Weekly photo challenge: lunchtime – for monkeys?

By: roughseasinthemed

Mar 22 2013

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No free lunches here. No lunches at all in fact for monkeys.

This is a relatively new sign outside the tax office by Southport/Referendum Gates.

It certainly wasn’t there in 2010 when this little monkey was sitting in exactly the same spot investigating a plastic bottle to see if there was any juice inside.

Could there be lunch in here?

Could there be lunch in here?

The area around the tax office and Trafalgar Cemetery is a popular place for monkeys to visit the town, partly to eat fruit from the trees.

Where's our lunch?

Where’s our lunch?

Got to eat my greens and grow up a big strong monkey

Got to eat my greens and grow up a big strong monkey

Many locals are frightened of them. Not only do they make a dive and try to grab plastic bags out of your hands, they like to pay the odd social call into peoples’ homes too. If they can get through the railings and the windows are open.

Hey! Open the window. I'm just dropping in for lunch.

Hey! Open the window. I’m just dropping in for lunch.

While the sign at the top is basically for the benefit of the tourists, some of the biggest offenders are locals, ie taxi drivers who take tourists up the rock to see the monkeys in their den and feed them. What better way for the tourists to get some good photos than to feed the monkeys? And does anyone do anything about it? This is Gibraltar. Of course not.

I'm just a poor starving macaque.  Honest.  Please feed me.

I’m just a poor starving macaque. Honest. Please feed me.

A happy little forager at the top of Trafalgar Cemetery.

It may look like a bit of old bark to you, but it's extremely tasty

It may look like a bit of old bark to you, but it’s extremely tasty

More monkey facts here for those who didn’t read last year’s post about the macaques (when they were waiting for the bus).

More conventional lunchtime photos over at The Daily Post.

And before, anyone mentions it, yes I am considering approaching Ladbrokes to see if they will introduce a new betting category on what colour will DT pick for my post. While I don’t gamble, I would have put a few pennies on this one turning out exactly as it did.

‘DO NOT FEED THE MACAQUES’ taken with iPhone 3Gs. All others taken with iPhone 3G (stolen in August 2010).


16 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: lunchtime – for monkeys?”

  1. There are so many things I like about this take on lunchtime. It’s Excellent!

    The photo of the tax office taken at a different time, it’s the sort of thing I like doing.

    The monkey on the pavement only wants the obligatory dog sat beside him for the perfect beggars scene.

    The monkeys are wonderful and I love your interpretation of their ‘speech’

    DT’s grey? Just one big LOL πŸ˜€ though you’ve managed a more mauve tinted grey than I did on my lunchtime post.
    Perhaps they’re trying to compete with that popular book that hit the headlines recently πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks V.

      In fact I was going to do a spring flowers one as some wonderful freesia wafted my way (sounds like Lorraine Chase wafting in from Paradise/Luton Airport), and I was thinking about different smells at lunchtime (it was around 1pm).

      But the monkey sign struck me as an original take on it, plus some other pix of them eating – or not eating.

      The tax office photos are interesting, taken from virtually the same spot, although slightly different angles. I did wonder when I looked at the old pic, if that was a popular monkey spot and that was why the sign went up in that same spot. There was a big fig tree there too (to the right of the railings so out of the pic), since cut down, although maybe growing back, haven’t noticed, but the monkeys love the figs.

      Haha, nearly included a typical Jasp pic of Pippa willing a sandwich into his mouth, but I may yet post that on his blog. Starving dogs, starving monkeys, poor dears.

      I did think about faffing around with the Comic programme and putting bubbles out of their heads, but there is a limit to my patience for a short photo post.

      Actually when I looked at it again, I did think there was a slight mauvey tint although not as good as your bridge post.

      Laughed at your last comment. I’ve only ever read about it in passing. It doesn’t sound like a me book.

      Now, have you done your ugly bugger series of old family photos post yet?


  2. Sorry to hear your iPhone got stolen. Is there now a Macaque running round Gibraltar phoning all its friends and relatives ?


    • So was I. Which was why I the acquired Partner’s 3Gs. Some bastard eastern European may well have it for all I know if you want the truth.It got stolen in Spain at a service station and before we drove off we looked at the vehicle parked next to us and worked out what had happened. No fools like old fools 😦

      I wouldn’t mind if a macaque had stolen it, so long as it didn’t try to eat it πŸ˜€


  3. sorry to hear about your stolen iPhone, too. but am happy to see your post here. and grey! how predictable is that! if it is any consolation, my latest post may have been a shiny green but the next one will be reverting back to M! oh well. c’est la vie.
    enjoyed this lunchtime post! πŸ™‚


    • It’s over now, well, it was two and a half years ago! I only mentioned it to explain the difference in the two ‘phone cameras that I had used to put the post together.
      I thought the M colour had disappeared. Sometimes I think the grey can work ok. The M never does πŸ˜€

      I found The Daily Post photo quite disgusting, but that’s because 28 years of living with someone who hates soft eggs has made me the same way. I never liked them very soft anyway but that picture on there with what was basically bacon and eggs with pasta made my stomach turn, so I didn’t feel like posting a boring food photo.

      I see you found Pippa’s lunchtime post too. I nearly added that on here, and thought the poor dog merited his own post!


  4. I’m beginning to wonder about DT… I thought the same things as Vicky… 50 Shades of Grey on their mind, oh yes πŸ˜‰ And, I haven’t read it either. The sign itself is worth a tourist pic πŸ™‚


    • DT couldn’t really have done much else with the colour mix, the buildings, steps, the white of the monkey sign and the black of the railings. The only other alternative would have been slightly taupey.

      The sign is good I think. I love living somewhere where there is a sign on the Main Street telling you not to feed monkeys. I’m used to them but still, it is so unique.


  5. Gotta love that sign ( and of course they are going to feed them so the tourists can get a pix…they used to do that with bears in Yellowstone, too…but gib aggressive bears got ugly)
    Must wander over to see Pippa!


    • While the monkeys aren’t as big as your bears, some of the alpha males can get quite nasty, which is why a lot of locals are frightened of them. We avoid the big ones when they come down to town if we are out with Pippa as the testosterone starts to rise…


      • Monkey are quite nasty. Huge teeth. People who have them as pets usually regret it. I was wondering if Pippa considered them cats…or if they make so much noise Pippa ignored them.


        • Teeth are the big issue, just discussing that. They will use arms and legs, but they use their teeth for violence. And at the end of the day, they are protecting their families, so what’s wrong with that? They don’t know we don’t mean violence towards them.

          Pippa doesn’t treat them like cats at all, interestingly. He likes the babies and the mothers. He sniffs for them when they have been around. He doesn’t even want to fight the alphas, so that’s a pain if they want to attack him because he has to retaliate, hence taking a different route. All part of the daily walk.


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