Posh flats

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Feb 21 2012

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Here we have one of Gibraltar’s rather more exclusive residences.

Council accommodation that backs onto the Rock and the Alameda Botanical Gardens, and looks out over the Bay of Algeciras.

It’s a fifties block that is currently being refurbed externally to a very high standard. Not that I would want to be working seven or eight floors up on that scaffolding.

So why is it exclusive? Well, because the people who live in there are highly unlikely to move out.

Anecdotal stories have it that people pay just over Β£100 a month for a rather large flat with varying numbers of bedrooms.

Anecdotal stories also have it that some people pay only Β£30 a month (approx), while others haven’t paid any rent for years.

Rooms are large and airy, there is an inner courtyard with balconies and walkways, and it is situated a stone’s throw outside the city walls.

Depending on your preferences, it is exceedingly handy for the Job Centre, the Tax Office, a supermarket, the botanical gardens, the cable car, etc etc.

If these flats were private, they would be going for hundreds of thousands. Not a hundred pounds a month rent.

It’s a far cry from the council housing in the UK that I saw when I was a child. Where all the local low-lifes lived, and the bottom ends of the estates were always the worst and you didn’t walk around there.

Or in later years, when people took to rioting and whole streets in Newcastle and North Shields were burned out.

No. This is the sort of council housing anyone would be happy to live in. Which is why they don’t move out.


8 comments on “Posh flats”

  1. I didn’t know what Council accommodation was until you contrasted it to private residences. The term used in my neck of the woods is subsidized housing or even affordable housing. In the recent past it was also known as low income housing.
    Vancouver has recently been given the dubious accolade of most expensive city in North America, outpacing Toronto in eastern Canada and even NYC. Affordable housing has somehow not kept pace with the need, but new developments are underway to expand it, and it is usually built into or near new construction sites to avoid creating marginalized neighbourhoods, as used to be done in the 50’s here as well.
    Anyhow, a nice blue here! πŸ™‚


    • Technically speaking in Gib it is government housing, as our local council is our government! (Council housing is old-style UK speak that partner and I grew up with). Just another bizarre Gibfactor. Subsidised/affordable/low-income are all changing terms reflecting whatever words are popular at the time IMO – and avoiding stigma.

      Surprised about Vancouver outstripping Toronto and Montreal – and NYC!!!!! Location near to your beautiful coast and hills? I think Gib’s dubious accolade is one of the most densely populated places in the world. (that excludes the barbary macaque inhabitants as far as I am aware).


  2. I wonder what the waiting list is like for one πŸ˜‰
    DT, nice blue from the sky


  3. Like Vicky I was immediately wondering about the waiting list for THEM! What lucky tenants, to live there.
    But on the positive front, it’s good they are being refurbished rather than becoming an eyesores!
    There was a similar block on Brighton’s seafront, now ‘done’.


    • Yes, even I wouldn’t mind one of those for my old age πŸ˜€

      Actually they were looking rather tatty, but this is the main prestige block so will see what happens with the others, that I thought had already been given a quick lick (of paint).


  4. Did think I’d noticed a Disco here though πŸ˜‰


    • Nowt wrong with your eyesight!! You are obviously a Series and Disco woman – skipped the Defenders. Great spotting. Must take a different pic to show it again. Gb is rather full of 4x4s and LRs are well status symbols. Remember the days when they were just cranky old agricultural vehicles? πŸ˜€


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