Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration – writing, helping, sharing

By: roughseasinthemed

Nov 24 2012

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Category: Blogging, Land Rovers, Life, Photography, Spain


Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 3GS

What inspired me to blog? Silly question, really. Me.

Although I suppose Cousin David did have a hand in it. Link to my first post on roughseas, or itchyfeetatforty as was back then.

So depending on which blog we are talking about, me taking pix for this one, and writing an elongated caption to explain the pic.

Me writing about Spain on roughseas, about geocaching, cycling, everything that happens really. Wanting to share what life is like as an ex-pat and maybe helping someone avoid some of our mistakes.

And on Just Landys, wanting to share any hints, tips, and Land Rover stories and pix.

So this is what the well-dressed resident of a Spanish pueblo near the beach wears.

A free hat from the local annual RomerΓ­a, a bikini from Eroski or Dunnes, and a sarong, Dunnes.

In fact the amount of times I go down the beach are minimal. I may well just have been walking around the house like that.

The truth is, what inspired me to blog, was just to write. And in the hopes of earning a fortune as a freelance writer of course.

Sadly, the rules of this photo ‘contest’ (WP has upped the ante from challenge to contest) are that I can’t post a photo of me at the computer, but that would really be the one that epitomised why I write. I like to do it.

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22 comments on “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration – writing, helping, sharing”

  1. A great set of pics πŸ™‚

    I love the landy one, It works so well for this challenge.

    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve taken a photo of mine, and ended up reflected in it myself when I haven’t wanted to be.

    DT found you a lovely colour too πŸ™‚


    • Thanks. A random mix, but equally, showing vaguely about what my blogs are about.

      I liked the Landy one too, it turned out grey though πŸ˜€

      Some of the other ones I took this last weekend from inside the Landy had reflections too, a couple of quite spooky ones with my hand in them – would have worked well for the hand challenge πŸ˜€

      I wanted one of the reflective ones as a header, but the one with the greeny top on was the only one that wasn’t a bleugh background.


  2. I like the pics and love the blues of your Summer ensemble and the post background they generated… I have to congratulate you on the images to support the post and contest… they really do illustrate why you blog… what I would have included for myself would have been evidence of what at times is a fairly mundane existence the best of which I post via elladee_images, and no-one wants to see photos of the rest…


    • I’ve always gone for blue or blue/green beachwear. My mother, her of the black dress fame, seemed to think a black swimsuit was the best. But having worn one, with my British milk-white legs, blonde/fair hair at the time, I realised it was not for me. We aren’t all Esther Williams.

      The background colour came from the top pic, all the others produced was sludge πŸ˜€

      Thanks. I wished I’d broken the rules and added the pic of me sitting at the computer, because that is the truth of it. The other comments about each blog are more about defining the blogs, not technically inspiration. I don’t actually need it. When you learn to write stories out of nothing as a journalist, writing a blog is easy. You don’t even have to ring people up or go out bashing on doors to interview anyone.

      I might add the other pic later for the hell of it πŸ™‚

      Interestingly how we view our blogs and how others view them. I tend to consider I write a load of drivel, just because I can churn out a post as easily as churning out a story. (The roughseas posts often take more time, so I’m excluding those).

      I really enjoy all your different blogs. I found places first, and because it was about Aus places, I have a soft spot for that one, especially as you post Taylors Arms pix on there. And then I like the Sydney pix you post. I like the variety of topics on words.


      • I like to think that WordPress is a wonderful I found – an alternate reality with something and someone for everyone. I will make an effort to take some TA and surrounds holiday pics during on Dec/Jan break, and post…


        • I have to say, it’s totally different to blogger. Much easier to find people – not that you need to have the same views or background or anything, just easy to find interesting blogs. There is much more engagement too, and some really interesting discussion. Well, I think people who write on my blogs are interesting anyway πŸ˜€

          I meant to say, your post about the art in your home got a lot of comments, sometimes the ‘mundaneness’ of our lives is interesting, so best not to dismiss what is everyday to us, but may be different to others.


