Money rich, time poor

By: roughseasinthemed

Feb 14 2012

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Category: Photography, Spain


Focal Length:23.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The marguerites are a nuisance.

They provide a huge splash of colour and are in bloom a lot of the year. But, and this is a BUT, they reseed all over the garden like wildfire.

So my money rich (comfortable ;)) time poor regret is that I don’t have time to deadhead them. No doubt later on, I will be frantically pulling out all the new seedlings to avoid them taking over the whole garden. They’ve certainly encirled the two cactus plants, which are in danger of being smothered, even though they are in pots. I reckon marguerites can stand shortage of water just as well as the cacti.


9 comments on “Money rich, time poor”

  1. wow, and even if this were a photo blog, this would still be a wow!
    love these. they are not quite as prolific in my corner of the planet, as they only survive until the frost – and if not replanted in the spring, will generally not return the next year. at least that is the case for osteospermums which are really shown to advantage here. i like the blue sky background on the second, but the detail of the main image.
    regular marguerites – i am thinking this must be similar to the German Margariten, and are called daisies in my neck of the woods – do thrive and return year after year.
    and that’s it for tonight. am enjoying your series. have a great day.


    • Thank you. You forgot to comment on the duotone!! Well they are called margaritas aquí (here) of course. Like the drink, so yes, they do sound pretty similar to the German ones. And yes, big daisies 😀

      I did take another shot, but it doesn’t fit with those three, and need to wait to see what duotone will do with it. Might make it too dark 😦 I like the vibrancy of these purples/violets/lavenders.

      Tomorrow’s in the series will be totally different – just to warn you!


      • yes, you’re right about duotone. it did add to the wow factor.
        looking forward to tomorrow’s post
        i have a dark one coming up on the leap year series – have seen it as a draft preview, and think it will be ok. you can tell me what you think. you will certainly know which one it is when you see it 🙂
        – and now i am calling it a day for sure 😀


  2. tomorrow’s is definitely a non-photoblog post – I’ll say no more 😀 buenas noces y duerte bien, or maybe that should be te duermes bien? You get the idea.


  3. They look amazing but I guess if they smother other plant life they need to controlled. We could do with a splash of colour here, everywhere is so drab, I can’t wait for nature to wake up.


    • They are pretty enough, but they drive me up the wall when they die back and there are a million and one heads to cut off 😦 I try and keep them contained to one section, and if they try and migrate they get ruthlessly uprooted.


  4. Just logged on via the computer, that duotone page look amazing!!!! 🙂 (it wasn’t visible on my phone)


    • Thanks Vicky. It’s sort of like opening a present waiting to see what it will be!! I really hoped it was going to be a decent colour to set off the margaritas. I think it works ok.


  5. […] are used for this plant? A :: Cape daisy, African cape daisy, African daisy, Blue-eyed daisy, and marguerite – which is another way of saying daisy. share some Joy!EmailLike this:LikeBe the first to […]


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