Weekly photo challenge: Summer

We are summer babes. Literally, although very early summer babes.

With birthdays on consecutive days at the end of June we just snuck into summer.

And for the last twenty however many years it is, we’ve celebrated birthweekends, birthweeks, usually by taking our holidays around The Birthdays.

The official start of summer, Midsummer’s Day, and our birthdays, all happily aligned by the stars. Or something.

In Spain, the big June celebration is DΓ­a de San Juan on June 24, and being Spain, natch, they start the night before.

It also signals the start of the lengthy school holidays which in our part of AndalucΓ­a go on until mid September.

And in our pueblo, the local feria (fair) arrives.

We do our best to avoid that. It’s basically three nights of non-stop music – right through the night.

This photo was taken nearly three years ago when we spent a wonderful week at the finca. It was actually my 50th. Most people have parties, or go out, or do something special and get lots of expensive presents. Me, I went geocaching on my birthday and got a first-to-find, painted the outside of the finca, and ate on our terrace at night in the balmy Spanish summer.

Original post about our holiday here.

We’ve already started arguing discussing what to do for the birthdays this year. Not that we have come to any conclusion.

I doubt it will be anything extravagant – but who needs that when we live in a beautiful place, and life and summer are just to be enjoyed?

The excessive amount of black in the night-time photo of the roses meant that dear DuoTone insisted on – yes – that adorable mustard background. Hence the fiddling with the photo, even lurid green is better than mustard. Mustard is so unsummer.


13 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: Summer”

  1. Well you did it. You posted yellow roses and you avoided mustard. Congratulations! πŸ™‚
    And they are beautiful. Your 50th sounds lovely. A full, rich day.
    Was not so sure what I should do for mine. Should I ignore it? Or run away and hide? Or celebrate? In the end I opted for a party with the stipulation of no gifts. Decided I was going to jump into the next half-century with enthusiasm instead of denial. And I had so much fun.
    Looking forward to hearing about your birthday-vacation plans for this year. I will most likely be without internet access that day so will already send you birthday greetings now. Hope it is a great day on an enjoyable adventure or simply doing what you enjoy with those whose company you enjoy. Whatever it is, I hope it is something that is not yellow in colour πŸ˜€
    And seriously, all the very best to you for your new year!!


    • Thank you so much. Do drop me a quick mail before you leave if you have time. I think I owe you a reply. I may go do that now, as it will prolong departing for the shops πŸ˜€

      Did people really pay attention to the no presents stipulation though?

      Sunshine yellow is fine – we all know what colour isn’t. In fact it wasn’t the yellow that was the problem as evinced by this rather vivid green (!) it was the mix of the black and the yellow. Of course all you have to do thinking of colour mixes is imagine added black to yellow – and you get? I’ll try a daylight shot at some point to avoid the somewhat surreal creation at the top.

      53 will be spent with Pippa and Adrian, just a question of where. Sadly it is too hot to really go anywhere especially for P, so ’twill be a stay-at-home lazy day and maybe a short jaunt for us.


      • actually, for the most part people really did honour the ‘no present’ request. am still here for a bit but will send you a note before i leave. and now it is time to say good night – or in your case, good morning.
        by the way, i think there is a comment for you over at p&k on my aunt’s garden post regarding this one here πŸ™‚


  2. Ok — found the comments section. I’m so used to P&K’s comment space popping up at the bottom that I didn’t know to look on the sidebar for a link to the comments. And now that I’ve found these, I’ll just say again that I love the 3D effect of the roses. And Happy Birthday, too!


    • Thanks for that. I thought it did pop up at the bottom!! I must log out and see how it works. I think if you look at an individual post it comes up at the bottom, but if you look at the blog itself, you have to click on comments because I remember it took me a while to sort it on p&ks.
      And thank you for the birthday wishes too. I shall remember them on the day(s).


  3. After a while birthdays just become a number.
    If you can spend them with doing what YOU want to do, where YOU want to be, and with someone YOU want to be with, who needs anything else? πŸ™‚


    • absolutely, although tbh, since I met A and we discovered we had matching birthdays – they’ve only ever been spent together – and with dogs of course πŸ™‚

      not being a party sort of person, what could be nicer? for me anyway.


  4. Oh wow! I love the edit you’ve done on the roses and that was one stunning shot indeed Kate. You do have a good eye for photography, but I don’t think I need to tell you that. Sounds like you had a beautiful birthday as well. By the way, when is your birthday?

    Thanks for sharing this link hon. Much appreciated. πŸ˜€


    • Sonel, I just happened, but it was quirky enough (for me) that I thought I’d use it. I did like the way it made the roses stand out, nothing like Carl’s 3D creations, but still, it was fun.

      I as interested in photography when I bought my SLR 30+ years ago! but life got in the way. Now they are merely pictures for the record or to illustrate my words.

      It’s June. My parents had December birthdays and ended up with one present for Christmas and birthdays. They were delighted I was born in June. As far away from Christmas Day as possible πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m very glad you did and I can see you had fun. I love the edit and the original so much. I wish you would post more of your photo’s regularly. I do love seeing them. πŸ˜€

        Good to know. I am very bad with birth dates and I think that is one of the main reasons why I am reluctant to close my Facebook account. It reminds me of the birthdays. haha!

        I bet they were. LOL! πŸ˜€


        • I honestly don’t have time to fiddle with photos. You are very sweet with your compliments to everyone, but let’s be honest, your skills both in capturing images, techniques and fiddling are way above a lot of us.

          I’m not a fan of photo blogs per se, so the ones I do follow are usually something a bit different. I think I follow five. When they start discussing the quality of their ichneumon’s left wing, and sharing their exposures I fall asleep.

          In no particular order:

          Yours, stunning photos and informative text. A load of roses or spiders might be good, but the text adds so much extra – to me, as a non-what exposure/aperture/lens blah blah did you use sort of person

          Pix n kards, diversity of photos, great collages, interesting text too, variety of topics

          Vics pix and more, like yours and p&k, good photos, not pretentious, adds text too to tell good stories. Makes great vids

          Plus, the three of you are really nice people πŸ˜€

          Phil Lanoe because of his stunning animal shots, I love his alligators

          Alessandro ciapanno (I’ve got that right) takes interesting travel photos, uses a lot of black and white, less text than the others so I don’t read every post

          I used to follow more, but seriously, they bored the pants off me. The picture that says a thousand words is very rare. Most need at least a caption.

          So when’s yours Sonel?


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