Weekly photo challenge: Green – foliage

By: roughseasinthemed

Nov 19 2012

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Focal Length:11.759mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A mezcla of greenery. A mixture of countries and seasons too.

From left to right:

Spain, underneath the Viaducto Las Jaboneras, an incredibly high viaduct that always freaks me out. It was the site of a geocache, and we had gone to the wrong location as I had no map or driving directions, just the co-ords. The only problem was we went to the wrong side of the river.

“We’ll just walk up the river bed,” said adventurous Partner. Yes, and climb the waterfall too?? That we didn’t know was there. We went back to the Land Rover, Partner adventurously falling into a tree hole en route.

Next, the Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar. Palms, ferns and spider plants. In common with the Spanish photo, there is a fair amount of water in these pix as they were all getting an early morning shower.

As for damp, shade-loving ferns, I was pretty successful with those in the UK, and merrily propagated them every year, thus saving money and covering ground cheaply and attractively.

In Spain, my neighbour gave me a couple. He groaned when I split them into two or three to make even more luxuriant ferns. And told me how specialised it was to split spore-based plants. Pff, I thought, it worked fine in the UK.

He was right. They didn’t take of course. Each one sulked at me and slowly died the death.

The last remaining one seemed to be growing out of the bottom of a spider plant pot. I think even that one has given up the ghost now.

But, all is not lost. In the wall garden, I found a few dainty shoots of a totally different fern. I stroked it and said nice things to it and hoped it would grow. I think it even has a partner now.

I may take some photos if I can find it amidst all the other growth.

The moral of this tale, is don’t mess with plants in foreign climes.


25 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Green – foliage”

  1. Good pictures – I’m envious!


    • Sorry A. I found you lurking in the spam again. What on earth makes you end up in there all the time?!!

      Thanks. Strange they were all taken early morning, (ish) and there is such a huge contrast of light and dark.


  2. I love ferns. I always thought they’d do well in pots in my bathroom, but no such luck 😦 probably something to do with the central heating in the winter.
    I see you and P&K have hit on almost the same DT colour again, now this is more what I expected when you both got a grey tone the other day.


    • I’ve never grown them indoors. On reflection, me and indoor plants dont go too well together eg one of my bougainvillea posts. When we bought one of our houses it was full of spider plants in the bathroom, but she took them with her. Just as well, they would have been covered in dust.

      I’ll see if I can come up with a different colour to p&k next time πŸ˜‰


  3. Great foliage. I love the tropical feel of palms and ferns, and of course the intense green. We have similar ferns and spider plants at TA… we had to thin out the spider plants as they were going a bit mad, and the ferns grow like weeds. There’s been rain in the last few days so hopefully something has survived.


    • Yes, I like the tropical feel, like walking through rain forest that I mentioned in the glacier post of NZ.

      The dainty immigrant fern that I mentioned towards the end of this post has survived and seems to be thriving in our rain too, so hopefully my pix will be half decent.

      Yes, spider plants do grow with gay abandon. My neighbour gave me a new one (!!) because he thought the old ones looked past their prime. And as I don’t like throwing anything out, that means I have yet another. πŸ˜€


  4. Enjoyed your adventurous viaduct story. Sorry about the ferns 😦
    And congrats on a truly green post. I think our colours almost match! πŸ˜€


    • should also say – that is such a creative collage. you are getting to be quite a pro at them πŸ™‚


      • It was meant to be more creative! I was trying to get the three pix asymmetrically in the dark areas, but it didn’t work. I tried using different pix, and different shapes but that didn’t work either. Hence the three in a row at the top. Reminds me of the one where you had a negative style collage (although I didn’t intend to replicate it) – and wasn’t that the one where you corrected the text and DT changed the colour? πŸ˜€


        • No problem creating a negative or film effect if you like. And yes, that was the post where green became a dark charcoal grey – the story of Max the Fox. Good old DT! πŸ™‚


    • The viaduct story had a happy ending. The fall knocked his problem shoulder back, and we drove around the river by the conventional road and found the geocache. I must hop over to yours for a quick comparison.


  5. Beautiful foliage! Love how you can change the bacground colours of your theme for eery post! Now if you could only turn your thumb greener…. πŸ˜€


  6. Lovely pictures, ferns are a favourite of mine. We have quite a few growing around the wildlife pond and down the side of my workshop. They are all in shady places and as you can imagine, very damp places, as it has rained pretty much non stop for years here πŸ˜‰

    Well, OK, that may be slight exageration but this summer has been pretty wet and the only plants that have thrived have been the ferns and the hosta although that looks like it has been used as target practise after the slugs left holes all over the leaves….the slugs and snails clearly liking the conditions as much as the ferns 😦


    • Yes, the garden I used to have was east facing so the long borders were pretty shady spots. We had a pond too (frogs) but I can’t remember what was round it, must look at the old pix. I spent most of the last few mornings picking the snails out of the veg patch and throwing them in the street πŸ˜€


      • Yes, our pond attracts a fair few frogs, toads and newts but I think the best thing about the wildlife pond has been the huge numbers of dragonflies and damselflies it seems to generate. To be honest you can’t see much of the pond anymore as the reeds, lillies and bog plants have gone mad but I guess the dragonfly lavae find that nice. This year we had dozens of the larger and very impressive red dragonflies in the garden that seemed to show no fear as they happily settled on chairs and tables only inches away from my wife and I as we sat πŸ™‚


        • I don’t ever remember the dragon/damsel flies on ours. How lovely that you have your own nature reserve though.

          I loved the frogs in ours. The first time I found frogs in a house of ours was on our larder/understairs storage steps. They had obviously found it a nice cool place to lie, and there were three tiny ones so we carefully took them outside. No pond at that house, but there was a river nearby so maybe they had taken an exped!


  7. Ferns are taking over a couple of flower beds here….which might be a good thing….Molly doesn’t eat them and they withstand trampling dog feet. These are pretty hardy – take sun, cold, water or no water. Hard to argue with that.


    • I think they were more hardy in the UK than they are in Spain – or at least they tolerated by propagation better πŸ˜€ I think it also depends whether or not they are in pots or the ground. And yes, they resisted our dogs happy feet in the UK too, actually they trampled on very few plants, and I tended to put flowers in pots so I could change them around.


      • I have put some pansies and a few other plants in pots in attempt to give them a safe place to grow….Molly has only jerked a few out and pranced around the yard with them. She is slowly getting less wild – combination of age, training, and calming down as she realizes she’s staying here – we are her 4th home. Pippa – Molly has learned if she sits around other dogs, they don’t seem to be afraid she’s too wild…now she’s trying it with the tame squirrels…it’s a trick, squirrel.


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