Weekly photo challenge: Green – objects

By: roughseasinthemed

Nov 18 2012

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Our green garden chairs were one of our many rubbish bin finds when Spain was rich and people threw possessions out with gay abandon every year to buy something new.

They were a good find, as the white ones, also from the skip, eventually split due to us sitting idly around on them far too much.

Complemented in the garden by a green water butt and green watering cans.

And green plants.

Next up, green Land Rovers. How could I let a green post go by without mentioning Land Rovers?

The Series III is painted in Nato Green no less. Although the original colour was Bronze Green. I think a friend gave us the Nato Green and I do like the matt effect.

Two shots, one with the cream roof, and the other with the green canvas hoodsticks. (More about all that on Just Land Rovers).

Pippa sporting his elegant green jacket. He is too old to go out in the torrential downpours here without some sort of jacket. Don’t forget we don’t have central heating or fires. Just because he has a lot of fur doesn’t mean he doesn’t get soaking wet.

There was a choice of colours. Blue or green, maybe more. I thought blue would match his lead, or perhaps one of each? GREEN, insisted Partner firmly. To match the Land Rovers. Silly me, of course.

The Defender. This one is Belize Green. We need to acquire some of that to touch up a few rust spots as the paint warranty has now run out. Not that we would want to take it back to the main stealer again anyway. Especially when partner worked as a paint sprayer for British Leyland.

And to finish with a Gib pic. The shutters belonging to my neighbours over the road. This would have made a great header pic, but would naughty DT give me a nice colour for it? A nice highlighted green? Of course not.

You are on warning DT, I expect a nice vibrant green for my next post, I tell you.

(I even added the gallery required for the challenge 😀 – how law-abiding am I becoming?)


17 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Green – objects”

  1. DT is being especially incorrigble at the moment, isn’t it?
    But that aside, I enjoyed this post – and I learned a new word. Water butt. Am thinking that is the container for storing water which appears in the background to the left. There are also all those lovely plants throughout which add so much character to the image.
    And my favourite moment here – seeing Pippa, all ready to head out in the rain, bless him! 🙂


    • Urk, my smart phone is not a good speller. Incorrigible. Not such a smart phone after all. This also gives me the opportunity to comment on Pippa’s Land Rovers (nice and green) and add that it was a very law-abiding post indeed 😀


      • Ha! I read it as incorrigible anyway. But an extremely good adjective for naughty DT.

        Water butts, in theory, are meant for placing next to your guttering (if you have it) so that you collect lots of free rainwater for your garden. We never fitted it in the UK, and lugged it to Spain, when this year I suddenly thought we could use it on the terrace, especially as my neighbour waters my garden 🙂 It is mid background next to the red wheelbarrow. The other green (far left) is green gates, which I also did a pic of on my first compilation that I didn’t like and chucked for this version.

        Pippa’s coat matches the Series, but the second Landy matches the chairs 😉


    • By the way, just thought I would look at this post on my laptop to see the actual colour effect – and sure enough, DT’s colour provision is identical to that which was provided on the second green post over at p&k as well, even though mine is not quite as law-abiding, but I digress. In any case, what’s up with that?! Too funny!!
      And now I will stop monopolizing your comment board and allow others an opportunity to visit here as well. 😀


      • Yours is slightly more blue – I have them up together! – but would have believed it?

        I’m now convinced DT reads all our comments and is conspiring against us! Either that or it is all a load of tosh and it is one colour per day 😀

        I shall comment on your blue green post, soonish.


        • Should have added, DT did pick up exactly on the colour of the small tessellation around the edge of the wrought iron garden table, quite ingenious really, and with the recent penchant for grey posts, a relief. Note, grey is the new mustard.


          • LOL, yes it seems to be. I checked again on a side by side, now that i have been awake a bit longer, and you are right. yours is more grey – but still. both are very similar. that was just too funny. your table is also reflecting some sky which impacted the colour provision as well, i am thinking.
            just as a heads-up, i couldn’t leave well enough alone and tried once more to create a green collage for tomorrow’s post. and now i must run! 😀


            • I think it is reflecting a very grey sky! note the water on the table from the heavy rain.

              Ha! We are thinking in parallel universes. I couldn’t either and spent the best part of yesterday faffing and fiddling only to get – grey. Tried again this morning and got a stunning green but ’twill have to wait a few days now for accompanying text.


  2. So grey is the new mustard 😆 I did wonder when I looked at your pics where DT got the grey from, though there is a bit of grey with the chicken wire ( think that’s what it is) and the metal legs (or whatever they are) on the left by the terracotta pot.
    I love Pippa in his coat, a definite must with rain and old dogs.
    The landies…….I wonder how many greens land rover have…….mine is Epsom green.


    • Grey comes from the table legs, chair legs on the left, and whatever it is over the veg, maybe chicken wire, but this is blue grey. In fact possibly duck egg blue. Picking up my beautiful tessellation as I said above. I need everyone to know this. 😀

      He wore his coat tonight, but didn’t get wet 🙂 ie it didn’t rain. He’s the first dog we’ve done it with ie a coat, but such a good idea. I always used to towel the others off (him too) but a coat just saves so much.

      I’ve always had a lusting for green vehicles – when I saw my Renault 19 16v had ‘verte anglaise’ written on somewhere I was wrapped. Ah, british racing green I thought happily, and promptly decided that was my favourite car. After all, everyone knows women choose cars because of colour 🙂


  3. Ah, so much green… I love your garden, and the water butt is a fantastic idea. I enjoy wandering around people’s gardens when visiting, so this is sort of a vicarious way for me to do that. I’m also admiring of Pippa’s coat – can’t go wrong with blue but green does match the Land Rovers – good point. Does Land Rover adopt the green version of Henry Ford’s Model T motto… “People can have the Model T in any color – so long as it’s black.” ?


    • Shhhhh! I am listening to Redgum (an Australian band but maybe not hard enough for you;) ) trying to find the one about shooting the shit of people.

      I digress.

      Yes, Pippa would suit either blue or green. Land Rovers do that too. And white/cream, so they are a bit more adventurous than Henry F.

      gotta go back and try and find the redgum words that are so elusive – you might want to search?


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