Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette (1)

By: roughseasinthemed

Oct 20 2012

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Category: Gibraltar, Photography


Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I confess to being sin verguenza with this one.

For non-Spanish speakers that loosely translates to shameless. As ever, we learned that from our neighbours when they were describing a resident of our village.

Shameless, as we forever after called her, lived near the beach in a half-finished, probably illegally-built house. She would steal from the supermarket and dive in the church recycling bin to retrieve cast-off clothes.

I don’t do either of those. And I don’t think my clothes that I chucked in the bin would have fitted Shameless given that she was short and fat and I am tall and slim.

We haven’t seen her for years and the last we heard of her was that she had been locked up. She was pretty loopy, but not exactly dangerous.

But I did fiddle with this picture a little. Increased the saturation and decreased the hue. Or vice versa. I’m not up on this photography thing so I invariably get my terms wrong.

This is taken outside Quattro Stagioni up at Jumpers Bastion in Gibraltar. An Italian restaurant which is normally good.

But this could have been the night when it wasn’t so good ie the night when my partner and I both left some food to be taken home in a doggy bag – for the dog, obviously – and they chucked it in the rubbish!

IDIOTS. And what was my poor starving dog going to have to accompany his dog biscuits for his breakfast, might I ask?

Or maybe it was the time when we met Penny and Ian up there. P & I were a couple who lived on a boat in Gib and who we often chatted to.

Penny was beautiful. I say that in total honesty. She had a gorgeous face, vivid green eyes (unless they were tinted contact lenses I suppose) and lovely blond hair. (Not remotely bleached unlike mine when I was her age).

Another boat resident acquaintance called her ‘The face that launched a thousand ships’. And laughed at the implicit rivalry between Penny and I. Because while she was beautiful and at least ten years younger than me, she was also fat. Very fat. So much so, that when she told us she was pregnant she launched into detail about how we wouldn’t know it because being fat it wouldn’t show.

The same boat resident said I had a far better figure. You can’t really do anything about the face you are born with but you can do something about your body. Not that I do, it’s just fluke. It’s a good thing Penny didn’t though, or she would have beaten me hands down.

Like us, they had wandered up for something to eat, so we sat together and spent hours eating, chatting, and enjoying the beautiful evening. They left Gib a while ago, sadly.

For those of you who are interested in the original photo, before I sin verguenza-ed it, here it is. A sort of paler version in my opinion. And definitely in DuoTone’s opinion as it went for a measly lemony orangey colour rather than this nice deep tone.


14 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette (1)”

  1. great fiddling! Who would know? But it is nice to be able to compare a fiddled with an unfiddled version.
    my condolences to Pippa for a missed meal.
    i was rather “sin verguenza” with my post, too. i simply added tags to the image i posted the other day. it fit the challenge, so my theory is – why fix what’s not broke? although i was originally planning to post something else that i saw while wandering along the beach earlier today. but since the challenge is on, it will keep for another post, another time, so that the challenge image is readily found. besides, am still enjoying the time here at the west coast of Vancouver Island. so more posts to come when i get home again….


    • You’re on holiday! AGAIN!!


      • actually, am still on the same vacation 🙂
        for the post ‘finding myself here again’, it was quite a literal title 🙂 but the hours are ticking down…. it is so lovely to be here on Vancouver Island’s west coast! at the same time, once regular routines kick in at home, that’s always good, too. will send an email once i am back!


        • Don’t mail me before I mail you – my mail box is full and I need to clear it out! Or mail to roughseas.


          • no mail sent, no worries 🙂
            got home ok, back to regular routines once again.
            actually came here looking for some pits, as in silhouette #2. but no pressure.
            they’ll be here when they get here, and not before, and all is well.
            have a great start to your new week! (weeks still start on sundays in this corner of the planet.)


            • Nah, the pits are over on Clouds sans pics.

              My week has always started on a Monday, I thought the Sunday innovation was recent, after all it is part of the weekend is it not?

              Must add another silhouette today though.


  2. Clever – I’ve learned a new trick. Now to perfect it and hide the evidence… Thanks!


    • It wasn’t meant as a tip, I was just being honest about fiddling. I guess it depends which pic the viewer prefers. While I think the original was ok, I prefer the intensity of the fiddled pic. (Note my technical terms here).

      And thank you for the comment and the visit.


  3. It’s worth viewing your challenge entries if only for the post if not the image… A bit of shamelessness never hurt anyone from time to time, but it’s better to confess than be caught out 🙂


    • LOL! Thanks ED. That’s also why this is titled not a photoblog. While I like taking piccies – as you do – I’m not pretentious enough to think they are brilliant. What I can do, is make a nothing in particular photo come alive with a story. Unless it’s a donkey of course, because they can stand on their own four feet.

      I thought the fiddle was interesting and worth describing. Leanne does some interesting before and afters too. I think we can all learn from what someone else has done, and I always like to hear whether or not people think it is an improvement, or no better.

      There are a couple of other pix on here that have received a fiddle and I have always said so as I don’t normally bother. In this case, I like the intensity of the red.


  4. Oh, as much as I like your fiddled version, I do prefer the subtle hues of the original, but that could be down to my preference for more yellowy reds.


  5. Beautiful.I miss being able to play with my images. I lost my Photoshop program when my old computer decided to stop. Well didn’t loose it – it just was one of the originals and Windows 7 doesn’t like it. Love what you did here. 🙂


    • Thanks J. I rarely play and don’t have photoshop, but I wanted to boost the contrast here. I just use the free software that came with my canon powershot. Does enough for my limited talents.


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