Weekly photo challenge: Resolved – castles in Spain

By: roughseasinthemed

Jan 06 2013

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Chatting to my mum on the ‘phone one day, I casually mentioned that we were going to buy a house in Spain.

‘Castles in the air,’ she scoffed. Or more appropriately, castles in Spain.

Either way she considered it a ridiculous and unachievable aspiration.

You would have thought someone who had given birth to a daughter, raised her and lived with her for twenty something years would have known better.

When I am resolved to do something, I do it. My job had changed dramatically and was a boring pain in the neck, plus new management ie a new chief executive was not good.

I had one colleague who was downgraded twice each time she was pregnant. Not surprisingly, she took them to an industrial tribunal and won her case for discrimination. How on earth can you respect management that is so unaware of sexual discrimination laws that they carry out such crass behaviour?

I digress. As well as being sick of the job, I didn’t want to spend the next 30 or 40 years – assuming I lived that long – in the same suburban house, going to work five days a week from 9-5, and living a life of routine banality.

I wanted to do something interesting in my mid years and it certainly wasn’t going to happen while I stayed in work and lived in suburbia.

So I was resolved on quitting work, selling the house, and moving to Spain.

Luckily I have a fairly easy-going partner. Typical exchange:

‘I’d like to live in Spain.’

‘Yeah, that’s a good idea.’

I didn’t plan on living in a small semi-detached house (OK there are two small houses on the plot of land, but still not as big as the house, garden, and double garage that we left behind in the UK), in a village on the roadside.

Like most people, I dreamed of olive groves, a stream, my own well, acres of land and miles away from anywhere. Luckily, with hindsight, that didn’t happen. It nearly did, but we wriggled out in time.

My parents never did say much about our move to Spain. But when my mother came to visit, she liked the house, the village, and seemed to think we had a lovely home in a beautiful part of the world.

Perhaps castles in Spain do exist after all.



12 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Resolved – castles in Spain”

  1. what a beautiful “castle” – and what a beautiful BLUE, courtesy of DT! you win again. we seem to be taking turns with the colour grey, LOL.
    and a great post for the current weekly photo challenge topic. so far i have not resolved myself to coming up with a post for this one. will see
    glad your mother was able to visit you, and that she enjoyed her time in Spain, too.


    • It’s my ‘castle’ so that’s good enough 🙂

      I did try the bottom picture out of interest, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what colour it came out with 😀 I was beginning to think DT had become GT. The blue is interesting though isn’t it? Not the same as the sky, in fact, I could think it had a grey tinge to it….

      Although not a new year’s resolution person, I am determined about some things. This was the first idea that came to mind for resolved. Will look to see if and what you post. I am sure you will find something.

      Her visit was – odd. For a later post. I was pleased she visited though.


  2. Aahh! your castle looks just perfect 🙂 and situated in a beautiful climate too. I just love white buildings and blue skies.
    You have wonderful neighbours too, something a ‘castle’ in the middle of nowhere would be lacking.

    I can’t believe your second photo would have given you the dreaded grey, where on earth did it conjure that from?

    Like P&K, I haven’t found anything for resolved either, I’ve a complete blank mind on that. Well not totally blank, the word reminds me of a rescue drink my daughters would have after a heavy night out. LOL


    • It’s good enough 🙂 It’s mine and that’s all I need.

      The neighbours were something we hadn’t taken into account but is a big factor.

      The grey for the second must have come from all the white, the green plants, and no strong dominant colour. Or maybe just loves grey?

      Rescue drinks sound like a bloody maria! or at least some sort of tomato juice. I could think of a few for resolved, but this was the first idea so this won. As did the blue 😉


  3. I know I’m catching up on old posts but I couldn’t resist this one – images of A maintaining the castle, on the roadside, in a village. Of course. Also like you, from time to time we dreamed of acres and no neighbours but much as we amuse ourselves with drives & what ifs from time to time, we’re settled in our house in the village and know it will give us more freedom than if we were committed to acres and all that come with them. Love the blue.


  4. Sounds really nice and obviously you follow your own mind.

    Sounds like the NHS I know. (The part about your friend)

    Castles, houses, either way, it’s brick and mortar. What matters is that you are happy, screw the rest. 😉

    I’m waiting to hear back from the NHS…I’ve applied to work again. They are just sorting out refs and all that. It’s such a slow process. I’m only going with the bank for now until I can find something I like. Pat is doing much better so I can go back to work now.


    • Mostly.

      Yeah. I think the NHS is actually a good service, but for the most part the management is not good at all. It’s not good for staff and it’s not good for patients.

      Easy solution recipe: less managers on low pay and some very good ones on high pay. Less bloody accountants. Politicians – keep out of it. Castles in the air eh?

      One of my bosses (good man) said ‘as a health authority, unless we can point to what we have achieved, we shouldn’t be here’. I thought that was valid, and by the time I had left, I figured I had achieved enough to justify my salary and Audi A4 (terrible car).

      Haha. I have toyed with applying to Gib HA, but the last thing I read, the chief exec was earning less than I was! I was really sick of it, but it’s something I can do, and I did enjoy working with clinicians and getting improvements to quality and services.

      Good to hear Pat is improving, take a weight off both your minds. Whether you want to go back to work or not is another matter. In our case it’s needs must with Partner. And as no-one wants to employ me ….


      • I completely agree with you about the NHS. There are too many tiers of management and it’s not necessary.

        I have acquired a job on the NHS bank. They are just waiting for my medical clearance. It’ll be a good way to wean myself back into work, I think. I’ve been out for just over a year now.

        You wouldn’t believe the problem I’ve had with references. I blame the bloody politicians for poking their noses in and restructuring it all…again! Anyway, they only accept refs from line-managers that have directly “line-managed you.

        My first line-manager took retirement a few years ago due to changes in structure that he didn’t like. During this new restructure and just a few months after I left, My other line-manager took early retirement. (I think she was pushed into it to be completely honest.)

        Where did this leave me? No line-manager! To top it all off, the human resources dept that was responsible for us were outsourced. Finally, Dave, the guy who was looking into all this sent off for a “generic” reference. He just got it back yesterday and now they are waiting on my med clearance.

        I swear, I’m gritting my teeth already! This is a prime example of the mess the NHS is in and bad management.


        • I tell you, hand on heart, I am a good manager. Not a soppy sympathetic one, but I can get things done.

          When I took over cancer services, my DPH said laughing, you’ve got the delights of the CSQAG. Cervical Screening Quality Assurance Group.

          I’ve written about it on Clouds if you want to browse around under health/cancer/screening.

          But the funny thing about CSQAG was, all they wanted was a newsletter. A DPH, a consultant in public health and a secretary couldn’t produce one. it was handed to me on a platter. A newsletter? Sure. Here it is. Then they didn’t like it because it was so old (the others had faffed around for months if not years). OK, give me new text and you get it. So they did. I was on a roll after that.

          The NHS is basically good with some excellent dedicated people. It’s screwed up with crazy rules and politicos. I rubbed up a few people the wrong way, but I also got a hell of a lot done. But I became poacher turned gamekeeper or vice versa rather than retaining my health authority political aloofness.

          My ideals led me to seek improvements for patients. Why else was I there?


          • Exactly. If patients are not at the heart of the NHS what’s the point?


            • Politics, politics, politics?

              I moved out of communications/private office etc because I wanted to have more direct influence on services. I could see what needed doing but was impotent because of my role. Once I was working with clinicians, it was a doddle to start moving things on.

              But that’s why we need good managers at an expensive price.


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