  3. LOL, I don’t think any of our Land Rovers have ever been clean and polished enough to actually record a reflection in them πŸ˜‰

    Great photos as usual. You obviously have no fears of breaking the internet anonymity rule then πŸ™‚

    BTW totally agree with your comment above re what others find interesting. I have had a huge number of hits on odd pages like fitting a Rayburn or my DIY R/C rock crawler and they aren’t even Land Rover related when my blog is really mostly a technical Land Rover blog.

    In some ways it gets a bit demoralising when the posts about the things I’m passionate about (a cylinder head for example πŸ˜‰ ) will get fewer visits than a page I threw together in a few mins in order to post up some reference material for a friend.

    I find the stats page fascinating, not so much for the hit counts but for the terms people use to search google and for the pictures they click on. In my case the vast majority of visits to my blog come from google image searches so I need to start taking more care in my photography, something that up until now I’ve simply just pointed and clicked (I’m certainly no photographer!)


    • I’m not sure any of our Landys have ever been polished. The reflection is due to the gloss paint and the sun I guess. I don’t think I’d get quite the same pic with the Series in matt Nato Green.

      Thanks. They are all just iPhone snaps. Seems a waste to have pix stored on the comp and not use them, so these challenges that I really don’t agree with (!!) are a good way to give them an airing and maybe add a light-hearted commentary.

      Although a random selection of pix, there aren’t a lot of my face. Depends how we all want to be anonymous I guess, a name like mudforfun or roughseas, a few pix of me with or without a lot of clothes on. After all, everyone really does walk around in Spain in bikinis – even in towns!!

      Aren’t the hits on the Landy blogs fascinating? When I was on blogger, it was far and away the most successful blog I had in terms of hits. It even overtook the dogblog. But most of my hits were on the practical posts eg starter motor, glow/heater plugs, fairly basic but something we all need to know.

      I’m gutted when we replaced the bulkhead on the Series that we weren’t doing photos at the time. I could have taken some brilliant pix. I’m not saying they would have turned out brilliant but the subject matter would have been superb.

      Especially with half of the Land Rover on next door’s front lawn.

      I’ve not compared the WP landy one with the blogger landy one (still extant) so I must have a look to see how it’s going, doubt the WP will be doing as well for some reason I can’t work out.

      Most of my hits were words rather than images. Some images, but mostly the words.

      I think the issue about creating a landy blog is that if you want to be helpful and explain how to do something, the pix are essential. Even on the green shite there was a comment somewhere years ago about how pix help in showing what to do. I was going to do an article for them about changing brake shoes but forgot to take pix.

      I thought Vicky’s pix about changing her light bulb were great. It doesn’t matter how small or simple the job appears (ha! we’re talking LR here so those two words are redundant) it could well be helpful to someone.

      I don’t think the photos need to be brilliant. It’s a combination of clear, step by step instructions and some relevant pix. If only to brighten up the page.

      Since I first started the blog, when I write technical posts now, I really try and keep them as simple as possible, but also with as much relevant info as poss. Because not everyone buys the white and green bibles.

      Had to laugh last week. On my oil change post, I mentioned changing the washer that we didn’t do. When A was funnelling the dirty oil into other containers for disposal, he discovered another washer in there. Clearly when the garage replaced the oil before we took the Defender, they added an extra washer!! Still at least we have a spare.

      I’m not a photographer either. That’s why this is ‘not a photoblog’ and why I’m still looking at DSLRs and keeping my hand in my pocket.


  4. One of the main reasons I started my blog was due to the number of people asking for details on this and that and I thought the blog would be a good way of collating everything in one place. I did try using the forums for it but the information got lost amongst dozens of other posts and invariably the threads go so far off topic that it is difficult to follow. I even found that with my WIP threads. At least with the blog, the main body of the technical article stays at the top, easily found and read and the comments follow below for anybody that wants to read through them.

    Typically I’m getting about 40-60 hits per day on the blog and out of them about 80% of the visitors have found the site by using a google image search. The odd days were I get 100-200 hits I find that it is somebody that has come in on one particular search and has then gone through the archives looking at other posts.

