Madonna and child?

By: roughseasinthemed

Apr 03 2012


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Not being one for boring kiddy pix on blogs I thought I would break that rule and post one.

It’s not my photo, it was actually taken by my partner, but I do like the pic. I like the interested expression on her face, the closeness of the two of them, the way the child looks perfectly content, the calm and tranquil sea, and the evening light before the sun set.

Here is the – abridged – story that goes with the pic:

So anyway, there’s Helpful Partner traipsing round the local county town looking for tubo (hose) for this 50-year-old Bedford truck.

The local recambios place (spare parts, winch cables, hydraulic hoses among others) is pretty versatile, but it didn’t have the right diameter hose. They are always helpful guys though – and they gave directions to a competing motor factor – even though they were risking losing some trade.

This was on the industrial estate, and full of mechanics buying parts on trade accounts. It was basically aimed at trucks. Small ones, large ones, but all trucks. And they had the tubo.

So Helpful Partner dropped Bedford Truck Man (BTM) off at the beach so he could replace the pipe between the air intake and the oil bath.

The next day, he went down the beach to see if BTM had sorted it and could get off on his travels.

Apparently he couldn’t.

He had fired up the engine, it sounded good and the fan promptly flew off the end of the water pump and straight through the radiator.

This was not good. Helpful Partner had taken down a couple of beers so they had a drink and a chat.

Then BTM offered Helpful Partner some wine (neither of them had any beer left). Not being much of a wine-drinker he said no.

So then he offered him Tequila. The bottle was nearly empty so when they finished that they moved onto a bottle of Mezcal. Tequila-type stuff with a worm in the bottom. But Helpful Partner didn’t know that until they had polished off that bottle too and BTM offered him the “worm”. To eat.

Well, right-on vegetarians don’t eat worms or any sort of similar grubs. They aren’t too keen on polishing off nearly half a bottle of spirit and find it has been fermenting with some dead grub inside it. Drowned. Pickled. Whatever.

He politely refused and was secretly pleased he had started to pour some of his Mezcal into BTM’s glass. Hence he was slightly less the worse for wear than he could have been. And he managed to walk home.

The full story is here and here.


8 comments on “Madonna and child?”

  1. Good story – I have never tried that pickled worm drink and don’t think I ever will either!


    • For once, it’s neither my story nor my photo. But having posted about how I didn’t like kiddy blogs, I remembered I really liked the top photo. The worm was just the added spice, so to speak/write/drink (?)


  2. My first thought when I saw the pic was WHAT on earth is this about. But just shows how interesting it can become when a story is attached to a photo.


  3. I thought it would be an interesting departure from the usual style of pix I post on here ๐Ÿ˜‰ The wider story was I guess, about one of those random encounters with someone because of something that interests you. In this case the old Bedford truck they were living in. I wasn’t there when the worm drinking session happened, being happily content back at the finca.


  4. thanks for providing the links to the full story – it helped my befuddled brain put together what this cool photo had to do with the story…. the incident sounds like a comedy of errors, and the photo is really great. the golden hour’s warm colours are so peaceful. hard to believe it is a backdrop to the whole adventure ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Thought the full story would have been a bit long on here, and I was too idle to do a proper re-write! Thanks for following the links. It is a very golden sort of pic isn’t it? As DT thought too ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. love this picture…you are right…the expression of joy in their faces makes you smile as well…and you can just feel the closeness between the 2. Some pictures say so much!


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