicturetellsone.wordpress.com) […]


  4. Somebody bought those signs and they are going to use them? (a bit like Homeland security money here…more on that in a post someday…the hurricane evacuation routes need widening/repairing, and what do we get? a little sign saying evacuation route…like we didn’t know..there’s only 1 big road and 1 little road out of here…they both get signs, obviously)
    Maybe that looming building put the sign up.


    • The building is awful isn’t it? There is no planning/development control in Gib. The govt just does what it wants, especially if it can lure in a big developer to build expensive flats. The worst is a monstrosity part way up the Rock, but the residents who had bought their half million pound flats weren’t impressed to discover the new prison was going to be built below them 😀

      They could have bought no dog signs (which people often ignore) and just put separate no camping signs at the appropriate beaches, I think there are only two anyway.


  5. i couldn’t imagine anyone setting up a tent there anyhow! but what a beautiful spot. the beach is one of my favourite places to be. unless it is along the shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. two friends and i went there for an outing while on a roadtrip to various Canyons and Parks in Arizona and Utah. everything else was rather spectacular, but that lake has one of the most obnoxious smells i have ever encountered. we only lasted a few minutes before we left again 🙂
    not all beaches are dog-friendly here, but there are quite a few which are.
    as for DT, this is a colour i would not have expected either. i would have loved such a colour when posting images with pink in them, however have usually ended up with a purple/mauve tone instead.


    • No-one in their right camping mind would pitch there. That’s why it is such a silly sign.

      It is a nice sheltered beach, what there is of it. Of course it is also rocky around there and nicer to look at than to use for swimming.

      Interesting the Great Salt Lake smells so bad. I love the sulphurous ones in NZ at Rotorua. But I like sulphur spas as well. (I wrote about all that before so you have read it months ago!).

      In the UK, the beaches used to be dog unfriendly for the summer season. No idea what happens now. I need to do a Spanish sign pic, as signs have recently gone up saying no this, that and the other 😦

      DT was a welcome surprise on this one. Clearly in one of its capricious moods, and not willing to be predicted. Luckily for me.


  6. It’s a classic example of society gone mad. Spoils it for everyone. The favourite pastime for lots of folks was to walk their dogs on the beach, let them play near the water, etc. Is it because they foul? Thing is, the sea washes everything out if they do some business… Kids piss and shit in the sea and on the beach all the time… shall be say, no kids on the beach next?


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