Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette (5) plumbago and olive groves

By: roughseasinthemed

Oct 28 2012

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A rare photo of me. This time posing in front of the plumbago plant behind me in the wall.

What plumbago you ask? as the only plants in the wall to be seen are the baby nispero tree (later to be chopped down as it was outgrowing its space and damaging the structure of the wall) and pelargoniums.

The plumbago is off to the right, although these days it has taken over 75% of the wall garden. It is low maintenance, colourful, survives water shortage and looks pretty for most of the year.

Plenty of pix of it scattered throughout roughseas and pippadogblog but I did post one on Everypic a while ago.

The idea was to recreate a photo of my childhood where I was sitting in front of our plumbago in our conservatory, because obviously it wouldn’t grow outside in the cold climes of Yorkshire. Rather than a huge shrub, it was trained around a stake and climbed forlornly up there from its plantpot.

I intended to send it to my mum thinking she might like the soppy reminder. If I retrieve the photo of little roughseas from the Aladdin’s Cave of my mother’s possessions, I’ll scan it in.

Meanwhile, on a fashion note, I am wearing a rather nice linen frock by Cyrillus – a French mail order company which received far too much of my money when I was working in the UK. In fact I would never have heard of them, had it not been for the woman who lived in the house before me, and who obviously subscribed to their catalogue. When it came addressed to her, I eagerly ripped it open and was henceforth addicted.

I bought two of these frocks, one in deep red, and one in khaki coffee, this looks to be the coffee one. They were sleeveless and buttoned down the front, sort of slightly mid calf length. I thought they would be perfect for my plans to buy a finca and wander elegantly through olive groves. Had I but known it, the only thing perfect for wandering anywhere in the countryside in Spain is tight trousers and boots so you don’t get bitten by everything under the sun. Still, back then, I was happily dreaming of an idyllic life with goats and chickens following me adoringly.

We had a couple of friends round for dinner one night in the last year before we left. I hate staged dinner parties, so much so that when we were having pre-dinner drinks, I even asked them if they were sure they wanted to eat!

But when I answered the door to them, Dave did say: ‘Oh, you are looking very smart and chic.’ How nice. At least the linen frock was appreciated in the suburbs of Newcastle for a dinner party, if somewhat inappropriate for olive groves in Spain.

Photo taken around 2003.

I’m not sure whether it qualifies as a silhouette, but who cares.

This one does, but I’ve used it recently on roughseas.


4 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette (5) plumbago and olive groves”

  1. It most certainly counts. I like how one thing in life leads to another. Like the catalogue addressed to your predecessor. And like my niece starting a blog which inspired me, and which led me to read a comment one morning about ‘that that’, and so on πŸ™‚
    Do you still have the frock? Dress it would be called here. And now I must run! πŸ™‚


    • I would call it a half silhouette – not like the one at the bottom which is why I included it for contrast. So although I am not black, neither am I in clear sunny view.

      Well, we do call it dress here as well, I tend to use frock as old-fashioned slang. Yes, I probably do have it. I have the deep red one here in the flat, so the coffee one must be at the finca. It/they has/have slits of the side to slightly above the knee which I must have repaired millions of times as the slit creeps ever higher.

      The dress is not quite as loose as it was more ten years ago, so it gets less of an airing these days, but I can’t quite bring myself to consign them to the clothes bank yet. Have a good day at work when you wake up – another Monday comes round again. Fortunately I suppose.


  2. I like plumbago, it reminds me of an old garden, but I’m not sure where, and your pose is very elegant & pastoral. I love the bright but subtle colours harking again to that silhouette of the past. Your dress sounds lovely… I like that you pre-planned your wardrobe for your Spanish tree-change. I’ve gotten past it, but I when I was much younger I used want to have the right outfit for the particular occasion… however I’m not sure my style/fashion sense was ever so evident that anyone noticed…


    • I love plumbago, partly because of that childhood memory. Opposite the plumago, next to the other pillar, was a pot of beautiful clematis too, purple I suspect, so another favourite.

      It’s funny how clothes do influence our behaviour. I will act like a tomboy in shorts, but put something like a longish elegant dress on, and even my behaviour changes.

      I think the fact that the photo was scanned gives it part of that strange almost dreamy effect. Or maybe that is due to my dateless expression πŸ˜€ The only sensible clothes to have pre-planned would have been trousers, boots and big pullovers for winter – but I had all those as well.

      Didn’t we all want exactly the right outfit for each occasion? And indeed, it does disappear with age – well, for me too at least. The simpler you keep your clothes, the more versatile they become I find. And probably more suitable as middle age advances all too rapidly. Whenever middle age is these days.


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