Weekly photo challenge: My 2012 in pictures

I wasn’t going to play at this as I do an annual review on Roughseas anyway, but having seen pix & kardz and vic’s pic a colour for me posts, I thought it would be fun to play after all.

But unlike Roughseas where I picked highlights of the year, here I’ve just taken some random shots, some have been posted before, others not.

January – Pippa at El Higueron. February – boats at mid harbour. March – the mosque at Europa Point.

April – breezy day on the Costa del Viento Sol (!). May – Draught cattle at the annual romería in Spain. June – Patriotic flags fluttering in the evening sunset on my neighbour’s roof.

July – just another generous gift from my Spanish neighbours. August – a walk around the Upper Town. September – band playing in Main Street outside Parliament House.

October – Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the Anglican cathedral in Gibraltar, early one morning. November – Barbary Macaque playing on the pavement next to the bus stop. December – the north face of the Rock of Gibraltar.

Well, you didn’t think a snapshot of my year could avoid a pic of a) my dog b) monkeys and c) the Rock.

And, I have stolen a march on pix&kardz and vic’s pic a colour for me who both got grey with the duotone compilations, whereas I got grey-green! The pimientos must have won out 😀


16 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: My 2012 in pictures”

  1. Wow, these are all awesome photos … but I’m always so in love with seeing the rock with the cloud!!!

    Must check out pix & cardz too … I have Vic on my list, but haven’t seen … sometimes I just don’t trust that ‘Reader’ thingy … think it was better to have it via email..


  2. Aah, Pippa sweet Pippa, he is really handsome (don’t tell him though, I know you say he knows it already ;-)).
    You’ve got some lovely pics and a great insight into Gib/Spain. I think you can probably guess my favourite though 🙂

    I’m envious of your green, it’s a lovely colour and far better than mine and P&K’s grey.

    And yes, I did get sucked into the DT random colour picker 😀


    • Funnily I was looking at him this morning (waiting for HIS toast on HIS sofa) remembering all the people who had asked where we had bought him from, and asking how much we would sell him for! In fact, looking through the year, a year of Pippapix would have been the easiest. I couldn’t resist the light and smile for January though once I had clicked on it.

      As I said they were just a random selection, no ‘best’ pix or anything specific, but in a way, those 12 are just my life really.

      I thought I could have ended up with any colour. The M colour, the Grey is the new M colour, blue? red? or even a softer beige (1,6,10, 11) so green threw me a bit, but still, it gave me a teeny smirk 😀


  3. your blog doesn’t seem to want to know me, yours with the beautiful green colour, and mine with the lowly grey, LOL. you really lucked out, congratulations! and as i mentioned earlier – in a comment yet to be moderated – a very well-deserved smirk.
    but the year is young. will see how DT behaves down the road…. 🙂
    but DT aside, i find it hard to pick faves, as each image is great in its own right. but of course, Pippa looks great. that smile always brings a smile to my face. if you think his head might grow too big, you can just whisper it to him rather than tell him out loud.
    and i love the image immediately below his, those grasses blowing in the wind. something both beautiful and peaceful about that image.
    and the piementos. there is something cool about neighbours sharing things. my mom always has veggies in the garden, and the neighbours do, too. and it is odd how different veggies seem to do well from year to year. while the neighbours had an abundance of green beans last summer, my mom’s cucumbers thrived. and so they shared back and forth.
    and the rock. what a beautiful capture, with its top just hidden in the mist. one day i would love to see it. i can always dream 🙂
    glad you played. and congrats on the green background. on this one, you win! 😀


    • I don’t know why blog has suddenly decided to get so snooty, just because it didn’t start the year on a grey background 😀 But at least you were only awaiting moderation, I’ve had to fish other people out of the spam bin before now.

      To be serious however, the green is quite acceptable to this non-photo blogger. Looking at the selection it could have been so easily a triplet of the grey twins (yours and V’s), or even the M colour. I think the soft green provides a decent contrast to the photos as there is quite a lot of blue in there (sea, sky, headdress of the cattle) and there is also a fair bit of grey too of course!

      As I said to Vic, on my search through the files, the Pippa one just jumped at me, so in it went as the first one of the year, which on reflection is appropriate.

      I like the grasses (think it is cane) too. I can’t remember if I ever used it over on roughseas or not but I thought it provided a contrast in a country (Spain) where everyone seems to think we get 365 days of sunshine a year.

      To digress, in fact the Andalucían tourist board used to have a slogan that said:
      Andalucía – where the sun shines every day. Possibly it may do somewhere in Andalucía as it is the largest communidad in Spain, although when a depression sinks in, it is very grey and wet. I seem to remember it was raining as well at the time of that photo.

      I did use the pimiento pic on roughseas at one point because I wrote about the neighbours’ generosity – it may have been after I gave them a photo of their son from the romería for framing.

      I wanted to end with the Rock, and it was the only pic I’d got in December of it! I think! The other one I nearly used for December is an interesting one, but I’ll do that as a pic in it’s own right. I can safely predict, I think, that it will end up grey unless I do some serious fiddling with a background/frame. It will probably still end up grey. I may even start fiddling with it today.

      It was fun. And it’s always nice to win 😉


  4. A lovely round-up of photos, and thnx for mentioning Vic’s other blog, I went over there too. Similarly, Pippa’s photo is my favourite but I’m hard pressed to choose between the rest. Congrats on the green. Nice.


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