Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette (2) India

Elephanta Island, off Bombay.

An extremely nice place and if I find the rest of the photos from 28 years ago I may add them.

My travelling companion at the time had run out of rupees. (The one who jumped off the train in Venice at my order without her boots on and got wet feet – if you haven’t read that post, look for Italy or Venice in a search).

So I went to Elephanta on my own, being a thrifty person, I had hung onto my rupees and had enough left to have an indulgent day out on our last day in India before our flight to Thailand.

Luckily I sent this photo to my parents, or otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered the detail.

In the foreground, the silhouettes, in the middle, two couples enjoying a walk. Women submissively walking behind.

Next to the fence are three women with golden jugs on their heads. They were asking for money if anyone wanted to take their pic. So I snuck off back and took a sneaky photo from a distance.

Notwithstanding, I loved Elephanta. Or maybe it was just the name.


7 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette (2) India”

  1. Photos that capture a moment in time eloquently have such appeal to me, and in this one does that. I feel like I could step into it and stroll along. Elephanta Island, a wonderful name.


    • Thanks ED. To me there are the three parts of the photos so distinctly defined. What I really love is the light filtering through the sari of the woman on the right.

      But the two couples capture the walk though. I figured the photo would sneak through for a silhouette theme though with the foreground characters.

      I’ve been looking for an Aus one, but my Cooma sunset landscape is really just dark blur!


  2. Oh, I so love how photos bring back memories 🙂 and how, by you adding those memories, makes what would otherwise just be a photograph to somewhere I now feel I’ve visited. 🙂


    • That’s why I can’t post a pic without a story. It doesn’t matter how good the pic is (not saying mine are) but adding the context lifts it to me. Fiddling with tomorrow’s right now. Not sure whether to do Gib or Scarborough (dogs on beach natch!).


  3. i love the name too 🙂


  4. […] is the boat from Bombay to Elephanta Island (previous post). On that earlier post, I said I would add a few more photos so here they […]


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