Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette (4) Scarborough

By: roughseasinthemed

Oct 27 2012

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Category: Animals, Dogs, Photography, UK, Yorkshire


Yes, I know it’s a different photo challenge but I never finished my silhouette series.

So here is the North Bay beach at Scarborough (Yorkshire UK).

Scarborough possesses two extremely fine beaches, unsurprisingly called North Bay and South Bay, and separated by the headland that includes Scarborough Castle. Which you can see both standing proudly on the promontory or reflected in the water on the beach. (I could have used this photo for a reflections one just as easily).

For us, walking to North Bay was the nearest option and included a wander through the park as well. (pix of that to follow – at some point, maybe).

Here are my two black dogs at the time, Ben the Lab, and Paddy the cross setter/lab mix (although who knows). And the person on the right is partner.

Whether or not it is technically a silhouette of the dogs is disputable, as being black they always looked like that. But I figure he is pretty silhouetted. And here is a rather more colour pic of them all, which natch, involves Ben the water-loving dog, happily playing in the sea.

But onto a more personal tack. North Bay always has a slightly spooky memory for me. I was down there one morning (no idea what I was doing), and someone came out of the sea to me, and stuck his arm round me. Wet. I thought I vaguely remembered him and then realised he was a guy who often came into the newspaper office who everyone seemed to love to bits. After all, his ex-wife did work with us.

As he was happily chatting away to me and I wasn’t impressed with this wet arm draped around me, he pointed out that he had found a body in the sea during his morning swim and the police were now taking care of it. If I had been a really intrepid reporter I would have been charging around like an idiot. I was more worried thinking not only is his arm wet, he’s just been handling a corpse! And, I’m sure it was a day off for me – so – not my job.

Far better to walk dogs on the beach.

DT note. This proved impossible to get a decent background colour however hard I tried to get a good contrast, I was always left with pale grey. Sometimes DT will NOT be manipulated. In the end the only way to make the pic look better seemed to be to give it a huge pale blue background. Any thoughts on that would be more than welcome.

I have one awful lot of draft posts from my fiddling that I need to delete 😀


8 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette (4) Scarborough”

  1. The desaturated colours and silhouette effect are timeless. I like the flicking through an old photo album and telling stories feeling in the images and post, facilitated by your human & canine subjects and the classic beach location. Not only a silhoutte of image but of space and time 🙂


    • The main pic is a bit of a snapshot in time isn’t it? Sort of suspended for that one instant. I like this pic – I like all my photos with my dogs on – but not just because of that. It’s easy to look back to the past and remember bad times, I got sick of the job there, but I do that everywhere. Looking at this photo however, reminds me of all the good times we had and what a beautiful location it was.

      As it was a scan, it wasn’t really possible to fiddle with it to any different degree so it is as taken at the time ie approx 1990.


  2. Thank you for posting this late, I’m sure those photo challenges are just stimulate posts anyway and I was getting bored with foreign images. *don’t mention they are all more exotic than my own – oh bugger I did lol*.
    Having – not – said that: to me you have covered two weeks topics in one post. Castles on cliff tops isn’t something I see well… not at all.
    Don’t worry about the background colour, I agree with EllaDee – a timeless effect. 🙂


    • I think you are right with your comment, and I play from time to time, but ignore it for weeks on end. I think the advantage or interest, is seeing what other people up and how they interpret it, so sometimes, it makes sense to join in.

      Don’t worry, I’m not planning on an exotic post. For a different and interesting interpretation read this one:


      I suppose you don’t. When you live in a place – I actually worked at the castle, needless to state on a dig 😀 – you just accept it as part of the local scenery.

      Thanks for the background comment, the pic looked sort of lost on the grey on its own which was why I gave it such a large pale blue mount. It also did tint the grey towards a slightly softer colour. The problem with using DT as a theme is that it can produce some brilliant colours:


      so then you are tempted to try and manipulate it to try and create a similar stunning effect.


  3. How lovely to be able to walk regularly on a beach with your dogs, though I don’t think I’d be too enamoured with a wet arm around me though.
    A very peaceful image. 🙂


  4. I think these are great shots! Love the background colours.


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