Raindrops on roses

No sooner have I chopped down the pesky roses with their never-ending flowers than they are at it again.

I would have thought they would have run out of energy. They have only been asleep for a few weeks and now look, full of glorious colourful blooms. No, I still don’t like the nasty prickly things but these look so pretty!

And contrast the difference with the summertime shot where they are so much darker in the sun and the heat of the day. At least I think it was summer. It’s usually summer here in Spain.

This post is dedicated to VicsPics for the title, and Pix & Kardz who wanted to see what DuoTone would make of the roses.

The single bloom shot (over on roughseas) gave a slightly deeper background, but I wanted to use the idea of an abundance of flowers, so went for this. Nice rich background methinks, thank you DT.

And a black and white version of the main pic… (as ever, click to enlarge for a better view) I think the texture of the petals is even more apparent in B&W.


25 comments on “Raindrops on roses”

  1. That is a very handsome bull on the hillside to the left of the finca opposite yours.


    • The Osborne bull, who I have probably written about before. Very well spotted there, I had forgotten he was in that pic.

      Allegedly owned by the Larios family and now fenced off so we can no longer walk up there. I have pix of him, Adrian and Pippa kicking around on various blogs. Somewhere.


  2. Good one, DT! This is brilliant!
    This looks great. Love the collage, too. Well done! I could imagine this one in a photo blog! was only able to find a ‘like’ button so had to elaborate a bit with words 🙂
    And thank you for the dedication – how cool is that! Much appreciated! 🙂


    • And I really like the silhouette of the bull too! 🙂


    • I know. We both thought the same when I posted on the other side, so to speak. Even while I was posting I thought ‘What would……?’ I couldn’t see it being mustard or bright blue for once!!

      Thank you for your comment about the collage. Like some of yours, sometimes more is more!! I wanted all the pix together so it hits in the eye, which is what it did to me.

      How can wet roses look so enchanting?

      And, had you not nudged, I would probably have left my curiosity alone, but two curiosities had to be resolved!


      • Thanks much! Teamwork at its best, kind of like on the sunset over on my side, “Thank you, Mr Wong” which would not have materialized without the nudging of a fellow walker along tHe Fraser River, a complete stranger I will likely never meet again.
        And yes, more is more in this case – and definitely better! Thanks also for the link – didn’t notice that right off the bat. Much appreciated 🙂


        • This is hardly the Mr Wong photo, but you were right, it did merit a post on its own with some good work from DT. Actually the collage reminds me a bit of one of those old-fashioned garden catalogues which always used to have lots of roses on the front in full bloom!


  3. Aww, thank you for the dedication 🙂
    DT has certainly excelled with the background, I love that red.
    The B/W (which is all about textures and tones) is excellent, it certainly works for that pic, it has given the roses far more depth 🙂


    • I think I shall hire you as my personal photography tutor!! Come over here for a few weeks 😀 in lieu of the dedication I add quickly.

      The deep pinky reds are lovely, I think. One of the fun things of DT is when it works out well, mustard and greys and too many blues excluded.

      I was looking at the colour pic and so wanted to see how it would work in B&W, so I was quite pleased with that one. Not one for DT, but worth a quick transfer to 8 bit greyscale or whatever it is.

      Interesting how different colour and B&W photography really is. I love the vibrancy of this, but the B&W is different again. The rose petals have become silken.


  4. Was about to go into ‘Sound of Music’ lyric mode but know not your thing 🙂
    Great image though and roses really are survivors, the more you prune, the more they grow!
    As one who once regularly participated in a Monochrome photo meme, flowers do look good in that medium.


    • Even I thought of posting a quick link to it 😀

      These are at least ten years old and just seem to keep coming back stronger and stronger. What makes me laugh is that I do nothing with them, apart from rigorous pruning as you say, and my professional gardening neighbour looks at them so enviously!

      A black and white photo thing? That would have been good, don’t remember it though.


  5. I hate roses – nearly as bad as pyracantha! Forget-me-nots are my favourite but I don’t suppose they grow in Spain? Poppies are nice too and I can remember whole fields of them last year in Extremadura!


    • I have a shrub a bit like pyracantha but it’s not spiky. I think I am developing a love hate relationship with the roses in my garden! I hate the thorns, but the blooms really are beautiful. I’d never buy one, but they are there, so there they stay.

      I have some weeds that look rather like forget me nots, so I am leaving them until they have flowered before they get pulled out. I acquired a few poppies too, no idea where they came from, blow ins I guess.


  6. Ah…those troublesome roses…


  7. They truly are spiteful indeed Kate! How dare they flower so much just so you can show us your gorgeous captures? LOL!
    Stunning colours and the raindrops make them look just more beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥


    • Raindrops on flowers are captivating I think. Not just for the droplets but the light after the rain is so interesting, whether overcast or sunny. While I’m not fond of roses, I do find the texture interesting for photos, a bit like the papery effect of hibiscus or bougainvillea.


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