Time rich, money poor

By: roughseasinthemed

Feb 13 2012

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Category: Architecture, Photography, Spain


Focal Length:11.759mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Just to turn it round. Because one of the things I was able to do, when I was time rich, was wander endlessly around the Spanish countryside.

This tiny finca is just literally a couple of minutes walk up the back behind our house. It’s never been lived in, all the time we have been there, although the owners (I assume they are the ones who live next door in a rather newer house) occasionally open the windows to air it.

There is something so tranquil and calming about walking around a peaceful village, up dirt tracks, with views of the hills and the sea. We were able to do this all the time when we were time rich, money poor. Time rich, money poor probably isn’t strictly accurate. Time rich, income zilch is more like it, but we did have some savings.

But now, these moments when we can do this at the weekend are even more to be treasured because once again, I regret we are no longer time rich.


11 comments on “Time rich, money poor”

  1. Wow!!!! That photo is so inviting, I’ve just walked up that track and felt the sun on my back, it’s done to me exactly what a photo is supposed to do. What an utter waste for that finca to be standing empty….my dream


    • Everyone’s dream. Actually not everyone’s as most people don’t want small and old. We did. That one is pretty small, with a little space out the back, views of the sea, and well.. who knows what will happen to it.

      It was beautiful weather. I could have cropped the photo above the house and trees, but the blue sky was just gorgeous, it was as much a part of the picture – and you obviously realised that.

      (Edited, any purists out there can virtually crop it by just scrolling down 🙂 so that suits everyone)


  2. I could live there! Yes, small is good, primitive reasonable as not house proud me.
    As I live in my new modern tower, I regret not following my dream to find home near the sea.


    • Trouble with that (and anything where we live in Spain) is that it ain’t cheap. Coastal just never comes cheap. Regarding your previous post, hopefully one day we may recover our assets – right now the market is so deflated there is no point in even considering it.

      Small and comfortable is so nice though. And I have always loved old 🙂


  3. Another lost lengthy reply here


  4. Now why did that post?
    While my carefully crafted one didn’t?
    Not you fault Kate


  5. a small but great place in the sun…
    i like it 🙂
    and the duotone blue likes it too!


    • It’s VERY blue 😀 Interesting there are three shades – the sky in the photo, and then the two duotones, one darker, one lighter. It’s ok, not as good as the reds and greens 🙂


  6. […] Having recently acquired my senior bus pass, the world (OK England then) is my oyster. Very odd saying that, and after googling it I find it means someone who is rich, and can get anything, so perhaps it’s not quite the correct wording. but aha, I am rich, Time Rich (I do love that saying, thanks K for introducing me to it on your blog post) […]


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