Venice on the Orient Express

Where else could it be but Venice?

Following on from lost towels and knickers, this one is about socks, although, not lost in Venice.

We had boarded the Orient Express in Vienna with much excitement. Ever having an eye for a historic record, I totally forgot to take a photo of the train.

But this was not the glitzy Simplon thing that runs the route nowadays. (wiki link here about the OE) This was Ye Olde Fashioned Orient Express, it just had the name on the side, rather like some of the Indian trains, and the departure and destination points. We were taking it as far as Venice.

It was another overnight job. I had meticulously planned our trip around Europe on the railcard to co-incide with as many overnight trains as possible, thus saving on accommodation costs, yes?

We took off our big walking boots and went to sleep. The train was due in Venice early in the morning.

I woke up to the soft sound of rain against the train windows. And a slowing down of the train as we pulled into Venice. My companion was asleep. Our stuff wasn’t packed.

‘Wake up! Wake up!’ I ordered. She did.

‘It’s Venice, get out. I’ll throw the stuff down after you.’

My companion dutifully complied. Don’t you love to go travelling with people who let you do all the planning, and do what you say (most of the time) on the trip?

In fact, she complied so dutifully that she jumped onto the wet platform in her socks, as she hadn’t had time to pull her boots on. I threw down her rucksack and her boots.

I looked at the station. Ah. There are two stations for Venice (or were). This was the first one, the airport maybe. We wanted the second one. Natch, I was still in the train, dry and comfy, with all my gear. She was standing on the platform in her very wet socks.

‘Er, I think you better get back in. This isn’t the right station. Hurry up. It’s about to leave.’


16 comments on “Venice on the Orient Express”

  1. Haha, what a funny story! And a gorgeous click
    Hear, hear about overnight trains which not only avoids hotel or hostel costs but allows for a maximum use of travel time. You need to sleep anyhow so you may as well do so enroute to the next destination. Great minds think alike! πŸ™‚


  2. Love it πŸ™‚

    I did the over night train from Paris to Milan several times in the summer of 1993 – yes, I was meeting Little Buddy!
    The basic ticket included a ‘couchette’ in an an apartment for 6 – I opted for an upper bunk!
    It was great, I traveled cheap & loved arriving there @ dawn for breakfast in the square.
    Never made it to Venice, a regret, was given the choice of there or Lake Como, went for the later as it was peak summer, and Como was wonderful.


    • Well this trip was 84 I think ! but my later ones have been this century, some in six berth ones and some in four. I love sleepers. Meeting people, the whole adventure of the thing, the train rocking and rocketing through the night – unbeatable! Especially when you have someone you can tell to jump out first if you have got the wrong station πŸ™‚


  3. Sounds like an amazing trip, though pleased to hear there was no loss of clothing this time πŸ™‚ There’s definitely something about travelling by train that I find very appealing, probably a throwback to the adventure/holiday thing from childhood.


    • One of the best things I ever did. Part of the European trip was designed around visiting places I had studied about at university, and the other part was places I had to see eg Venice.


  4. […] Venice on the Orient Express ( […]


  5. Oh yea – I remember those days. But I never had a friend so compliant – thank goodness, what a responsibility. Poor thing, cold wet feet on Mestre station – I’d have ‘killed’ you!


  6. You bossy thing, you!
    Ah, to be a student on a train again, traveling through Europe. We did the same thing–popping down the train car seats and sleeping on the overnight trips to save on money (AND time!). This is a great story and a sentimental photo, for me. Well done!


    • Bossy me? πŸ˜€ Organised I would have said….. She was always a bit slow off the mark though so I needed to gee her up, and I was in charge of all the travel arrangements, which she was actually happy with – until that point I suppose. I can’t see a photo of Venice without thinking back to it though, and having a quiet laugh even now. Thanks.


      • I’m the same way–the organized one. But my family interprets that as being bossy. If only they knew the trouble we organized folks go through to make a trip happen! Right?


  7. One of those stories that the ”other one” in it can laugh about it … much later.


    • I’m not sure she would ever have laughed about it. I met up with her some years later. We’d gone in very different directions (not just in Venice), it was quite odd. Anyway, I can still read this story and laugh, which is the main point for me. It was too, too funny πŸ˜€

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