Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting moment

By: roughseasinthemed

Jul 03 2012

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Focal Length:15.783mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Water dogs

Our first dog was a labrador. It goes without saying that he loved the sea, and any water he could bound into, happily swimming as though he was aiming for Labrador.

The next dog – cross setter/spaniel/lab/who knows what – was the total opposite and would only go in the water with me, which he finally did in the lovely warm waters off the Hebrides (I joke not), Jura if I remember correctly.

Our GSD, although not wanting to swim to Labrador, was quite happy to go in the water.

In the UK, we often took the two or three of them up to the beautiful Northumbrian beaches, primarily Druridge Bay, a beautiful stretch of golden sand.

Letting them off the lead, the lab would come back if he wanted, ie if there was nothing more interesting to discover, the cross whatever would only come back for me, and naturally the GSD, being a well-behaved sort of dog, would invariably come back for both of us. Which is why we tended to go when the beach was quiet/empty. The last thing dog owners want is a spat between half a dozen dogs all careering madly around the beach.

Normally, dog people like beaches because they are away from roads, there are long stretches of beach for the dogs to run, and you can see them. It’s bad news letting dogs out of your sight. One of my friends took her dogs to the same area, lost sight of her dog – a beautiful red setter, and she (the dog) was later found killed in a traffic accident. This responsible (??) woman is now breeding dogs. Let’s hope she learned something from that sad incident.

Of course there are also the irresponsible people who leave their rubbish behind them, including fisherpeople. It’s well-known (I think) that swans have problems with fishing line and hooks – and so do dogs.

Wandering around one of the beaches on the North Yorkshire coast, our labrador was happily sniffing, no doubt looking for food because labradors are greedy dogs, and he got a fish hook in his mouth. Not just a single hook, but one of those double-barbed ones, shaped a bit like an anchor I guess. How to get that out? If you pull one way, you embed the other end in deeper. 😦

I freaked. Fortunately a wonderful young woman walked up, offered to hold the mouth open of a strange dog, while Partner successfully fished it out. To this day I don’t know how he managed it. Thank you young woman (who won’t be quite so young now) wherever you are.

We used to take our current dog to the beach in Spain, but as he’d spent however long on the street looking for food, he tended to exhibit labrador syndrome and would look for food on the beach. When he was about to eat a dead seagull for a mid-morning snack, we decided to call a halt to letting him scavenge around the beach off the lead.

The beach here at Rosia is really pretty and tiny. It’s also enclosed, and the only way to get to it is across the narrow walkway where these two dogs are playing, so it’s a popular place with dog walkers.

On Sunday, there were nearly as many dogs as people, and all the dogs were playing happily together. What a shame people don’t do that.

Photo notes:

So it’s not a fleeting moment on the street. But rules are meant to be bent and broken and we all like to interpret words differently. Fleeting moment does serve as a title for the happiness and playfulness of the dogs.

Here’s the top image again in black and white, which I think works quite well.


7 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting moment”

  1. I think that’s a lovely fleeting moment on the beach:) And I love the visions I have of your lab setting off for any place across the seas:)


    • Thanks, that dog was so cute with his toy in his mouth. He never dropped it all the time we were there. He was really friendly and he had obviously been in the sea so I wondered if he had taken the toy swimming too!!

      Our lab had a built-in water homing detector and could smile a dirty puddle from miles off, let alone sea and rivers. He loved it.


  2. Oh, a dream made in heaven is walking along a golden sandy beach, with a dog.
    I love watching dogs playing, and those pics ar wonderful.
    People do annoy me with what they discard, without a care of the consequences, it doesn’t have to be inedible to cause a problem either.


    • An empty golden sandy beach 🙂 with more than one dog 🙂 Thanks V. The dogs were wonderful, I think, so just a couple of nice happy pix.

      It was disappointing how much rubbish was on the beach at Rosia 😦 On the other post over on roughseas where Pippa is standing and A is sitting on the wall, there were a load of cans just left kicking around. (It’s a popular spot for people to meet up, especially in the evening). AND – there was a rubbish bin not five yards away. OK, it wasn’t a recycler (although we found one of those near too later) but why not put your rubbish in the bin or stick it in a bag to take home/to a can bank?

      And – most unlike me – what about kids wanting to run around barefoot on the beach? I could go on but I won’t 😀


  3. love the mood of that top image – with the dogs at play, and the reflections of the sky and sunlight on the water. black & white works well for that same mood, too. however i prefer it in colour for the added richness to the water. IMNASHO, it goes without saying 🙂


    • Thanks p&k – the water does look beautiful does it not? The dogs obviously thought it looked inviting anyway. I thought b&w would be interesting as it was meant to be linked with street photog which often ends up in b&w, but like you, I prefer the colour photo, the dogs look richer – and the greeny coloured ball stands out nicely.


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