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Apr 16 2012


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Who can resist these beautiful flowers?

I’ve always loved them, and at least here in Spain, I can happily grow them outside in a sheltered spot with lots of sun.

Trouble is, they do need water. This is my second plant, the other one died in one of our exceptionally hot summers. It was also in the wrong position.

When I bought the first one, and placed it on the terrace my neighbours, as ever, started talking about it.

‘Oh, that’s lovely,’ said Adelina. ‘My sister had one just there.’ In the ground as it turned out rather than a pot, but that’s for another post. (it was her sister’s house long ago).

‘What a good position,’ she added.

Er no. It gets the wind from the back street and is quite exposed which is why the first one died.

Anyway, as I like them so much I insisted on buying another and moved it to a different spot.

So what did JosΓ© say this weekend? ‘I watered all your greens, your spinach (acelgas), the lemon, the olive trees and the roses.’

He loves roses. I do not. They are there because they were there when we bought the place. They are sharpy and prickly and don’t flower all year round although they do smell quite nice. Not as nice as jasmine though. Anyway, this is Spain, why do they want roses?

But why did JosΓ© not water my lovely hibiscus? Right next to the olive trees? Boooo!

Never mind. I gave it lots of water, so it promptly rewarded me with one of its flowers the next day.


27 comments on “Hibiscus”

  1. The hjibiscus is a very striking looking plant, though I would never have known what it was. I really am completely uneducated where plants are concerned.


  2. “Anyway, this is Spain, why do they want roses?”
    Maybe because they have been growing them here for thousands of years? Jasmine were introduced by the Moors and is no more a Spanish native than the Hibiscus! πŸ™‚


    • πŸ˜€ I always think of roses as belonging in sterile rigid English rose gardens whereas somewhere like andalucia should be full of exotic rampant flowers which I couldn’t even grow inside in the UK, let alone outside. Given our moorish heritage I think the jasmine is most appropriate. I used to love bougainvillea until I went gardening for someone where it had become rather too rampant.


  3. i saw this earlier on my cell phone, but it is always a bit cumbersome leaving a comment so i waited until i could see it here. love hibiscus plants! this turned out so beautifully – poor DT may be getting tired of always being the subject of comments, but it really did you very proud here.
    dare i also say nice framing, too – or is that beginning to sound like supah, dahling πŸ˜€ but seriously, nicely done!
    i grew up with roses in the front yeard in my first childhood home, and missed them for years after we moved away. now there are some miniature rose bushes, but there really is no room for the rambling hedges i remember from long ago. so i do love most roses, probably mostly for sentimental reasons. my favourites are those which have a fragrance – and those ones are usually not the elegant lookers.


    • forgot to say – am glad your hibiscus recovered again πŸ™‚


      • Yes, DT did behave itself on this one – with or without the framing. This is def one of the better colour combos! I’ve yet to manage a lilac one though like your latest πŸ˜€ I faffed with the frames until I got bored. If you look at the bottom pic it doesn’t have the brighter red inset, and while I thought the brightness was well, bright, I thought it looked flat without it. I really wanted to emphasise the clarity of the red I guess.

        On rose trees, I had my very own rose tree, but it was more of a wild rose, certainly not a hybrid tea or a floribunda. I think at some points my parents chopped it down/dug it out, so I was none too pleased about that 😦 I would cheerfully have moved it around all my houses.


        • i have noticed that not all frames have been created equally. in some cases, i have tried to manipulate DT’s colours unsuccessfully.
          i agree with your assessment on the brighter red inset frame for your main image. good thinking πŸ™‚


          • Thanks. I don’t have your expertise or experience with the frames so it’s really just experimenting at the mo. Great alliteration there with the exes.

            Years ago, I noticed some dogbloggers had discrete little frames around and wondered how they did it. PShop I suspect, but here I am sitting on my own free ArcSoft software and being unable to figure out how to use it for years. You get all the credit for finally inspiring me to have another go and SORT IT!!

            I can imagine DT not wanting to be manipulated.’oh no, it’s pix & kardz again – here, have mustard again :D’


            • Don’t tell anyone but it is usually an experiment for me each time as well. And your ‘ex’ alliteration is much more than great. I would say excellent! πŸ™‚
              How do you create your frames? My arcsoft software has some set frames, but nothing with colours or that allows for creative colours as far as I have seen.
              Haha, too funny, speaking of mustard. You are spot on. How did you get hold of one of the next posts? πŸ˜€


              • Thank you.

                It’s on photostudio, which is my arcsoft stuff. Create border, choose colour, and use some paint bucket image to drop on the border only. Easy. No idea why it has taken me uh, six years to work it out πŸ˜€ I did have to work out that there were two different layers though!

                It also gives me the background opportunities, and I could do paintbrush effects but that takes serious time. Also gives an image soften at the edge of the main pic. Pretty basic I think. Although not basic enough for me until now.

