My young neighbour fell on his face some few years ago. Literally.

It is not a good idea to go cycling down incredibly steep tracks without a cycle helmet.

He was seriously injured and needed maxillo-oral facial surgery. Post here.

Before that, he had been mucking out at the finca over the road. Both of the young lads next-door did.

But at some point, one of the horse trainers over at the finca, decided to teach him how to work with horses.

This is Andalucía, and horses are important.

So, he suddenly went from mucking out, to riding, and training horses, all courtesy of a generous-minded young man who was working there.

Being able to manage horses doesn’t mean a job for life, sometimes just a few hours a week – and – an awful lot of status.

That’s why he got to ride in the front row of the local procession.

His teenage facial injury has disappeared, and, while he might not be rich, he will always be able to get a few hours work somehow, somewhere, thanks to a previous trainer who looked after a local lad.

Because otherwise, there is no work around here.

And great to see you riding at the front of the local procession bearing the flag of Andalucía. Congratulations.


5 comments on “Face”

  1. Ouch! What a great story, though. Amazing how others who invest time, creativity and experience in you can be such a benefit – which in turn enables you to go far and also be able to invest in the lives of others! Congratulations indeed.


    • I had to post this one first as I’m posting on rough seas but wanted to refer back to this. I’m so pleased that – he’s got some employment, a skill, and here in Andalucía, something so prestigious. And, his good looks have returned 🙂


  2. […] three musketeers. On the left, holding the flag of Andalucia (my neighbour, of which more here) in the middle the local church flag, and on the right, the Spanish flag. Processing down Main […]


  3. As Kris has said, what a fabulous story.
    I expect he’s full of pride too, with such an important position in the parade.
    What a gorgeous horse too 🙂


    • The unemployment is so bad here, I can’t imagine he would have a job had he not learned the horses. Apparently he carried the Spanish flag in a previous parade that we didn’t see – me I would be going for the Andalucian one (note: green and white frame in flag colours, and also to provide a break with the blue. Hoping I can get a couple of decent prints out of my selections to give to next doors. I was going to do it as a surprise, but just as we were leaving Adelina called – can you bring me a photo of my grandson!! So, hey no surprise there now. Only if I don’t manage it 😀

      The stallion was beautiful and HUGE. And Aitor was well in control of him, but totally nicely too, which was great to see.


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