Weekly photo challenge: Geometry – India

Browsing through my 27-year-old photos for a decent pic of India so I could publicise a global photo-challenge, I found this.

Perfect for those nice angles involved in geometry, I thought. The two boys making angles at either end of the boat with their poles, and the ones lashed to the mast in the centre. (poles, not boys).

I cropped it to get the heads out of the way, but then the sense of space was lost, so I restored the original.

This is the boat from Bombay to Elephanta Island (previous post). On that earlier post, I said I would add a few more photos so here they are.

This is the pier leading to the island. Note the adverts for Thums Up. At the time I was there, Coca Cola was no longer produced in India (absent from 1977-1993 after a dispute with the government about the formula) and Thums Up was the leading cola brand.

And the boats moored at the pier, with the view out to the bay and Bombay.

Now, in respect of the photo-challenge I’ve been asked to publicise, it is about India. Surprisingly.

We are hosting a Photography Challenge which is an initiative in creating a visual roadmap for India. The contest is open to people acroos the globe over the age of 18. We would really appreciate if you spread the word regarding our Challenge.

Link to India Is.
It’s a fortnightly challenge running through October and November, so there are still two series left that people can enter.

The themes are:

India is…incredible

India is…unforgettable, it stays with you

India is…wherever you are.

Because of the amount of photos, the site takes a little longer than normal to load, but then it works quickly enough and there are some gorgeous photos.

I’ll have to see if I have anything worth submitting.

I’ve called Mumbai Bombay, because that’s what it was back then


14 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Geometry – India”

  1. Ha ha, I don’t know about boys not being lashed to the mast, it does look like that man is.
    I love the last pic, good depth to it 🙂


  2. beautiful image. another country i have not yet visited. maybe someday?
    i do love the composition of that last image, as well. it is stunning, especially in the full-sized view. it seems almost 3-D, and i could imagining walking the length of the pier!


  3. Fascinating assemby of Geometry – India images. The second and third images do draw you in with their perspective and their history – to have 27 years of beautiful travel pics at your disposal…


    • Thanks, I hadn’t really thought of the other two as being geometrical but I suppose you can read that it into them. In fact the second photo looks like a T square with the pier and the restaurant and canteen on either side of it.

      And with the third one, I suppose the railings on the pier form a right angle with the surface. Perhaps one can see geometry everywhere it you look for it 😀

      There was quite a gap in the 27 years when I stopped taking photos due to the gelatin in the film processing, and digital cameras were at a very early stage back then. I wouldn’t even have known where to buy one. Plus as with anything in early days – they were horribly expensive. My camera guru Vicky will probably know more than me though.


  4. Neat shots, particularly the last one! I am quite ashamed that I don’t have good enough photos to submit to the contest!


    • Thanks! Like an idiot I forgot to raid my photo album the other day, hopefully I’ll remember before the end of the month. Or I’ll have to sift through the ones I have with me.


  5. Amazing shots. when was that taken? Mumbai stays with you forever..I love the city. Such an addiction::)


    • Thanks. Don’t know if you clicked on them, but the other two shots do enlarge.

      1985 😀 On my last few days before leaving India after touring around the north and visiting Nepal.

      The city had such a warmth to it, and not just a temperature. And to me, so exotic. Ah, Mumbai eh?


  6. It’s truly Mumbai. Wow! Ur such an avid traveller and m longing to visit Nepal. I feel Mumbai has such a vibrant soul::)


    • WAS an avid traveller. Mumbai was one of my fave places in India. I’ve fond memories of it and a good story, so I must find some other pix and write it up. Nepal was good too, totally different, and such an interesting contrast to India. Not sure if I have posted Nepal on here, if not, I will do with a couple of tales …


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