Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting moment

By: roughseasinthemed

Jul 01 2012

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Old man talking merrily away. But to who?

This little girl in the seat next to him? She doesn’t look too interested in what he has to say. Neither does the young guy next to her.

The reason I was snapping merrily away on the bus was because of these two selfish youngish men. Not that young, but certainly younger than me.

They got on the bus and took the first two seats, which not only are the easiest ones to get into when you have shopping, there is also a handy space at the seat level to put your shopping.

The one next to the little girl was messing around with his ‘phone and had a small personal bag. The other one, who clearly didn’t like being photographed, had one small Morrison’s shopping bag.

Meanwhile one middle-aged woman – me – with TWO FULL shopping bags has to stagger down the bus and put bags on seat or on the floor, hoping nothing falls out. All the oldies had to walk down the bus and grab the first available seats too.

I couldn’t believe that two seemingly fit and able young men took the first two available seats without any consideration for other passengers (especially ME) on the bus.

As we all have to show our ID cards to get free travel I think they should introduce a new rule and a demarcation area on the bus. All people under 50 to the back half of the bus.

The first low level seats are reserved for elderly/disabled which is fair enough, and I’m not claiming to be quite there yet. But that also means that I need to stagger even further back down the bus with my two bags of shopping – and then have to get past all the people standing up when I want to get off.

So selfish young men. Think about everyone else on the bus, especially those of us who are at least 20 years older than you, and clear off down the back of the bus instead of grabbing the first two seats.

Here is the old man again in black and white. I like this image better, but I didn’t feel like DuoTone’s miserable grey/white colours, so used the colour one as feature pic.


13 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Fleeting moment”

  1. Most polite people that I have recently come across were young men in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow who would always give up their seat to a woman or an elderly person. Have you had any problems with Reader? It seems a lot of people have.


    • It tends to be adults who give up their seats here! for someone older and/or more infirm. They tend to all jump up for someone who needs a seat, a bit like a blind guy who got on the bus the other day and there was a game of musical chairs as everyone moved round.

      Reader is crap at the moment. They should have left it exactly as it was. It doesn’t come up with half the blogs I follow, and I have to refresh the page two or three times to get a half-hearted list. Talk about if it aint broke….. And I won’t even start my topics rant, I’ve not looked at it since this so-called improvement. ha-ti-ha.


  2. The worst this way are the school kids and their bags, they’ll hog all the seating, and leave their bags in the aisles, ready to be tripped over.
    Young men/girls on the other hand all seem to prefer the seats at the back.
    The old man, lost in his own world, definitely looks better in B/W


    • I always went for the back seat. Hockey bags were a bit difficult to manoeuvre I have to say. The kids can’t leave their bags in the aisles here fortunately as there are often people standing. They do hog the seats though – sometimes – a mixed bag, so to speak šŸ˜€

      I liked the B&W but I don’t have any decent blog backgrounds for B&W. I think DT should just give any B&W pix a black background. I tried framing it in colours with a wide frame but no, wasn’t having a bar of it. Bad DT.


  3. And actually the firsts sits are normally reserved for old people, prgnant women or people with some dissability. Wasnt in that bus?


    • The very first ones are not because there is a step up to sit on them so maybe difficult to negotiate. The first ‘normal’ seats, where the old man is, are for elderly and disabled people. There is also an area for people with wheelchairs and pushchairs which is on the right in the third picture, you can just see a pushchair there.

      For older people (like me!!) who are not disabled, and who have shopping bags, those very first seats are popular. When I don’t have shopping I walk down the bus and leave all the front seats for people who need them.


  4. The old man looks to me like he may be having a mobile phone conversation, using one of those ear piece things in the ear one cannot see. I remember being worried by what seemed to be the sudden increase in mentally ill people locally talking loudly to themselves, until I caught up with this ear piece bluetooth technology.


    • !! That’s an interesting insight. I thought he was talking to the kid. But you are right, if he had a piece in the other ear…. Or as you say, even in the one visible, with an invisible piece. Ah technology.

      In fact as I had started taking pix of the two rude men I thought I might as well snap the rest of the bus šŸ˜€ so that’s why he appeared.


      • Re your bus travel posts….I drove a double decker for the Newcastle PTE for about 5 years and found that generally the school children were the best at making sure all the elderly passengers had seats, probably because this sort of etiquette and good manners was taught at school ( at least to me and my family it was) It’s a different matter when the bus has only school children as passengers, as when I was about to leave a stop at the start of a run down to school. I checked my driving mirror and was startled to see a tongue of flame falling from the upper deck’s open window. I got out to see that the fiery object was a box of matches ( the large household type) which was lodged on top of the Bus’s Diesel Filler cap and blazing away quite merrily. I removed this potential killer booby trap and took it and the bus load of children to the local police station, trooped them all in and waited til the Police sergeant passed around some vivid photographs of burnt children . One could say that lessons were learned that day!


        • Great tale there. But seriously dangerous!! Good on you for carting off to the police station too. Some of the schoolkids here a bit thoughtless but they are kids – no excuse for adults being thoughtless.


  5. wow, you are very courageous to snap images in public like that. although i must admit i tried to snap a self-portrait, sitting on a bus, with the snow falling behind me. i had to hold out my arm and face the camera at me, hoping it was focussed. i think i may have tried it with and without flash. a few takes, in any case. none of them worked, but as i was snapping away, i briefly thought what the other passengers must have been thinking, and realizing that i wasn’t bothered by that a bit. in fact, i had to think that is one good thing about getting older – not much embarrasses you anymore šŸ˜€


    • forgot to say – i do like that portrait of the talking man on the bus. a great mood šŸ™‚


      • Thanks, he came out nicely with his expression. I’m not into people pix but older ones do make great portraits if you can get them right. Kids sometimes – like the one you have used a few times. I can’t remember if I was using the ‘phone or the camera actually. I was pathetically pretending just to be taking general pix and out of the window too…. I don’t think we have the same problems in Gib and Spain that there are in North America and the UK about public photography though.


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