Weekly photo challenge: Up – The Clock Tower

By: roughseasinthemed

Apr 19 2013

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Up and out we went. Off for another evening’s geocaching. Not that we are bothered about treasure hunting but it makes for a good evening walk in our glorious warm weather. I added that for all you Canadians and Brits who are still suffering shivering temps and lots of rain.

This is looking up at the Clock Tower where we found our first cache of the evening. Having walked to the tower, it seemed we were miles off the cache. OK, a few metres, so back we went to systematically start at the beginning of the wall. He found the cleverly hidden cache.

Neatly hidden or what?

Neatly hidden or what?

The clock, apparently, was to make sure workers were not late to work on the dockyard.

Some years ago, we had an Australian guest. As we walked past the clock tower it chimed. Where’s that noise coming from? she asked. Hello sweetie, open eyes, look up. Not exactly easy to miss.

Buoyed up with our success, we skipped off to the next cache that we had dismally failed to find twice before. At the lovely Rosia Bay where Nelson was brought after his battle at Trafalgar. Not that it did him a lot of good of course seeing as he died after his glorious victory.

Rosia Bay in the evening

Rosia Bay in the evening

How clever was this? A bolt with a rusty piece of metal stuck on the end and inserted in the wall. Soooo clever, and so was I for finding it.

Just another rusty bolt in the wall

Just another rusty bolt in the wall

A final image – up to the top of the Rock in the cable car.

Cable car goes up to the top of the Rock

Cable car goes up to the top of the Rock

Link to the Daily Post ‘Up‘ challenge.


16 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Up – The Clock Tower”

  1. You’re at it too? I’m hoping this geocaching craze is happening in Oz so I can use it as a second set of eyes for exploring my new home. 🙂


    • We’ve been doing it sporadically for a few years, but recently there’s been a flurry of enthusiasm in Gib, so lots more caches have been placed, and luckily they aren’t all at the top of the Rock. It’s always a nice walk up to Rosia so it was a good excuse to get out for the evening. It certainly is happening in Aus as I had a couple of friends who joined and went quite mad at it to begin with. Think they stopped after that!


  2. What beautiful blues, sky and DT background 🙂 Rosia Bay in the evening looks serene.


    • I did have some pix of the tower from the other direction, but I thought DT might switch into grey mode, so that’s why I picked the one with the blue sky. Interesting how the sky gets deeper further up the picture. Rosia was indeed very calm and peaceful.


  3. My attempts at geocaching have all been miserable failures to date, so more or less given up with it. Did think about going up to Wimbledon Common as there are a few bigger ones up there, but foolishly I’m waiting for warmer weather.


    • I can’t remember – do you have a GPS? I was determined to find the first one without a GPS, but it didn’t help that the location had been moved 😀

      It’s knowing what to look for that is the trick though. The more you do, the more you find. We did get a clue from one of the cache owners for one of the first ones we found, so that’s always an option. And when you get to Gib ….


      • Yes, I have a very good GPS for the purposes of geocaching. Obviously its quite old, its about 15 years I think. Urban geocaches are usually micro ones which are admittedly harder to find.

        The position of one of them is clearly a letter box. I did have a prod about, but there is a limit to how much prodding you can do near a busy road and over looked by a dozen or so houses.


  4. saw this earlier on my cell phone and enjoyed it, however on the larger screen it is even more beautiful. what a striking clock tower, if you’ll pardon the pun, however there will probably be one more.
    good one, DT.
    congrats on your geocaching finds! that bolt was quite tricky, as it seems that it would blend right in with the rocks unless you got up close. enjoyed this very upbeat post. thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • Thanks. ‘phones are good, but laptops/desktops do make a better job of posts, esp DT.

      Loved the puns. Very fun.

      The cache was extremely well hidden and we had been so frustrated not to find it before. I think finding the first one at the clock tower wall was a huge help as I was looking for something different after that. Every time you find a new type of cache it adds to the experience.

      Anyway, a walk on a lovely evening is always good 🙂 just leaves you feeling up (rather than down).


  5. I assume the clock is correct?
    7.20pm??? We don’t get it that bright at midday!
    I love that pic, the stonework of the tower against the blue is stunning.

    Even DT managed to do you proud too!


    • Yes, it was on the way back, I think it was half six, quarter to seven on the way up. Beautiful evening. I’m really a morning person but I can get fired up to be evening ish occasionally.

      It was a nice easy walk and it was on the west side of Gib so it was just sun, sun, sun. It’s a lovely tower, as is the main one in the naval dockyard which is one of the few used for abseiling by Brit mil, think the other one is in Cyprus. I learned and forgot that at an open day a few years ago. Will try and find a link for you. I wanted to go on the boat trip but watched the dogs instead 😀

      I did have DT in mind with this choice of pic though!


  6. May be an older post – but the clock tower and the Rosia Bay are cool.
    Do ya’ll ever ride the cable car? Nice view – or too many tourists? I always wondered if people used cable cars that are in their neighborhood. Bet it charges – that would be a downer if you lived there.


    • Thanks. We took the cable car once to the half way stage and then walked the rest of the way to the top! You can tell that was 17 years ago 😀 – 1996 on our first visit to Gib as part of a trip to Spain, Gib, Morocco and Portugal.

      It does charge, it mainly caters for tourists, as there isn’t any reason to go there apart from hike around, look for monkeys, geocaches, and visit the top. And there are caves too and tunnels – but all really tourist attractions. If I go up, I tend to walk to the sort of half way stage – the big cable car post in the middle of the pic. Best to pic a cloudy day for that though, and one when I’m not feeling vertiginous. I think it was about £9 last time I looked. Not cheap. Although not expensive for a tourist attraction.


      • Are there always animals at the top of cable car locations? Estes Park in Rocky Mountains, CO has a nice cable car to the top of a great mountain – and at the top are huge numbers of chipmunks demanding food…they follow you (shiver…thoughts of horror movie…angry chippies….)


        • Monkeys are at the mid-way point, which as I said is easily walkable. But sometimes you don’t have to walk, right time of year and the darlings come down to town 🙂 They aren’t at the top though. That is just the view and the vertiginous tourist destination. Monkeys scamper around lower down. Nothing to do with cable cars. I suppose I should take me a walk up there again soonish before it gets too hot.


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