Weekly photo challenge: Illumination – the largest diocese, Gibraltar

By: roughseasinthemed

Jan 11 2013

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Wandering down Main Street early one morning, I took a piccy of one of the local churches.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity to be precise, the Church of England Cathedral which is never as busy as the Catholic one down the street, which, as Gib is largely Roman Catholic, is hardly surprising.

But read on,

The Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe, also called simply the Diocese in Europe, is geographically the largest diocese of the Church of England and arguably the largest diocese in the Anglican Communion, covering some one-sixth of the Earth’s landmass, including Morocco, Europe (excluding the British Isles but including Iceland), Turkey and the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The Diocese of Gibraltar was created on 29 September 1842 and at that time covered all Anglican chaplaincies from Portugal to the Caspian Sea. On 30 June 1980, the diocese was amalgamated with the Jurisdiction of North and Central Europe (exercised by the Bishop of London through the Suffragan Bishop of Fulham) and renamed the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe. It is divided into seven archdeaconries.

• Eastern Archdeaconry, consisting of: Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

• Archdeaconry of France (including Monaco).

• Archdeaconry of Gibraltar, consisting of: Andorra, Gibraltar, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain.

• Archdeaconry of Germany and Northern Europe, consisting of: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden.

• Archdeaconry of Italy and Malta.

• Archdeaconry of Northwest Europe, consisting of: Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

• Archdeaconry of Switzerland.

Just, amazing! Text totally from Wiki. But who would think somewhere as tiny as Gibraltar would be so important in religious terms?

Illumination in more ways than one.

16 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Illumination – the largest diocese, Gibraltar”

  1. […] Weekly photo challenge: Illumination – the largest diocese, Gibraltar « Every picture tells one […]


  2. […] Weekly photo challenge: Illumination – the largest diocese, Gibraltar « Every picture tells one […]


  3. Very impressive. Who would have thought indeed. 🙂


  4. Perhaps if England had kept Calais, it would be the diocese of Calais.

    Or if the Maltese had identified themselves as British, and become Anglican, it would be the diocese of Valletta.

    I read that once a Pope met a Bishop of Gibraltar, and said, “I see I come within your diocese, my lord.”
    The Bishop replied, “You do, your grace.”


  5. Viewing your photo gives an unusual illusion, initially it looks dark, but the more I look at it the more I see, it’s quite eerie. 😮
    That colour is a new one from DT 🙂


    • In fact, it wasn’t even dark at the time which is strange. I’ll leave that up to you, my camera professora to explain 🙂

      Did you see that strange blue face? No idea what that is but so intrigues me.

      I was really trying to get the cross., the light was so interesting. Got to learn my camera settings one day!

      I quite like this colour. Not what I expected but a decent DT job. * Strokes DT nicely. *


  6. […] Weekly photo challenge: Illumination – the largest diocese, Gibraltar « Every picture tells one […]


  7. a most impressive DT rendering! and an evocative image, too. it seems quiet, too quiet. don’t think i would want to stand out here alone for too long.
    and i see that blue object, too. what that could be? maybe better not to know 🙂


    • Thanks p&k. I thought DT behaved nicely on this one. In fact, early morning, it was very nice, the lighting is false.

      Must wander down again and check out those wicked blue eyes …


  8. Illuminating indeed 🙂 And after reading all the comments quite eerie!


  9. I feel very illuminated 🙂 I had no idea either. The image is very atmospheric – fitting for a cathedral, and the cross acting as a beacon is very appealing.


    • Lol! I just thought this was fascinating about Gib’s status within the CofE. Not that I ever go to church apart from to look at interesting buildings but regardless of any religious views all places of worship play a role in our communities.

      It was the cross I really wanted to take. When I learn how to use the camera better, I’ll maybe get a decent shot. Still, it served for the post.


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