Weekly photo challenge: unfocused rice

By: roughseasinthemed

May 05 2012

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I am not allowed to cook rice which is rather unfair as I am not too bad at it.

However, it has to be said that in nearly 27 years Partner has never, ever cooked anything but perfect rice.

Some years ago (rather a lot), when he were a lad in South Wales working as an apprentice painter and decorator, the owner of the local chippy asked him if he was interested in doing some work.

Being a hungry little lad he said yes.

The owner of the chippy was Chinese. Not only did he work there, he got fed – and – perhaps more importantly, learned how to cook rice.

I don’t know how he does it. If I try to cook it the same way he does, it ends up either hard or soft. His is always perfect.

As I mentioned the chippy, here are some oven ready chips. You know – the ones where you take potatoes, peel them, slice them, and put them in a roasting pan to go in the oven. Whereupon they come out of the oven ready to eat.

What is difficult about that? Why do people buy oven ready chips in plastic bags when it takes no more than a few minutes to peel and slice potatoes??

WordPress is losing the plot. Fancy having a photo challenge called unfocused. Hardly a challenge is it? I only had to look at two days’ worth of photos to find a glorious selection of pix. On a technical point, I assume my food pix are often unfocused because the food is too hot? Or am I so hungry that my hands are shaking?

29 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: unfocused rice”

  1. Generally I agree with you about the chips but have to say that Aunt Bessies homestyle chips are really very good. Agree with you also about the challenge and after 24 hours I also concur with you about the changes to the topics page!


    • You are such a pre-packed person. Who on earth is Aunt Bessie? Don’t tell me!!

      Hey, you posted a rather neat photo, I just took the easy option.

      Changes to topics? Far be it from me to say I told you so. I have complained. For what added value? 😀


  2. can’t look too long here – am getting a bit whoozy 🙂
    it was a most unusual topic for a challenge, for sure – and i found it tough, as i already mentioned in your previous post.
    i don’t know what you mean – except for these images shown here. you have had some wonderfully focused food images. i really enjoyed your skewered veggies and some of your images on roughseas as well.
    in any case i think cooking rice – or anything at all for that matter – is an art which i gladly leave to the experts. unless it is salad or oatmeal 😀


    • A lot of my food images do end up blurred. But hey, some work out ok 🙂

      It was a stupid topic IMO, who can’t provide a blurry pic? Or maybe there was some humour in it?

      I can’t believe you can’t cook!!


      • it was a very odd challenge, agreed. but i decided to go for it anyhow and post some images that fit the gist of p&k – namely favourite images, and not throw-aways. but this could have been taken to another level, too – and i briefly had thoughts about creating a collage full of different subjects that did not have a common thread, which could have been perceived as unfocused. i always want to add a second ‘s’ in unfocussed.
        and not cooking? i thought i would try an experiment and ask someone who knows my cooking skills probably as well as anybody else, to honestly answer a question. this is the gist of the conversation.
        me: so, if someone were to ask you the question, ‘Can Chris cook?’, how would you answer?
        O: Which Chris?
        me: (this could be deemed a valid question, as we both have a mutal friend with the name of Chris, but i had previously said that this was about me).haha, me of course. so seriously, the question is ‘Can Chris cook?’
        O: Do you mean as in food?
        so there you have it 🙂


        • and the other question is: Can Chris type?
          urk – i typed too fast and keyed in a colin instead of a semi-colon before the conversation. oh well. 😀


          • and how about that ‘colin’ instead of ‘colon’. i have got the giggles now. i almost daren’t type even this. but there it is. can’t cook. can’t type. but i can capture some photo images, so that’s at least worth something, LOL 😆


            • I was rather entranced with the idea of poor old colin being keyed in. Not a worry I usually have as I neither use him, nor his half bro, the semi.

              The collage would have been an interesting take on it actually. That’s the sort of tangential take that I would normally go for, but I have reams of unfocused pix so why not just go for the first couple I found? 😀


              • And on the other hand, maybe such a non-literal take would have been too predictable. In any case your rice photo made for a good story. By the way, at the end of that conversation I was also told that I do make a nice salad (green, pasta or fruit) but that hardly counts as cooking 🙂


                • Perhaps. And I suppose rice and chips is an interesting combo for a post, sounds like pix & kardz really. The question is, how good would you be at the salads if you were doing a different one every day of the week which is my current challenge for the lunch pots? And it counts as cooking when you have to cook: rice, pasta, asparagus, potatoes, pimientoes, beans, peas, cauliflower – depending on what you are adding to the salad. 🙂


  3. Sorry, even you doing a photo challenge ‘tongue in check’ amuses me!
    It is a fun post though.
    I can’t cook rice perfectly either – even been driven to the sad commercial micro-wave option offered by Tilda, which is so much better than ‘Uncle Bens’ [but will add only buy when on a super supermarket promotion!] and I do make my own potato chips before you start wondering as Norfolk grows the best potatoes ever 🙂


    • You’re right, it was tongue in cheek. I can do rice, but only when some interfering person is not around. Bought some brill potatoes this weekend in Spain. Noticed Jersey Royals in Morries at £3 a kilo. Er no.


  4. I’ve never really had a problem with rice either, but I must admit, it’s even better done in the veg steamer.
    Oven chips? Yuk, why do restaurants always use them, horrible, dry, fluffy chunks of cardboard. I do like the skinny french fries type though.
    Best chips ever were from my parents fish & chip shop 🙂


    • I really don’t need to worry about chips or rice with A on hand. He can do oven chips, shallow fried, french ones, just too annoying!! Still, want partner, ensure he has worked in a Chinese chippy, say I!


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  6. Looks like your rice is vibrating – nice!


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  8. I’m not totally 100% perfect on cooking white rice in an ordinary pot. Maybe 85-90% perfect. 🙂 But I haven’t eaten any rice for…several months. In the last few yrs., my white rice consumption was cut back to 4-5 times per year. I think it spikes up my blood sugar since white rice is high glycemic index. So as a result, I felt tired and worse.

    Yes, I know a big change especially having had rice for over 80% of my dinners for first 40 years of life! But now, not a big deal.


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