Steam baths in NZ

The second in an extremely short series of where I lost something while camping. In this case my knickers.

Faithful readers riveted to this ‘not a photoblog’ by the bizarre anecdotes that accompany an odd photo will remember that the Isle of Lewis (the Callanish first pic) was the venue for forgotten towels and knickers suddenly coloured pink.

What is it with me going camping and knickers? I should probably not bother with them.

You are now wondering what on earth this blurred photo is. It’s not blurred of course. Honestly. There is ground at the front, and trees in the background, with a bit of steam everywhere else.

It is Rotorua. Possibly my very fave place in New Zealand (along with a few others of course). Location of sulphurous geysers and smelling even stronger than the spa waters in Harrogate (Yorkshire, UK). I love it. It has this out-of-this world strange atmosphere. The sulphurous clouds, the smell, which is pungent rather than unpleasant and easy enough to get used to, the mud pools, the beautiful lake, the Maori artistry – just, the whole place is wonderful.

I’ve visited it three times, this photo is the first of those trips because it was the first set of pix I came to. But it was on the third trip when I lost my knickers.

We were staying in the youth hostel. At this point I was pretty successful in the career thing, but hey, no need to go wasting money on expensive accommodation. They had, like most places in Rotorua, some hot bath things. So we booked our slot and chilled out there while the wash went on, finished our steam bath, hung out the washing and went to bed. And, when we came to leave in the morning, I forgot my pairs of knickers. Pretty much like I left the towels on the line at the camp site on Lewis.

Back to my first trip, or was it the second? Who knows? But on one of them, I went to one of the Maori evening shows. I am sure it was very touristy, but it was a good evening out.

We had some great Maori mates in Sydney, but that will have to wait for Sydney photos.

As well as my own lost towels/pink knickers disaster of the Callanish post, I also need to credit Andrew for reminding me of geysers when he wrote about Yellowstone here. (An interesting and informative read, if like me, you know nothing about Yellowstone).

The main lake at Rotorua, note the Maori carving


6 comments on “Steam baths in NZ”

  1. A place I’d certainly like to visit.
    Am a natural hot springs fan, visited many in Western Canada, most of the heath giving variety, but nothing beats soaking in thermal waters, looking up @ mountains – doing it with snow falling is magical.


    • Too right. I soaked elsewhere, it was freezing outside but magically warm in the waters. Such a lovely natural experience and so rare these days.

      If I had a list of ‘Places to go back to’ rather than ‘Places to go to’ Rotorua would be in the top ten.


  2. Is that knickers singular or knickers plural, seeing as we don’t just have a knicker, did you lose many pairs ? πŸ˜‰


  3. Looks surreal. What a great mood captured here!


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