Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting moment

By: roughseasinthemed

Jul 02 2012

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Category: Gibraltar, Photography


Focal Length:23.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Sunday morning. Peaceful, tranquil, quiet, relaxing.

Except everywhere I looked there were people running all over the place. Don’t they know how to chill out?

We were waiting to meet our friends for a nice leisurely walk and I was amazed at the amount of people running.

I don’t know why I was surprised. My neighbour will soon be 60 and he still runs all around and up and down the Rock, and in the forests in Spain.

At school we were all encouraged to enter the 800 metre race on sports day. I think I did it once. I decided to stick to high jump and long jump after that.

I liked cross country running though. Which means, I liked opting for that instead of hockey, and walking around the pleasant country paths like most of the other skivers.

And apart from that, the only thing that has ever motivated me to run is – a bus. I used to be able to run for a bus. These days, what the hell. There will be another one in 15 or 20 minutes. I am no longer fleet of foot, if I ever was.

But to all you fit runners, go for it. Gib is full of people who run for some reason that I haven’t worked out. Maybe because it is a nice place to run? Who knows.

Photo notes:

I was living in hopes of at least getting the two runners going in opposite directions in the same pic. For some total reason of camera fluke I got them exactly passing each other. Definitely a fleeting moment given my camera skills.

And here is the same guy again on his way uphill, taking a quick breather before he moves up a gear. Maybe looking a bit ragged up Ragged Staff Road. Doesn’t want to be outdone by a woman? Even if she was going downhill πŸ˜‰



10 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting moment”

  1. Great interpretation!


  2. Running for a bus!, LOL that made me laugh, it’s about the only sort of running I do too


  3. Great name for a road. Long jump, triple jump and high jump were my events of choice. Little running and lots of rest. For some reason my lengths were short and my heights were low. Decided football/soccer was more to my liking. A foreign exchange student, Ulf Henke?, brought the sport to our high school about 1963. The “sport” had club status only at the time.


    • There is some nice history about Ragged Staff and the origin of the name – to do with loading casks of water, but it merits its own post for later. I was better at high than long, but I didn’t like hitting the nasty metal bar so I lost interest. Athletics was so not me.


  4. don’t know how many buses i have made a run for, LOL. πŸ™‚


    • Thing of the past for me 😦 my legs don’t know how to run any more. Not that they ever did, they just found a spurt of inspiration whenever there was a bus that might be missed.


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