Weekly photo challenge: hands

By: roughseasinthemed

May 18 2012

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Gloves and no hat, but never hat and no gloves.

With which this atheist was brought up about what to wear to church, learning her glovely lessons about etiquette.

Thing is though, I’ve never lost it. Hats are nice, I look good in broad brimmed, shallow crowned hats. But it’s the gloves that really do it for me.

My mother gave me her beautiful navy blue soft leather ones to wear to school – we had a navy blue uniform. And I lost one. I didn’t know how to tell her. She wasn’t even cross.

Now, being a vegetarian, buying non-leather gloves is not an easy thing, although a little easier these days.

Some many years ago, I decided to buy summer gloves.

Cream cotton, black silk (groan). Yes, these, dear reader, are silk.

What no-one can ever believe is that they are actually warm. Yes, I have worn them under conventional gloves, but seriously, these holey silk gloves are warm enough on their own.

And I think they give me a rather Morticia look. So chic for funerals too. Gloves and no hat and all that.

Not a word about spiders, before anyone dares to consider that sort of comment.


25 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: hands”

  1. I can believe that, as silk is one of the warmest natural fibres. It is often used as base layers.
    Not that you would be using something so elegant for outdoor pursuits.


    • i did think about the base layer aspect, but waited for one of my informed readers to add that one. What is strange, is that even whith all those holes, those gloves just warm up my hands immediately – and are cool (literally, than fashionista) in summer.
      Photo done a while ago on photobooth hence as is 😀 it just fitted the challenge thing.


  2. Oh yes know about silk – it is one of natures warmest creations.
    I love gloves, never one for the summer lace social society variety, but the fine leather ones.
    As You may recall from of old I spent a lot of time in Rome with LB. In Piazza di Spagna, is the Sermoneta glove store!
    I have two,pairs from there. – bright blue leather with a a cashmere lining and black with silk.The latter so slim, so elegant are by far the warmest.

    And on another note – yes selling my family silver was hard, my gold jewellery even harder but times were that differcult.


    • I used to love silk. I chucked my shirts in the end though, in my strict vegan mode.

      My mother’s blue leather ones were truly beautiful with adorable buttons and stitiching. I do have fake leather ones now, but they are not half as pliable, still my conscience is clear.

      I think I would sell the gold (not that I have that much) before the silver. I really love silver.


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  8. wow, those are killer gloves! 😀


    • 😀 They are cool. Quite distinctive. I used to like to make a show at one point in my life!


      • and at the same time they are fun, too. good on you!
        since i am here i may as well respond to my prolific challenge posting despite the supposed challenge hiatus 🙂 very observant, i might add, but then the journalist in you would be perceptive to such details.
        although i really was not planning it originally, i was nonetheless curious if this week’s topic was posted in its usual timely manner or if it yet had to make an appearance. and there it was, and the topic appealed to me. thought right away of the b&w photo i had posted in the early days. am sure many bloggers did not have an opportunity to see it yet. and since it did not require any time to create a new post, and only needed an addition of the usual links and tags, i thought i would go for it one more time. but that is it for challenges at my end until august 🙂
        however other, regularly scheduled posts once or twice a week will still be ongoing. 😀


        • Hey but maybe if a challenge post appeals??? ..

          Always look for your posts of whatever type, on both blogs.


          • aw, that is too kind. glad you are enjoying.
            guess i’ll put it this way, as the adage over at kbk puts it – sometimes the changes are quicker than the plans 🙂
            and as for yours, i enjoy them too, as they are usually quite outside the box. like these gloves for example – or this one. am assuming there is a partner somewhere 🙂 and the whole non-photo blog thing. and your other blogs too.
            am looking forward to more reading time after July.


            • Am actually thinking about doing a post re fave blogs, re some award I haven’t (rudely) yet acknowledge. I won’t be passing on the award of course, so you can rest easy there, but you will def come under the fave blog heading.

              There is a partner to this indeed. They are both in the drawer as I haven’t worn them for ages, but they are cherished and cared for and happily together.

              It’s the out of the box that interests me. I guess I see the challenge as, find something that everyone else doesn’t 😀

              How funny that you and V posted virtually the same pic. Well, yours had hands and hers had one, a bit like mine. Bit still, those two small hands in each pic could have been the same.


              • oh wow, thanks for that! very kind of you indeed! and thanks for not passing on the award, that is also much appreciated. 🙂
                well, with V and me almost posting the same image, you know how it is about great minds thinking alike, LOL, in my NERHO, or however you always put that so well 😀
                anyhow, glad to hear about your glove(s). those are definitely keepers!


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