Money rich, time poor

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Feb 12 2012

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Regret? What a strange word for a photo post. (wordpress thing of the week or whatever it is)

Any regrets I have are about what I didn’t do so there are no photos of that.

What you do in life, you take responsibility for, and move on. Make mistakes maybe, but regrets, como Edith (Piaf), nah, I have none. Ok, I wasn’t going to, but here it is. Edith, Je ne regette rien.

But, some time ago, I was chatting to my boss. He happened to be the chief executive of where I worked.

Apart from the three or four directors, I was the only other person in the organisation who reported directly to him. I suppose it was pretty prestigious really although I don’t think I realised that, thought it was the norm for a PR person to report to the boss. It did lead to the odd bit of snipiness I guess.

So, me and the boss were chatting away as you do, him approaching 50 (I think) and me money hungry, career hungry, power hungry, well just hungry really in my 30s.

‘Sometimes,’ he said. ‘Money isn’t what you want. Time is more important.’

Damn older people!! They are always right. I suddenly realised some years later that I wanted time, but then when you have time, money runs out.

So, here is a short series of posts (if I get around to posting them all which is always in doubt) based on: money rich, time poor. Because you can never have both.

Only a few people in the world manage that. Just as my boss said – it’s one or the other. And for those of you who do have both, enjoy.

Winter jasmine. It flowers for a few weeks a year. Luckily my partner has a job. So we are temporarily money rich. But time poor, and can’t spend the time at the finca to watch and smell the glorious winter jasmine.

Oh, the regret, almost forgot that one. That I won’t be there for the jasmine. Obviously.


12 comments on “Money rich, time poor”

  1. Oh K that is so so true, all my life I’ve been money rich (hmm, prob more comfortable than rich) and time poor. Now retired at least I can become time rich and coupled with a British pension, hopefully not too money poor πŸ˜‰
    Certainly no regrets of things I’ve done, but like you of what I haven’t……….still time for that though


    • I used rich loosely :D, yes comfortable is probably a better word but it doesn’t sound quite the same does it? Money comfortable, time poor? You are one of the dying breed my dear if you have a British pension. About which I shall write at some point. I may have written about it already, but no harm in repeating myself πŸ˜€ Repetition does give emphasis, after all.


  2. I meant state too. The one that I paid into that disappears off the endless horizon. I don’t grudge people getting it. I am annoyed it’s like chasing the end of the rainbow for me. It is a HUGE worry. Don’t know if I did write about it, so don’t waste time looking πŸ˜€


    • Eh? A British citizen, paying into the government money stash for years, WTF is that all about, it should be your right, not something you have to chase. I could stand on my soapbox now, but I’d prob get banned from WordPress


      • well, to start with, don’t forget they changed the age limit for women.

        I fell into the change of limit. At the very end of it, so got the crap deal, well, bluntly speaking no deal and a pension a lot later than I had planned

        because it is ok for governments to do this sort of thing retrospectively isn’t it? just like I make my financial plans retrospectively????

        oops, no, I can’t do that, because I am not the UK government. I can not, move my pension date backwards and forwards, although they can.

        Last thing I read it was 75. And as for coming back to the UK? What me? Don’t be silly. I would need to be from Outer Mongolia before I could get anything from the system. Certainly not someone who actually paid 40% tax when I lived there. Like, why would I have a single right at all ?

        Soap box you said?


        • Ah yes, the ever changing boundaries, I was lucky, it didn’t hit me too hard, just extended mine by 11.5 months, so officially I retire 6th March (I chose to jump off the work train 2 months early) I feel so for all those affected, my daughters’ will be almost 70 if the boundaries remain the same. Not much left to be time rich.
          The British benefits system?? Sounds like you’re on the same soapbox as me there πŸ˜‰


  3. I think you are being provocative πŸ˜€ Really it’s a f***ing joke. I’ll have to upgrade this blog to extremely adult or whatever it is called so I can say what I think (an advantage blogger had over wp) you could say fuck. Where was I? Oh the pension thing. 60 to 65 didn’t help too much I have to say. And then every time I look at a Brit paper it changes again 😦

    But, try getting a job at 50+. What is with this society? You can’t have a pension but you can’t get a job either? Workhouse here we come 😦

    I think some people are asleep regarding politics. Ah, a gib post coming up πŸ™‚


  4. This is my 3rd & last time to try & comment here, especially as I thought long & hard whether I should.
    I am also caught in the UK pension trap. By the time I qualify now will be in my mid 60’s and destitute, just hope I’m dead.
    I’ve paid my contributions both when employed & self employed, and never taken a penny of state benefits yet I’m a loser.
    My IR Civil Service Pension does click in @ 60 but as frozen since I left after 12 years, certainly won’t keep me cash rich @ Β£1.20 per week.


    • Oh dear 😦 did you have blogger style probs in commenting? Sorry about that.

      The pension thing is such a big issue for us all. I also have a tiny civil service one, and when I say tiny, it ain’t much bigger than yours.

      I hate sounding fascist, especially on my own blog, but seriously, I don’t understand why we all pay in, try and support ourselves, live in our own property, and can claim – jack shit nada – when it seems the world is open for people from elsewhere to claim benefits? And people wonder why I moved abroad. Yet, if I moved to Spain or Poland, or Estonia, what benefits or help would I get? I know, I sound like a Sun reader. Would I undercut their agricultural wages? etc etc etc


  5. it seems to be a global thing. very recently there was an announcement that the pension will be delayed by two years in Canada as well. not sure if it is definite or in the works, but i have also heard of similar decisions being made in Germany as well.
    anyhow – what i am about to say seems quite trivial now: just wanted to pop by and say that this is a cool click, and i am looking forward to this series.


    • Thanks – and it is meant to be one of my less serious blogs. On pensions, yes it is global. Legacy of the baby boomers I suppose? Although not sure if one can inherit one’s own legacy?

      Back to the pics. I thought regret was quite a hard one to photo, for the reason I said above, which is why money rich time poor, and vice versa came to mind. There are pros and cons to either way. We need to appreciate what we have, when we have it, but it is a very sad truism that money drives us all 😦 Ooops, being serious again. Must think of a more frivolous series title in future.


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