Weekly photo challenge: today (5) – salvia

By: roughseasinthemed

Jun 05 2012

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Category: Childhood, Flowers, Gardens, Photography


Focal Length:7.889mm
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I love the bright cheery colour of salvia and their interesting form.

As a kid it was one of the bedding plants that my father liked. Not sure whether my mother did but she never went to buy the plants.

One day, when the weather started warming up and it was time to plant out, we would jump in the Rover and go to that most exciting of all places, the nursery.

Interesting name really, I suppose they are young plants growing up, so nursery is appropriate. There were no garden centres in the 1960s. Or if there were, they didn’t exist in our neck of the woods.

I loved the nursery. It was a 15 minute or so drive there, which made it fun too, not too long, but not too short. Just enough to be an adventure.

When we arrived, my father would buy absolutely loads of plants because we had a lot of display beds at our house. Salvia, the pansies/violets of the previous post, mesembrianthemums, antirrhinums, geraniums/pelargoniums for the display pots, and sometimes for the beds too, stocks (preferably double ones), lobelia, alyssum, petunias .. and on went the list. We didn’t have the same plants every year though. He liked to ring the changes, so when we arrived home with a car full of flowers, my mother never knew what we would bring.

And then, we would spend all day planting out until the garden was a riot of colour.

With which I need to find an old photo to scan, although it will have to wait for the end of the today theme.


6 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: today (5) – salvia”

  1. Nice story and I am impressed by your extensive horticultural knowledge! I planted some salvias in the garden yesterday!


  2. That sound exactly like the same thing my parents did, though it was mums who was the flower fanatic, still is.
    There was also a nursery just up the road, where she’d walk to for even more flowers.
    I’m surprised I have such a lack of knowledge of plants.


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