Weekly photo challenge: today (7) – last one!!

By: roughseasinthemed

Jun 07 2012

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Focal Length:11.759mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The deep reds of hibiscus are beautiful and my favourite, although it comes in other colours (for a later post).

Unlike nasty vicious bougainvillea with its horrid thorns and beautiful blooms – technically it is the small white flower in the centre that is the blossom – the pink bits are bracts (whatever they may be), hibiscus is much easier to care for, ie prune.

And although bougainvillea is often called the paper flower because of the pink (and other coloured) bracts, hibiscus reminds me of paper too. Crepe paper perhaps?

In common with the day lily, hibiscus flowers only last a day, luckily, a plant can have many blooms at once.

Unlike Lily and Violet though, I’ve never heard of anyone being called Hibiscus. I’m sure someone, somewhere, will have decided it is a delightful name and inflicted it on their offspring.

It was another one of those plants that never worked for me in the UK. The first one I had in Spain was wonderful.

‘Oh that’s exactly where my sister had one,’ said Adelina when I potted it up and put it on the terrace in the sun. It died when I didn’t get back to water it enough in a hot Spanish summer (ok, so all Spanish summers are hot).

The next one was put in a different position. So far, so good. Although while José dutifully waters my roses – which don’t need it – he doesn’t seem so keen on watering my hibiscus.

Here is mine, from an earlier post. Definitely not part of the today concept.

This is the last in the today series. I wonder if WordPress will come up with a ‘this week’ challenge next??


5 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: today (7) – last one!!”

  1. Beautiful indeed. A plant I have never attempted to grow.
    Had to laugh at the thought of the possible name, ‘Hibiscus’. Too funny. Never would have come up with that idea! 🙂
    Learned something new – didn’t know they only bloomed one day. Thanks for the info.
    DT proved to be not predictable – am surprised at DT’s colour choice here, but it works very well.
      And that’s it for today and for the next few weeks. Looking forward to catching up later. Do take care!


    • Actually you don’t need to do anything with it (not that you need to do anything with any plants/flowers) – it’s all about conditions, like your stargazer comment, sun/shade, and the right amount of water.

      I am warming to Hibiscus as a name, Hib or Cus for short perhaps? It sounds quite distinctive and dignified. It would need the right surname though. Hibiscus Smith or Jones doesn’t do it.

      Not sure of the exact amount of hours although no doubt a YMMG search would deliver that info. Unless you actually have the plant, it’s not obvious because of the prolific amount of blooms each one makes.

      I like the green on this one. I had another photo (different colour, the one for later) but I thought the green really helped put the bright red of the flower into prominence. The light is interesting too, reminded me of your ‘sun’ photos. Makes a fascinating difference.

      Catch you whenever. An email will be on its way shortly.


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