Travel theme: Animals

By: roughseasinthemed

Oct 08 2012


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This post is for Vicky, EllaDee , and Barefoot Baroness who all had the courage and empathy to comment on my non-fluffy animal post over on Clouds.

Three very different and very strong women from three very different parts of the globe.

Onto the fluffy animal post as part of the animal linky thing – just to show I can do fluffy posts as well as cruelty exposures.

But isn’t this the most darling donkey ever?

We used to walk past and cycle past – this was a cycle trip because of the gloves – on the old railway line into town. We would take carrots, and apples from next door. We would feed Greedy One too. He was a huge black horse with massive teeth who couldn’t distinguish between carrots and fingers. When Hal had an averΓ­a (breakdown) I lost my pix of Greedy One. Sadly.

This lovely donkey however, had such a velvety mouth and always took any food so gently. I think the Spaniards thought we were absolutely totally off the wall feeding someone else’s animals.

No idea what happened to him, but at least he was never abused.

ETA: Two other brave and strong women also commented on my other post.

The Wanderlust Gene



As my pal at DOG Sharon would say,The Future is Female. Well, it should be anyway.

24 comments on “Travel theme: Animals”

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  2. Awww heΒ΄s cute πŸ™‚


  3. Such gentle animals, and often so abused because of this gentleness and willingness to please.
    So lovely to see a happy one πŸ™‚ there are far too many abused ones around 😦


    • I love them, I really do. They haven’t a bad bone in their body unlike the rest of us 😦

      I could never get over his soft velvety gentle touch, unlike Greedy One. He would wander over and hopefully wait for treats when he realised it was the carrot-bearing foreigners πŸ˜€


  4. I promise to never attempt to deny you a cute animal pic opportunity ever again. I should have known better πŸ™‚


    • Isn’t he just gorgeous πŸ™‚


      • I have a beautiful memory of a rescue donkey now living on my grandparents’ farm who had a great big bite into a difficult aunt’s shoulder during a visit. My affection for donkeys, and appreciation of donkey-sense quadrupled that fine day πŸ™‚ Your donkey just melts my heart.


        • Haha!! We adored him.. He would always wander over to come and see us for his treats (as did Greedy One of the HUGE teeth). I don’t kid myself he loved us, just the carrots and occasional apples.

          One day, it was all enclosed so we couldn’t feed him any more, and then he disappeared. So I love this pic and this memory.


  5. What a sweetheart!
    Use to feed my local horses in Oxford but Donkeys are my fav.
    And a ‘fluffy’ post is OK.
    I struggle re some of your others as not an interlectual friend – hey, I still post on blogger!


    • I really don’t care whether people are intellectual or not. Comments are always welcome, especially for people who first found Pippa so many years ago πŸ™‚

      Donkeys are so gentle, especially compared with horses. In fact, they take food exactly like Pippa, so gently and despite their huge mouths and big teeth, not a hint of grabbing.


  6. sweet! πŸ™‚


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  9. Oh heavens, what a face, such a sweetie pie. Makes my heart bleed even more for the little donkey Pasado I mentioned in my last response. x


    • I was looking for some totally different (and boring) photos in my iPhone library and found some different donkey pix so must get around to posting those up too.

      Thanks for checking out the pic. I must have taken it with one hand while feeding him with the other!!

      I think all donkeys are beautiful. What sweet souls they have.


  10. I’ve never met a donkey up close and personal, but I’d love to! I guess their noses are just as soft and velvety as horses… They’re always so careful when they take something from your hand ..I love that feeling!


    • I think donkeys are much more gentle than horses. I have no doubt that black horse Greedy One whose pix disappeared with my logicboard crash (as above) would have merrily crunched figures as happily as he did apples and carrots. But donkeys – I never worry about them πŸ™‚


  11. I want to be able like this and some other stuff on your blog….why no “like” buttons?


    • Hi Mark

      Thanks for the visit. I took ‘like’ buttons off this and all my other blogs (except for the dog blog – I haven’t got round to that yet) because I think they are pretty meaningless really. There are some genuine ‘likes’ but I get racked off with the ones who hit on it as soon as a post goes up on ‘Reader’ without even looking.

      And, I’ve worked hard at establishing a readership (primarily on roughseas and clouds which I’m taking a break from right now) but some of those readers visit here too, and appreciate the people who take time to comment.

      Understand you wanting to ‘like’ – and thank you for that.


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