Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette (3) Queensway Quay

By: roughseasinthemed

Oct 22 2012

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Category: Gibraltar, Photography


Focal Length:9.817mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Five minutes walk away.

Love it. Boats, sunsets, what more to say?

Another silhouette but the houses were too rigid for me…


11 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette (3) Queensway Quay”

  1. Wow oh wow!!
    I just love that main pic. Perfect composition too, with the boat masts leading the eye into the image. 🙂


    • Thanks V.I looked at this earlier, and thought, I like this, why does no-one else? 😀

      I loved the colour, the light, the reflection. It’s totally untouched. I even left the chain in bottom right as I thought it grounded the pic.

      Even I could work out the boats drew in the eye.

      I could have cropped it but wanted to leave it ‘real’.

      I posted the other pic (which you are welcome to crit) as a contrast, same evening same place, because it looked so static, lack of comp (!) and to me, was nowhere near as good.


      • I like the symmetry of the other pic, and if it was a complete mirror image, it would be really good.
        As it isn’t a mirror image, I’d crop it into the photographic bible of thirds, just to the edge of the building reflections, and also remove the half building on the right completely.
        Only my idea though, others may think different, as what is one persons idea of great, is not always anothers.


        • I don’t like the symmetry, but I was just thinking about the building on the right too. More telepathy?

          How about we both crop and share at leisure?

          Tomorrows sil maybe dogs at Scarborough 🙂


          • Oh, come on, waiting for the dogs silhouette 🙂

            Mailed you my crop 😉


            • Sorry V, haven’t looked at computer for a few days 😦

              I’ll try and stick the dog one up sometime. I know you were a bit fast off the mark with that. I haven’t looked at it since you did, so when I do mine I won’t be influenced by yours 😉


  2. PS I love getting a wow from you 🙂


  3. I like both images. The first draws me in. I’m glad you left the chain. It provides me with a boundary, an attachment and its line/ direction also echoes the jet stream clouds. But, I also like the second image for it’s repetition in the actual houses but also the reflections, and the way they meld into the water 🙂


    • Thanks. I liked the chain too. I guess most people would have cropped it out, but it anchored it to me. I didn’t notice the clouds though!!

      The second one is ok, but it just seems flat to me, whereas as the boaty one just totally takes the eye into the pic – not that there is much to see when you get there, but the boats look nice.


  4. a poem! and to answer the rhetorical question – what more to say?
    these are moments to take one’s breath away.
    or moments of quiet wonder at the end of the day.
    never mind. too early for me to start being creative 🙂
    the photo images are great! love them both.
    on the second one, i agree with Vicki’s take about cropping out the one on the right. i also like the suggestion about the rule of thirds. that would make a great image remarkable.


    • I’ve abandoned creativity for a while so I appreciate yours 🙂

      Nice poetic reply – it rhymes! I can’t do that 😦

      I’m too lazy to faff around most of the time, although I knew I should have taken out the half a house, and yet I liked the impression of yet more houses continuing which the crop wouldn’t have done.

      I also like putting up originals so people can comment on them, because that is part of the interest in not-photo-blogs 😉

      Thanks p&k


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