                You’ve had some good duotone deals of late. It had to be your turn for mustard πŸ˜€


                • Will have to see if I have the frame option included in my arcsoft software. Sounds unfamiliar so I think not. Will check on my laptop later when I am home. But your hibiscus images really did well with it. Even if not necessarily a photo blog, sometimes a frame adds something. Ever since KBK switched from a white to a black background, I have been adding frames.
                  Haha. You know the saying – into every life a little mustard must fall. Or something like that πŸ™‚


                  • Just looked up arcsoft/photostudio. Apparently there are no freebies out there. Just as well they came with my digicamera πŸ™‚

                    I think you are right, a frame can add something, although not always necessary. I still prefer white backgrounds I guess, just an old newspaper woman at heart. I liked the impact for a while when I did the blogger not-a-photoblog but was pleased to change to duotone. Black backgrounds are really hard on the eye. There is some classic stuff about white on green being the easiest to read for text. I think!


                    • i just briefly looked at my arcsoft products (which also came free with my first digital camera) and it looks like i have lots more framing options available than i realized πŸ™‚ thanks for the heads-up!
                      although KBK is not a photo blog, i find that the images do look better on the dark background, and i heard that a black background is greener than a white background – but who knows. will have to look that up. yet if it is hard on the eye, that is not a good thing. thanks for letting me know. maybe i will consider switching back to a white background. the particular theme in use has the option of either black or white.
                      but not tonight. am calling it a day. mustard scheduled to appear soon πŸ˜€
                      have a great day!


                    • There does seem to be a workaround on the font, but I am not very html-savvy and had quite a tough time of it on KBK. So in the end I just stuck with what I got.
                      And for photo images, DT often does a great job. But sometimes surprisingly not, and I am not just talking about mustard. That one has been well-discussed previously. πŸ™‚
                      In order to provide bloggers a reprieve, I am leaving a day here and there between posts, but there is one scheduled for May where I had to smile. Not what i expected/hoped for. not one of DT’s best selections. I am sure you will agree πŸ™‚
                      anyhow, time to call it a day. i got here via roughseas, but now it is getting late so i will stop by another time. have a good night!


                  • Thought I would reply to this as we have gone over the limit of ten comments. Not sure if it will work !! Just had a look at KBK and yes the pix do look good on the black, as they do on any black background blog. There was a real phase of black backgrounds around the dogblog world some few years ago, and I got sick of seeing them then. But when I did the first every pic I quite liked the effect, just not enough to stick with it once I had seen your duotone. It’s a personal preference I think, so whatever you are happy with. If you don’t write a lot of text I don’t think it is a huge issue. Plus, you have got the different colour background so that softens the black-in-your-face effect that my blog had (has, as it’s still up there :D) You can always go back to have a looky for comparison. One of my gripes about wordpress is not being able to alter the font or the size, whereas looking at my blogger stuff on everypic, the text looks quite clear. Irrelevant as I’m not going back. Night πŸ˜‰


                    • ok, that did not work. my comment above, beginning with ‘There does seem to be a work-around….’ was intended as a reply to yours above. oh well. never professed to be tecky πŸ˜€
                      and now it really is good night from me. πŸ™‚


                  • Strange it will let you reply to older comments but not the latest ones, so here is another in the higgle piggle order.

                    If there is a work round on the freebie blogs I’m guessing it is presumably inserting some code at the top of the post, but it would have to be done on a post by post basis. I know I hit something by mistake and got a ghastly font, but quickly sorted that out.

                    Like you, I try not to post on every blog every day. Unlike you, unless I am doing a mini-series though, it tends to be totally random as to which one/s gets the posts!


  4. I too love hibiscus – they always seem so exotic and remind me of Hawaii where they bloom profusely. Yours is a wonderful vibrant shade.
    On roses, I prefer the old fashioned rambling variety – had a lovely fragrant red one by my front gate back in Oxford – bound to have been cruelly culled by now, but for me its out of control briers acted as a great deterrent to unwanted casual callers πŸ™‚


    • They look quite of place in cold climes I think, as though they are temporary residents, they are such sunny plants, rather like mesembrianthemums.

      I think the rambling ones probably are nicer, more sort of natural. I use cactuses in useful places on my patio for that sort of trick πŸ˜‰


  5. love any flower…they simply brighten your day…dont they? Hisbiscus is quite common in India…we use it a lot for worshipping….grows in most gardens and back yards…miss seeing it here in Britain though…and agree…nothing nice for your senses than jasmine


    • I think other countries use hibiscus too for religion as well. I can see why you would use such a bright red too, as it’s a pretty important colour in some Indian religions as I vaguely remember.

      There isn’t a lot of it growing outdoors in the UK to my knowledge!! Dama de noche comes a close second to jasmine I think, but my last one didn’t take 😦


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