Weekly photo challenge: Reflections – Gib sunsets

By: roughseasinthemed

Dec 04 2012

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Category: Gibraltar, Photography



I wandered up the rock and took the photos of the sun setting o<ver the bay of Algericas. I was walking through the nature reserve to the upper rock and found the sunset irresistible.


And even in the town at the marina it was just as lovely.


I may not be posting any more on here as I am seriously racked off with WP’s stupid changes all the time and the latest one with photos is crass. I may even go back to blogger šŸ˜¦ and I never thought I would say that.

And a monkey shot that started off my whinge at WP. No longer able to edit pix in media directly, you now have to go back to dashboard to do so – I wanted to rotate this one as it was an iPhone pic that uploaded horizontally. Taken from another wander up the Upper Rock nature reserve at dusk, hence the monkeys admiring the sun’s reflections on the sea. And for those of you who want to know about WPs vaguaries, once sorted in media library via dashboard, I then had to go back to the post to finally insert. Serious tosh. How to make something easy into a pain in the arse.



18 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Reflections – Gib sunsets”

  1. Beautiful sunsets šŸ™‚
    I sorted several pics for reflections, one from Islay was almost identical to your marina pic. Very spooky, as the one I did use was also like another photo of yours.
    I agree, what has happened with WP media file?


  2. Gorgeous sunsets ms! The one over the bay is striking with its reflection ofsun rays off the water.
    Love the photo over the marina, and how you achieved such great texture and depth in the clouds with the sunlight playing off the clouds is outstanding!
    I would miss your photo posts and know I am not the only one.
    Since I do not post photos but on a rare occasion, and I have been out the loop recently would you care to fill me in about WP changes. There on not my A list right now anyway, but for an entirely different reason.

    We could raise Hell together maybe šŸ˜‰


    • Thank you my dear BB. What lovely compliments.

      WP has changed the way to ‘manage’ media ie upload photos and then fiddle with them ie slideshow, gallery, any extra editing (rotating in my case from phone pix), so that it appears to be much more difficult/impossible. I’m currently in the midst of a forum complaint about it!!


      • You are so welcome MS and thank you for the details. I applaud you for standing up for what you think is wrong.
        Somehow the adage New and Improved rarely are.

        Take care.. & so good seeing you again ~


        • I fear it is totally pointless battling with WP. Out of three complaints I have made – and others too of course – only one of their crazy decisions was reversed. That was defaulting to an automatic email whenever someone replied to a comment. Talk about filling your email box with spam!
          The others – chucking the two most interesting forums within the WP forum was not reversed, and putting Topics in readers scroll down format rather than magazine format like FP also remained. I don’t hold out much hope for my latest whinge. But if people don’t say why they dislike the changes, they can just say – no-one complained. So I guess I will continue to do so.

          New and improved – reminds me of buying washing powder and stock cubes – invariably new and worse. If it ain’t broke is such a classic.


  3. Lovely photos as usual. Sunset over the bay is may favourite. The colours are stunning. šŸ™‚

    You will be missed if you go. Very sad.

    I had already added a complaint/comment on the recent news story about the new ‘and improved’ image uploader. I was not impressed and have had to remove and then re-add all the photos I put on the posts at the weekend because of wrong defaults (page attachment instead of media file), missing text and titles etc. It really screwed my stats up over the weekend too as all of a sudden it was counting image clicks as page hits. I have also spent hours today fixing my gallery and having to re-add all the text to the pictures etc. About four hours wasted over the last few days fixing things that they’d broken. šŸ˜¦


    • Thanks I. Isn’t the reflection of the setting sun just beautfiul? well, I won’t go, I’ll just move back to blogger šŸ˜€ Anyway, now I know what to do, after WP has made life twice as difficult I will probably hang on in as I have too many mates on here!

      I did get a fast response for some reason, but just like why change it? Why? WTF was wrong with the way it worked? Nothing. Idiots. Unhappiness engineers with nowt better to do to justify their existence.


      • Oddly enough, did you intend for your pictures to be inserted as ‘attached page’ instead of media file?

        With mine being a technical blog I like my pictures to be inserted as say medium and then the user clicks to get a larger image so they can view finer details. To do this you have to choose ‘media file’ in the drop down. In my case I found that not only had they defaulted the drop down to ‘attachment page’, which I think they have now corrected, they had changed the layout so that the title and description boxes are now smaller and cramped into the right hand side and the drop down is below them. In my case it was hidden out of view due to the resolution I run on my home PC which is hooked up to a TV screen rather than a monitor so we are only running 1024×768. It seems the developers designed it to run at far higher resolutions!! If you leave the drop down set as ‘attachment page’ when a user clicks on an image it will take them to a new page (as it does with your images above) rather than popping up the larger image and it will record the clicks as page hits rather than image clicks in your stats page. I don’t want this as knowing what images are clicked on is less important to me than knowing what pages (and thereby subjects) my readers find most interesting. I’d rather have one or two readers that find my pages useful than having 10 million hits that are meaningless šŸ™‚ I know they suffix the page hit with the image name but even so it filled my page stats up with garbage on sunday so I wasn’t impressed.

        BTW Can you do me a big favour later. I’ve re-setup my gallery but because the images are already cached on my PC it seems to loads quite quickly. Can you have a look at my gallery page (tab at the top) and let me know if there are too many images in there and whether they load quick enough or work at all for that matter. I may have to split the gallery into multiple pages. Your help would be most appreciated. Always nice to have a 2nd opinion šŸ™‚



        • No I didn’t. I wondered why it came up like that though, so I will go and correct it. Thank you very much for explaining that for me. Bloody WordPress!

          I’ll have a look at your gallery soonish. Busy writing a post about curtains right now. So I’ll either do it in the midst or when I’m finished.


  4. beautiful clicks – that second image is brilliant. what colours would that one trigger as a main image, i wonder.
    in any case, i have noticed that the process for uploading images is different, although i didn’t realize that the editing features had changed, or been removed. i usually edit before uploading. will have to try it out.


    • Thanks. The colours in the second one are nice, but I thought the reflection in the first was more specific, hence using that one. As for colours for the second, DT decided on a taupe outer colour and brown in the middle. Nothing remotely spectacular:D

      I pre-edit too, but ‘phone pix can be cantankerous, so I’ve found the rotation feature helpful. I’ve used the caption feature too, but the new system has managed to make that more difficult, so I’ll probably go back to adding that via html/text.


  5. Spectacular sunset pics – the sky reminds me of Darwin. I’m not at all boaty but I love the atmosphere of marinas – the sounds of the boats & water. Your reflections on WP are interesting – the small amount of photo editing I do, is done outside of WP, and I then upload. I haven’t gone to much trouble with my pics or experienced any difficulties but I’m not asking a lot from it either. It’s better you log any issues so others cn see they’re not alone experiencing them, and as per the comments here, assist each other šŸ™‚


    • Haha! I’ll have to ask the Aus expert if they look like Darwin (and then will get a loooong lecture about Darwin…)

      We wanted a boat for ages, but it ain’t going to happen now. Too much money for – what?

      My main issue with posting is photo rotation as said above. Otherwise, I pre-edit, although as little as possible, being bone idle. M4fun was really helpful though šŸ™‚


  6. Sunsets just do it everytime no matter how old we get and how often we see them, which is cool.


    • Their reflection is interesting, I like the contrast between the first two – the single ray reflected shooting across the bay, and the second one with the colour suffused throughout the bay.


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