Money rich, time poor, following Pippa’s example

By: roughseasinthemed

Feb 17 2012

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Shutter:1/0 sec

The first thing Pippa does when we arrive at the finca is run to his gate, invariably knocking over the odd plant pot that may be in the way.

And then, that’s it. With the exception of the odd meal and a few walks, he lies there perfectly happily for virtually the whole day.

In the morning, after he has been out for his first walk of the day, he runs to the kitchen door waiting for me to open it (it stays open all day, as we live in the kitchen and on the terrace, Spanishly :D). Then, it’s the same all over again. He just lies there watching what goes on up and down the street – which is very little to be honest.

Pippa’s regret when we are money rich and time poor, is definitely that he doesn’t get to spend as much time at his gate. But – he does make the most of the time that he has there.

And that’s the last in my mini-series based on money rich, time poor, and the wordpress photo challenge of the week regret, that we can’t have both. And, while it’s great to have some money coming in, one can’t help the regret that the luxury of time is no longer available. Best to follow Pippa’s example and enjoy what we have. If only people were as adaptable and easily pleased as dogs. That’s why he gets the last word bark. Or in Pippa’s case more of a gruff haaaa – roooooooo.

Duotone note
This was a predictable one given the soft beige and golden colours in Pippa’s fur. I’m beginning to think Duotone is programmed to pick up any hint of yellow before anything else 😀 The other potential one for this would have been a grey. I think I would have preferred it to be slightly more creamy. Note to WordPress – on your next update, please give us your suggested colours, and then give us a range of various related colours for us to tweak. Thank you.


8 comments on “Money rich, time poor, following Pippa’s example”

  1. Ahhh, a dogs life 🙂 well, a well looked after and much loved dogs life is definitely very very time rich with dogs not needing money.
    Pippa looks so happy and relaxed such a change from his earlier existence.
    Can’t see the duotone on my phone, will comment later on computer


  2. Yes to the elbow 😀 and various other patches of fur too. Just, as I said, creamy golden would have been nicer – must faff with the photo next time to get the desired Duotone.

    Will send you a quick mail about J.


  3. really need to be off, but i did want to see your next post.
    a view worth stopping for.
    Pippa looks so relaxed. will remember this as i rush off. 🙂
    i actually like duotone’s take on this.
    but what a great suggestion for a future duotone update!


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