Water, water everywhere…

By: roughseasinthemed

Jun 08 2012

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Category: Gibraltar, Life, Photography


Most of the Jubilee flotilla we saw from the 5th battery at the top of Rosia bay, but we decided to walk down to the bay for the last few boats.

How peaceful it was. How quiet and tranquil. How inviting it looked.

I gazed at the clear water and was fascinated to watch it gently lapping against the rocks. I could have stayed there all day. Well, if someone had brought me food and drink.

We obviously stayed there too long as my partner had a somewhat red head the next day. That will teach him for scalping himself shaving his hair so closely.

More pix of Rosia on roughseas when I get around to it.


13 comments on “Water, water everywhere…”

    • Thanks. The water was so clear, I was mesmerised!! We were meant to be looking at the last of the boats, and I was gazing at the beautiful water and the shapes of the rocks.


  1. oh wow, this is gorgeous. not just from a composition perspective, but the place itself – the colour of the water, the waves. i can almost hear them slapping against the rocks. i could imagine spending time here quite happily, too – with a hat on, i suspect. a real feast for the eyes πŸ™‚
    i really don’t have time to be here, but i got email notification of your post and simply couldn’t resist πŸ˜€


  2. I know exactly what you mean, I can sit staring out to sea quite easily too.
    Your pic is so alive, I feel I could reach out and touch those rocks. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks V, as from p&k above, always appreciate a compliment from you. The light hit the rocks and water right I guess. The water was soooo soooo clear and just lapping away. I’m pleased the pic got half way there to conveying the feeling. (may sneak up there again to sit and gaze)


  3. […] my favourite photo of the day got its own post over on my not-a-photogblog – everypicture. Share this:TwitterFacebookMoreLike this:Like18 bloggers like this post. This entry was posted in […]


  4. […] wandered in the other direction where I had taken a pic of tranquil water a month ago when we watched the flotilla. Same place, same rocks. Not quite so tranquil today. But equally […]


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