Weekly photo challenge: together

By: roughseasinthemed

Apr 29 2012

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Focal Length:18.353mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

One of my favourite photos in an idyllic spot taken more than five years ago.

Not one we are likely to take again, not because my boys aren’t still around, they are, but because we can no longer walk up to the top of this hill.

Adrian and Pippa are together at the base of the Osborne Bull, a familiar landmark throughout AndalucΓ­a that advertises the Osborne drinks.

It was a lovely walk along country tracks (ie not asphalt) and up the hill.

We even hid a couple of geocaches up there. That was probably what did the damage.

One week we were back at the finca and saw the fencing that had been erected around the whole of the estate stopping access to the top of the hill.

Many of the olive trees on the hillside had been cut down.

We asked our neighbours about it.

Seemed the landowners were going to plant mangos and avocados and custard apples.

Or maybe they were sick of geocachers going up there.

Either way, a beautiful walk that we can no longer enjoy. Just as well we have some pictorial memories.

Pippa, no longer looking white on this pic, showing his GSD-type colouring on his flank.

21 comments on “Weekly photo challenge: together”

  1. Weekly Photo Challenge – Have you crossed over?


    • Haha!! I nearly wrote a disclaimer. Nope. Just an excuse to post one of my fave pix and moan about rich land-owners fencing off their ground where we previously had free access.


  2. it is much too early to be awake yet here I am checking out your post on my cell phone. πŸ™‚ am unable to sign with my usual p&k moniker so I suspect this comment could require approval.
    Hello Pippa! reminds me to come visit your blog again. Been a bit busy my end lately. But hopefully soonest! xxx
    enjoyed the mood here – and DT’s perfect background. very nice clicks. sorry about your loss.


    • Thanks, it is not too early at all!! A was up at 5.30 today even though it is a day off (I wasn’t).

      Comment came up fine, been approved previously I guess.

      Pippa’s blog has been a bit neglected yet again, sssssh don’t remind him…..

      Did want to post the other one as the main pic, because Pippa looks so happy, but DT gave me a grey inside background and white outer which was terrible. Obv picked up the blue of the sky on this one.


      • I really like Pippa’s expression on the second image as well. If you would like, I could play with a frame to see if DT can be persuaded otherwise? It would have to be later in the week though. But no pressure – this really is a lovely background as is. πŸ™‚


        • Thanks C. If the current top pic hadn’t given me the blue I might have fiddled anyway, but being lazy I went for it as it was. If I was going to fiddle I would use… no, I’ll wait and see if you do, but no pressure πŸ˜‰

          In terms of pics, the bottom one throws Pippa into the foreground nicely, and I do like the mountains and clouds in the middle left, but in terms of the theme, the top one captures it well with A stroking Pippa.

          If you want to fiddle, feel free, I may too, or not as the case may be. I had some rainy day shots to tidy up as well today!!


          • the top image looks great, too, even though not too much of Pippa’s beautiful colouring is visible there. will see what i can do. but not fiddling today. must run for now πŸ™‚
            have a great afternoon!


          • oh forgot – looking forward to the rainy day shots πŸ™‚
            but no pressure πŸ˜€


            • Thanks, been a) busy and b) sick so left the blogosphere alone this weekend.


              • busy happens,so no worries but oh no, hope you are feeling better!
                and if not, then hope you are feeling better soon!
                in any case i have been fiddling a bit but DT is proving to be incorrigibly grey. will try a few more things, but that’s the scoop for now. will let you know if i am able to claim success or declare DefeaT πŸ™‚


                • feeling so-so = a little better

                  glad I didn’t try the fiddle, although with your comment I could be tempted to try!!


                  • hope you are feeling lots better soon.
                    i don’t like to do so, but i am considering myself well and truly stumped. i have managed to get the background to turn a pale, pale blue. but the centre panel with all the text, has remained stubbornly grey. even when saturating the colour a bit, or adding a lighter or darker frame or a multi-coloured frame….. i don’t know how many variations i have tried. it’s like that old commercial jingle about trying to wash that grey right out of the hair. DT has been consistently stubborn. And grey.
                    the first image here shows Pippa as being very happy. and as you say, so it does work well. A stroking Pippa is a nice moment. so DT wins one. unless you are able to persuade it with the tricks in your bag. it was fun trying though! πŸ™‚


                    • Hah! I just had a fiddle thinking I might find the odd trick to beat the expert. But DT clearly knows what ‘those two’ are up to and is resolutely not playing. Like you, the best I could get was pale blue background and – that grey in the middle. I achieved that with a bright green frame, and superimposing the second pic on top of the original one that generated the blues (thinking foolishly I might kid DT with that). Tried all sorts of other whacky colours, red, purple, yellow, wondering if that might warm it up. Nope. Grey and white. Think I had better find me an unfocused pic. Shouldn’t be hard πŸ˜€


                    • DT clearly was not playing. Or rather, it was playing – us! πŸ™‚
                      I found the current challenge tough, not because all my clicks are in focus, because they are not. But I had to find some that fit the premise of p&k, namely being some favourite images, and not just some ‘rejects’ I hadn’t gotten around to deleting yet. It will be intersting to see your take on the challenge! πŸ™‚


  3. Had to smile when I saw this post title show up but knew there would be something behind it πŸ™‚
    Re the shot – A & Pippa look a very handsome pair!
    But to the issue – feel personally very strongly re free access to the countryside, whether here or in Gib [or is it in Spain?]. I like my rambles and and think landowners should allow walkers to go their way via designated bridleways / pathways etc.


    • This pic is in Spain. But there are few designated walks/pathways etc in Spain. In fact I think the local council put out a leaflet for this particular walk which is ironic as it has now been fenced off. It’s not like the UK with legal/official paths.

      I’ve probably shot myself in the foot regarding the photo challenge things, but this was one I thought gave me a good excuse to post a nice piccy of my boys, thanks for the compliment.


  4. When I read the first paragraph, I thought, oh no, not Pippa as well, I thought you were going to say his joints couldn’t cope. Too many good walks now out of J’s reach 😦
    Still a great shame it is now out of bounds 😦
    Lovely photos, I love Pippas’ expression, he does look so happy on both pics πŸ™‚


    • Thanks V. he does have a bit of a happy J type look on his face does he not? This pic just came to mind for the title immediately, the other one was of A, Pippa and Prince, but that would have been a sadder post with Prince being at the bridge, so this was better. Plus I got to say about how we could no longer walk there so a bit of an interesting diversion. You would like it up there too – wide open spaces and sea views πŸ™‚


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