Postcard from South Georgia

Hidden in between the bills and more bills was a postcard.

Now, in these internet days, few people write to each other. They certainly don’t write to me, so I was entranced to find a real gem in the postbox.

Being impatient, I hardly glanced at the pic, and turned it over to see who had been so kind and thoughtful.

Ah, it was our pal Andy, who of late has spent most of his time gadding around the very deepest south, ie Antarctica.

He was a Newcastle lad, who often worked say, around an hour away from home in either Middlesborough or Cumbria, but had never lived away from home.

One day, after we had left the UK, we got a letter from him.

‘I was sitting in dreary wet Middlesborough and thought I would have a change,’ or words to that effect.

So he upped and offed to Bosnia where he was employed as a civilian electrician at one of the peacekeeping camps. Drank lots of decent beer, learned Croatian, and managed a few expeditions too.

Next, he rang us up (in Spain) and said he was off somewhere colder. Very cold. We were totally confused when he said it was further south than we were – surely it would be hotter?

But no, he’d got a prestigious job with the British Antarctic Survey and was going out there for 18 months.

He kept in touch with us – and other friends – with an email every now and again, and often included some superb penguin photos.

On his way back to the UK, he stopped off in Chile, he’d learned Spanish at this point, and then in Madrid, he took a flight down to Málaga to come and see us.

We were busy cleaning the little house out for his stay quite early in the morning, when there was a knock on the door. There he was. I suppose we shouldn’t have been surprised that someone who goes to Bosnia, then the Antarctic, travels around Chile, learns Croatian and Spanish, would have been able to find our house without any problem.

And the postcard? Sealing vessels Albatros and Dias at Grytviken, South Georgia, where he’s now working.

As not many people get postcards from South Georgia I thought it was well worth a post.

Photograph by Jennifer Lawson.

Love the stamp.


8 comments on “Postcard from South Georgia”

  1. What an interesting life your friend has had! Where to next, I wonder?


  2. […] loads. Wiki, Bloomberg, BBC, ALJAZEERA, and more. Postcard from South Georgia – part of the disputed territory. (Not disputed by the Islanders or the UK) Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailTumblrLike this:Like3 […]


  3. How lovely is that 🙂
    When I first read your post, I thought you were talking about the past, and you’d found it amongst some old bills, but no!, I see from the postmark it’s a recent delivery. Which makes it even nicer. As you say, postcards are a thing of the past, sadly 😦


    • Took a while to arrive though!

      Postcards are nice, but not for the sake of it, needs to be a surprise like that was.

      Was thinking about you earlier and wondering when you would reappear on the tinties – and – here you are 🙂


  4. Mmmm. Nice Chinstrap on the stamp. Shackleton’s grave is out of shot to the right. What a small world. Is that Eva Peron above the chinny’s bill? 😉


    • ha, even you are falling for the penguins 😀

      I really liked this postcard. Andy didn’t mention the grave, just that he was having a good time!

      I think it is probably Cristina Kirchner in her dreams 🙂


    • Forgot to add, Gibraltar is the only place outside the UK that has been allowed to use the queen’s image on bank notes. * smirk * well not that it is relevant to Hong Kong any more.


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