    You are spot on regards the most popular subject matter because one of the most popular posts was about rebuilding an alternator!! As you’ll have seen, I tend to stick quite a few photos on those sort of posts as you’d be surprised how many people ask me for photos from various angles of certain components. When I take
    the search terms that people have used to find the blog and put them in google etc my blog/post will often be on the 1st page of image results but maybe 4 or 5 pages back in the text search results which I guess explains why most of my traffic comes via the photos.

    For me though the feedback via comments gives me the biggest feeling of satisfaction. It is all very well posting stuff about what we ourselves find interesting but it is really nice to find out it has been useful for somebody else, makes it all worthwhile. πŸ™‚


    • I think this merits a post on Just Landys of its own. I’ll copy and paste across later this week. Need to comment on your heater motor too but got distracted into a film going on the comp and then reading.


  5. LOL, don’t worry, Elaine and I have been watching the F1 this afternoon – best race of the year too. Sadly we were rooting for Alonso not Vettel so feeling a tad depressed about the championship but chuffed that Button won πŸ™‚

    The heater motor rebuild was actually done a couple of months back but I was looking at the blog today and suddenly realised I’d forgotten to add a post about it Doh! 😦

    I’ll blame having young children. E and I spend so much time dealing with ‘kid stuff’ that we have very little time to think about our own things. I could have sworn I’d written a post on the heater months ago but must have got distracted with yet another war between the two youngest girls…….thankfully the eldest daughter has left home so her boyfriend now has to deal with her instead of us!! πŸ˜‰


    • I used to like F1. But I also used to like boxing!! I don’t know the results so will have to look it up. I mentioned the heater motor to my partner – he changed ours over, would prob make a blog post if I take a pic πŸ˜€ Probably around year 90/91.

      Rather you than me on the children. I’ll settle for dogs.


      • LOL, funny thing is that since the Beeb decided to hand F1 over to Sky I haven’t been that interested but my wife has been watching it so I had no choice – It was the F1 or going out into the cold to wash the cars….. πŸ™‚

        The kids are great really. I hear from my parents that my sister and I also used to bicker/fight all the time so it is not unusual amongst siblings. They just require alot of time and attention. More so than you’d ever imagine before having them πŸ˜‰


  6. nice colour, DT! this is a great post for the latest challenge, too – on reflections.
    what inspired me to blog? good question. i started one many years ago somewhere that only ever had one post. don’t even know where it is anymore and i lost the password for it long ago. so there it sits. i guess the timing was wrong.
    my niece started a blog on wordpress and that encouraged me to give it another go. wordpress is definitely more user-friendly than the one i tried on the first go. what continues to inspire me? another good question. i guess i just do it. it’s fun! πŸ˜€


    • oh, i meant to say – a very original post. very fun – even though i know that one should not precede fun with ‘very’. but it was more than just fun. and your signature on the top image makes it looks like you have a fancy tattoo on your arm πŸ™‚


      • Yes, I posted too soon on reflections. I figured they would have had that one ages ago so I didn’t need to save anything for that πŸ˜€ I’m sure I can find something else.

        I think you are more accurate with your comment about it being fun (in my case I would say enjoyable and probably creative whether with words or photos) – rather than any deep inspiration hitting of all us to suddenly go forth and blog.

        I’ve also got a tattoo on my leg on the second beachwear pic πŸ˜‰


  7. Hey there my own MS Sister, just repaired my alert issues finally (she say while holding her breath) and think this is my first visit to this blog of yours.

    Your photos with each bit captioned are a great source of “getting to know you” details.
    It’s a great way to learn what speaks to you MS, You sincerely have one of the most fascinating blogs to read. I never now what I will find and that is a great read in my mind. I love to be surprised.


    • Ha you may ‘think’ you have repaired them. Until the next time …

      Thanks BB. I try and keep my blogs separate to delude myself I am organised πŸ˜€

      You summed it up well though. Even in spite of the pretence at organisation, within the individual blogs I still cover a wide range of topics, depending on mood and inspiration at the time.


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