Weekly photo challenge: today (2) – The Dell

By: roughseasinthemed

Jun 02 2012

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Category: Flowers, Gardens, Gibraltar, Photography, Travel


Focal Length:9.817mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The Dell is a magical spot within the Alameda Gardens.

It’s an almost subterranean nook, or a sunken garden, or however else you want to describe it.

You look down on it from the bridge, but, it’s not open to the public. Maybe that’s why it’s so magical – a secret garden that you can’t enter. Only to be looked at from afar.

You can get married there however, and in summer it’s pretty popular as the setting for that supposedly magical day. Whether the rest of married life together is magical is another matter…..

The other way to get into The Dell is to join the free monthly tours, run on Saturday mornings at 10.30am. The next one is on Saturday 9th June, and the dates for the rest of the year are:

Saturday 7th July

Saturday 22nd September

Saturday 13th October

Saturday 10th November

Saturday 8th December

Otherwise, you can gaze down from the bridge at the huge fish, swimming peacefully in their small pond.

Or look up at the roof of the bridge, shaded by the mass of roots from … actually I have no idea what roots they are. Must look next time.

The bridge with its roof of gnarled roots has its own magical quality.

9 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: today (2) – The Dell”

  1. this is quite amazing – especially those gnarled roots overhead.
    i wonder too, what kind of plant has roots which are ok to be suspended in the air like that without having to be settled in the soil to retain moisture. if you find out, then do feel free to keep us posted!


  2. I looked at your top pic and thought that looks like tree roots, then read further, and found they are.
    I find it amazing that they are all intertwined amongst themselves, and not trying to grow downwards to find earth.


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