Callanish revisited

Scanning old photos gives them an ethereal unreal sort of appearance, and I thought the previous colour photo (click back one) didn’t have sufficient impact for these incredibly old stones.

No doubt due to a) the strange summer light in the Hebrides and b) my lack of technical knowledge about photography. But I did wonder how they would look in black and white.

Techy details from a non-techy. Converted to B&W obviously, by which natch I mean 8bit-greyscale, and sharpened lightly to bring out the texture of the stones. Of course, after so many thousands of years (nearly five), they probably didn’t have any texture left. Then I fiddled around with some tool to get a closer crop with a slightly soft edge to get the contrast between the starkly rectilinear stones (apart from the one in the foreground who’d obviously had one malt too many) and the beautiful gentle environment (in summer anyway). I stuck some black behind it seeing as Duotone was refusing to give me black.

And that’s the story behind today’s picture from a non-photographer with a non-photoblog. A pleasant way to waste a couple of hours on February 29 which won’t happen again for another four years so I had to post. Me wasting time will obviously happen, goes without saying.


7 comments on “Callanish revisited”

  1. happy Leap Year!
    and a nice b&w edit. thank you also for sharing your duotone adventure, i can just imagine šŸ™‚
    and thank you once again for clarifying that this is not a photo blog. i just had to say it once more, because it will be four years before i can say it on a february 29th again.
    got your email(s) – much appreciated. tried writing you back on my blackberry but got a ‘general error’ message, and so i suspect it didn’t go anywhere šŸ˜¦ will try again later.
    and now i must run. there is a dump of snow outside – quite a shock to see it this morning – and it is still falling. so i am not even going to take my car anywhere either. off to the the bus i go šŸ˜€


    • I felt like fiddling with the photo. It’s not ideal, but I couldn’t get the effect I wanted – which I almost got at one point and then – it disappeared!!

      Who knows what will have happened in four years time? Well, the obvious, elections, Olympics in London, a load of peacekeeping wars, and Ok, if it is not a photoblog, it aint a political one either.

      Now if you had an iPhone I could help on your phone probs !! Bus is a good idea. Buen viaje. Take the camera.


      • thanks, got here ok.
        am on my first break of the day. still saw your comment and followed your advice. my camera joined me on the viaje. will hopefully have a chance to post some clicks later this evening, probably on KBK šŸ™‚
        yes, lots can happen in four years. sometimes lots can happen in a mere four hours.
        must run. have a great afternoon!


  2. Evening šŸ˜‰ but thanks anyway!


  3. Ah, now I like that, it makes them look more mystical šŸ™‚


    • That’s partly what I was going for, rather than the strange surreality of the colour shot (ie surreal does not = mystical). I wanted the effect of them rising out of nowhere and looking slightly spooky and that was what I couldn’t quite get. The limitations of scanned pix – as well as my own of course šŸ˜€


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