Glad to be alive

By: roughseasinthemed

Jun 28 2012

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Category: Flowers, Gardens, Gibraltar, Photography


Focal Length:15.783mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Gladioli have long been another favourite flower of mine. I love their tall elegance and their distinctive sculpted shape.

I guess my father must have liked them too, because I’m sure one year we had a whole bed of them (can’t have been cheap) – but you know you are getting old when you aren’t quite sure whether we did have them or not….

But I always thought they were a late summer flower, I certainly don’t remember any around my birthday in the past (more memory failures?) so it was a real surprise to stumble across these beauties in the Alameda gardens yesterday.

And when we bought our first house, I was delighted to discover that suddenly, gladioli started to shoot up in the front garden. What an added bonus. The garden was the size of a handkerchief but at least there were gladioli. How wonderful. That was my only garden with gladioli, I never planted any in my subsequent gardens. Too busy growing veg.

DuoTone note:
I’d anticipated a bland grey, hoped for deep red (fine chance) so was surprised with the light green picking up the highlight colour of the stems. It could have been worse 😀


11 comments on “Glad to be alive”

  1. Glads are some of my favorites too. The leaves have only just begun to appear so it will be a while before we see any flowers. Beautiful picture!


    • The velvety red just had me flipped!! Typical of gladioli though, you get the ones that haven’t come out, and the ones that have already bloomed and sighed. You have to go with what’s there, but still I liked them, and thanks.


  2. Nice picture – good shade of red. Not one of my favourites however, I don’t like the way the blooms fade and look untidy. I prefer smaller dainty flowers – forget-me-not are my absolute favourite!


    • Thanks. I do agree with your comment about the untidy bits, but I love the ones that are still in bloom so for me they balance out. And I’m always waiting for the top ones on the stem to come into flower – except they never do!

      By and large (!!) I like big flowers, I love the exoticness of them. Or like, these, the lilies, the hibiscus, the amazing shape, just perfect. Or with poppies and bougainvillea the papery texture. All flowers have something to offer I guess.

      As for smaller ones, my faves are probably crocuses and snowdrops. Not too many of those around here though 😀


  3. Wow, I love that pic, the texture and colour of the stonework and bark, are perfect for the contrasting flower.
    Top marks 🙂


    • Thanks V. Even I noticed the texture! but only once it came up on the computer 😀

      Speaking of texture, I love the way the glad petals look so velvety. I did wonder what it would look like in b&w but it fell totally flat. Not just that you need the intensity of the red, but even the stonework and bark lost out. I guess you would need to b&w those and redden the flower – which is all beyond my skills and patience.

      Anyway, thanks teacher, top marks are always welcome.


  4. […] liked it too, as I got a much better background this way. The original was a pale green, I’d been hoping for exactly this shade of deep […]


  5. i remember glads in a neighbour’s garden….. beautiful. and DT – hmmmm. at least it wasn’t mustard 😀


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